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Taghanaki, S.A.[Saeid Asgari] Co Author Listing * Kernelized Manifold Mapping to Diminish the Effect of Adversarial Perturbations, A

Taghanaki, S.R.[Soroosh Rahimi] Co Author Listing * Cost-efficient Automated Visual Inspection system for small manufacturing industries based on SIFT

Taghavi, E. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Hierarchical Down-Sampling for Point Cloud Classification
* AF)2-S3Net: Attentive Feature Fusion with Adaptive Feature Selection for Sparse Semantic Segmentation Network
* GP-S3Net: Graph-based Panoptic Sparse Semantic Segmentation Network
Includes: Taghavi, E. Taghavi, E.[Ehsan]

Taghavifar, H.[Hamid] Co Author Listing * EKF-Neural Network Observer Based Type-2 Fuzzy Control of Autonomous Vehicles
* RISE-Based Integrated Motion Control of Autonomous Ground Vehicles With Asymptotic Prescribed Performance

Taghdir, N.[Narges] Co Author Listing * Hmt-Contourlet Image Segmentation Based on Majority Vote

Taghia, J.[Jalil] Co Author Listing * Bayesian estimation of Dirichlet mixture model with variational inference
* Bayesian Estimation of the von-Mises Fisher Mixture Model with Variational Inference
* First-Order Recursive Smoothing of Short-Time Power Spectra in the Presence of Interference
* Separation of Unknown Number of Sources
* Statistical methods for inter-view depth enhancement
* Variational Inference for Watson Mixture Model
Includes: Taghia, J.[Jalil] Taghia, J. Taghia, J.[Jalal]

Taghiloo, M.[Manuchehr] Co Author Listing * Optimized Predictive Zonal Search (OPZS) for block-based motion estimation

Taghinia, P. Co Author Listing * Wavefront Sensorless Tip/Tilt Removal method for Correcting Astronomical Images, A

Taghipour, A.[Ashkan] Co Author Listing * bottom-up and top-down human visual attention approach for hyperspectral anomaly detection, A

Taghipour, N.[Nader] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Different Algorithms to Map Hydrothermal Alteration Zones Using ASTER Remote Sensing Data for Polymetallic Vein-Type Ore Exploration: Toroud-Chahshirin Magmatic Belt (TCMB), North Iran

Taghirad, H.D.[Hamid D.] Co Author Listing * Kernel-based sliding mode control for visual servoing system
* Loop Closure Detection by Algorithmic Information Theory: Implemented on Range and Camera Image Data
* Robust solution to three-dimensional pose estimation using composite extended Kalman observer and Kalman filter
Includes: Taghirad, H.D.[Hamid D.] Taghirad, H.D.

Taghivand, M.[Mazhareddin] Co Author Listing * Millimeter-Wave Digital Link for Wireless MRI, A

Taghizadeh Khajoie, T. Co Author Listing * new algorithm for image indexing and retrieval using wavelet correlogram, A
* Wavelet correlogram: A new approach for image indexing and retrieval

Taghizadeh Mehrjardi, R.[Ruhollah] Co Author Listing * Bio-Inspired Hybridization of Artificial Neural Networks: An Application for Mapping the Spatial Distribution of Soil Texture Fractions
* Comparison of Model Averaging Techniques to Predict the Spatial Distribution of Soil Properties, A
* Digital Soil Texture Mapping and Spatial Transferability of Machine Learning Models Using Sentinel-1, Sentinel-2, and Terrain-Derived Covariates
* Improving the Spatial Prediction of Soil Organic Carbon Content in Two Contrasting Climatic Regions by Stacking Machine Learning Models and Rescanning Covariate Space
* Optimization of Rain Gauge Networks for Arid Regions Based on Remote Sensing Data
* Predicting and Mapping of Soil Organic Carbon Using Machine Learning Algorithms in Northern Iran
* Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Heavy Metals in Arid Soils at the Catchment Scale Using Digital Soil Assessment and a Random Forest Model
* Transferability of Covariates to Predict Soil Organic Carbon in Cropland Soils
Includes: Taghizadeh Mehrjardi, R.[Ruhollah] Taghizadeh-Mehrjardi, R.[Ruhollah]
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Taghva, K.[Kazem] Co Author Listing * comparison of automatic and manual zoning: An information retrieval prospective, A
* Document analysis by processing JBIG-encoded images
* Effects of OCR Error on the Extraction of Private Information, The
* Effects of OCR Errors on Short Documents, The
* Evaluation of an Automatic Markup System, An
* Evaluation of Information Retrieval Accuracy with Simulated OCR Output, An
* Evaluation of Model-Based Retrieval Effectiveness with OCR Text
* Extracting Carbon Copy Names and Organizations from a Heterogeneous Document Collection
* Hairetes: A Search Engine for OCR Documents
* OCRSpell: An Interactive Spelling Correction System for OCR Errors in Text
* Recognizing acronyms and their definitions
Includes: Taghva, K.[Kazem] Taghva, K.
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Taghvaee, H.[Hamidreza] Co Author Listing * Intelligent Beam Steering for Wireless Communication Using Programmable Metasurfaces

Taghvaeeyan, S. Co Author Listing * Development of Vehicle Position Estimation Algorithms Based on the Use of AMR Sensors, The
* Portable Roadside Sensors for Vehicle Counting, Classification, and Speed Measurement
* Two-Dimensional Sensor System for Automotive Crash Prediction

Taghvaeian, S. Co Author Listing * Infrared Thermometry to Estimate Crop Water Stress Index and Water Use of Irrigated Maize in Northeastern Colorado
* Mapping Annual Riparian Water Use Based on the Single-Satellite-Scene Approach
* Modeling Framework for Deriving Daily Time Series of Evapotranspiration Maps Using a Surface Energy Balance Model, A
* Optical and Thermal Remote Sensing of Turfgrass Quality, Water Stress, and Water Use under Different Soil and Irrigation Treatments
Includes: Taghvaeian, S. Taghvaeian, S.[Saleh]

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