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Agapakis, J.E. Co Author Listing * Approaches For Recognition And Interpretation Of Workpiece Surface Features Using Structured Lighting
* Vision-Aided Robotic Welding: An Approach And A Flexible Implementation

Agarwal, P. Co Author Listing * Red-Blue Intersection Detection Algorithms, With Applications To Motion Planning And Collision Detection

Agarwal, P.K. Co Author Listing * Counting Facets And Incidences
* Davenport-Schinzel Sequences And Their Geometric Applications, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge
* On The Number Of Views Of Polyhedral Terrains

Agarwal, R. Co Author Listing * Estimating Optical Flow From Clustered Trajectories In Velocity-Time

Agarwal, S. Co Author Listing * Determination Of Aircraft Orientation For A Vision-Based System Using Artificial Neural Networks

Agata, M. Co Author Listing * Soccer Image Sequence Computed By A Virtual Camera

Agathoklis, P. Co Author Listing * Criteria For The Absence Of Limit Cycles In Two-Dimensional Discrete Systems

Agbinya, J.I. Co Author Listing * Click-It: Interactive Television Highlighter For Sports Action Replay

Aggarwal, A. Co Author Listing * Comparative Study Of X-Tree, Pyramid, And Related Machines, A
* Computational Complexity Of Restricted Polygon Decompositions
* Fast Algorithms For Computing The Largest Empty Rectangle
* Fast Computation Of The Modality Of Polygons
* Finding Minimal Convex Nested Polygons
* Geometric Applications Of A Matrix Searching Algorithm
* Geometric Applications Of A Matrix-Searching Algorithm
* Guest Ed., (Special Issue On) Parallel Computational Geometry
* Minimum Area Circumscribing Polygons
* Multi-Layer Grid Embeddings
* Object Tracking Using Affine Structure For Point Correspondences
* Optimal Algorithm For Finding Minimal Enclosing Triangles, An
* Parallel Computational Geometry
* Parallel Computational Geometry
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Aggarwal, C.C. Co Author Listing * Efficient Selection Algorithm On The Pyramid, An

Aggarwal, J. Co Author Listing * Counting The Line
* Tracking Human Motion In An Indoor Environment

Aggarwal, J.K. Co Author Listing * 3-D Model Construction From Mutiple Views Using Range And Intensity Data
* 3-D Object Representation From Range Data Using Intrinsic Surface Properties
* 3-Dimensional Reconstruction Of Objects From Range Data
* Analysis Of A Model For Parallel Image Processing
* Analysis Of The Stereo Correspondence Process In Scenes With Narrow Occluding Objects
* Analysis Of Video Image Sequences Using Point And Line Correspondences
* Analyzing Orthographic Projection Of Multiple 3-D Velocity Vector Fields In Optical Flow
* Analyzing Orthographic Projection Of Multiple 3d Velocity Vector Fields In Optical Flow
* Applying Perceptual Organization To The Detection Of Man-Made Objects In Non-Urban Scenes
* Automatic Generation Of Recognition Strategies Using Cad Models
* Automatic Tracking Of Human Motion In Indoor Scenes Across Multiple Synchronized Video Streams
* Bayesian Range Segmentation Using Focus Cues
* Bayesian Segmentation Framework For Textured Visual Images, A
* Cad-Based Vision: Object Recognition In Cluttered Range Images Using Recognition Strategies
* Calibrating A Mobile Camera'S Parameters
* Characterization And Analysis Of Parallel Processor Interconnection Networks, A
* Computation Of Surface Orientation And Structure Of Objects Using Grid Coding
* Computation Of Volume/Surface Octrees From Contours And Silhouettes Of Multiple Views
* Computational Analysis Of Time-Varying Images, A
* Computer Vision And Image Processing Research At The University Of Texas At Austin
* Computing Stereo Correspondences In The Presence Of Narrow Occluding Objects
* Construction Of Surface Representation From 3-D Volumetric Scene Description
* Convergence Of Fuzzy-Pyramid Algorithms
* Cooperative Matching Paradigm For The Analysis Of Stereo Image Sequences
* Cost-Benefit Analysis Of A Third Camera For Stereo Correspondence, A
* Counting Straight Lines
* Curvature-Based Representation Of Objects From Range Data
* Depth Estimation Using Stereo Fish-Eye Lenses
* Detecting 3d Parallel Lines For Perceptual Organization
* Detecting Unexpected Moving Obstacles That Appear In The Path Of A Navigating Robot
* Detection And Segmentation Of Man-Made Objects In Outdoor Scenes: Concrete Bridges
* Determining Motion Parameters Using Intensity Guided Range Sensing
* Determining Motion Parameters Using Intensity Guided Range Sensing
* Determining Object Motion In A Sequence Of Stereo Images
* Determining Position And Displacement In Space From Images
* Determining Vanishing Points From Perspective Images
* Estimation Of Motion From A Pair Of Range Images: A Review
* Experiments In Computing Optical Flow With The Gradient-Based, Multiconstraint Method
* Experiments In Intensity Guided Range Sensing Recognition Of Three-Dimensional Objects
* Feature Extraction Of Edge By Directional Computation Of Gray-Scale Variation
* Finding Range From Stereo Images
* Flexibly Coupled Multiprocessors For Image Processing
* Focused Target Segmentation Paradigm, A
* Formulation Of Parallel Image Processing Tasks
* Generalized Scheme For Mapping Parallel Algorithms, A
* Generation Of Volume/Surface Octree From Range Data
* Geometry Guided Incremental Segmentation
* Guest Eds., (Special Issue On) Range Image Understanding
* Guest Eds., Special Issue On Sensor Fusion
* Hierarchical, Modular Architectures For Object Recognition By Parts
* Identification Of 3d Objects From Multiple Silhouettes Using Quadtrees/Octrees
* Image Interpretation Using Multiple Sensing Modalities
* Image Processing Architectures: A Taxonomy And Survey
* Image Segmentation By Conventional And Information-Integrating Techniques: A Synopsis
* Image Segmentation Using Laser Radar Data
* Image/Map Correspondence For Mobile Robot Self-Location Using Computer Graphics
* Inference Of Object Surface Structure From Structured Lighting-An Overview
* Inferring Local Surface Orientation With The Aid Of Grid Coding
* Integrated Analysis Of Thermal And Visual Images For Scene Interpretation
* Integrated Modelling Of Thermal And Visual Image Generation
* Integration Of Active And Passive Sensing Techniques For Representing Three-Dimensional Objects
* Integration Of Image Segmentation Maps Using Region And Edge Information, The
* Integration Of Region And Edge-Based Segmentation, The
* Interpretation Of Laser Radar Images By A Knowledge-Based System, The
* Interpretation Of Structure And Motion From Line Correspondences
* Intrinsic Parameter Calibration Procedure For A (High-Distortion) Fish-Eye Lens Camera With Distortion Model And Accuracy Estimation
* Line Correspondences From Cooperating Spatial And Temporal Grouping Processes For A Sequence Of Images
* Line-Based Computation Of Structure And Motion Using Angular Invariance
* Localization Of Objects From Range Data
* Manipulations Of Octrees And Quadtrees On Multiprocessors
* Mapping Strategy For Parallel Processing, A
* Matching Aerial Images To 3-D Terrain Maps
* Matching Three-Dimensional Objects Using Silhouettes
* Mobile Robot Navigation And Scene Modeling Using [A] Stereo Fish-Eye Lens System
* Mobile Robot Self-Location Using Model-Image Feature Correspondence
* Model Construction And Shape Recognition From Occluding Contours
* Model For Characterizing The Motion Of The Solid-Liquid Interface In Freezing Solutions, A
* Model-Based Object Recognition In Dense-Range Images-A Review
* Motion And Time-Varying Imagery
* Motion And Time-Varying Imagery-An Overview
* Motion Understanding: Robot And Human Vision, Kluwer, Boston
* Moving Obstacle Detection From A Navigating Robot
* Multiple Feature Integration For Robust Object Localization
* Multiple Resolution Imagery And Texture Analysis
* Multisensor Integration For Scene Classifiction: An Experiment In Human Form Detection
* Multisensor Integration-Experiments In Integrating Thermal And Visual Sensors
* Navigation Using Image Sequence Analysis And 3-D Terrain Matching
* Nonrigid Motion Analysis: Articulated And Elastic Motion
* Normalized Quadtree Representation, A
* Obtaining A Solid Model From Optical Serial Sections
* On Comparing The Performance Of Object Recognition Systems
* On Smoothness Of A Vector Field-Application To Optical Flow
* On The Computation Of Motion From Sequences Of Images-A Review
* Parallel 2-D Convolution On A Mesh Connected Array Processor
* Parallel 2-D Convolution On A Mesh Connected Array Processor
* Parallel Algorithm For Region Labeling, A
* Parallel Image Normalization
* Parallel Image Normalization On A Mesh Connected Array Processor
* Parallel Image Processing With The Shuffle Exchange Network
* Physics-Based Integration Of Multiple Sensing Modalities For Scene Interpretation
* Position Estimation For An Autonomous Mobile Robot In An Outdoor Environment
* Positional Estimation Of A Mobile Robot Using Edge Visibility Regions
* Positioning Three-Dimensional Objects Using Stereo Images
* Pyramid-Based Image Segmentation Using Multisensory Data
* Quantization Error In Stereo Imaging
* Recent Progress In Object Recognition From Range Data
* Recent Progress In The Recognition Of Objects From Range Data
* Recognition With Range And Intensity Data
* Reconfiguration Strategies For Parallel Architectures
* Reconstructing 3d Lines From A Sequence Of 2d Projections: Representation And Estimation
* Reconstruction And Matching Of 3-D Objects Using Quadtrees/Octrees
* Reconstruction Of Dynamic 3-D Structures Of Biological Objects Using Stereo Microscopy
* Reconstruction Of Dynamic 3d Structure Of Biological Objects Using Stereo Microscope Images, The
* Rectangular Parallelepiped Coding: A Volumetric Representation Of Three-Dimensional Objects
* Rectangular Parallellepiped Coding For Solid Modelling
* Representation And Recognition Of Objects From Dense Range Maps
* Representing And Estimating 3-D Lines
* Resolving The Orientation And Identity Of An Object From Range Data
* Robot Guidance Using Computer Vision
* Robot Self-Location Using Visual Reasoning Relative To A Single Target Object
* Segmentation Of 3-D Range Images Using Pyramidal Data Structures
* Segmentation Of 3d Range Images Using Pyramidal Data Structures
* Sensor Fusion And Aerospace Applications (Orlando, Fl, April 15-16
* Shape Recognition From Single Silhouettes
* Significant Line Segments For An Indoor Mobile Robot
* Sliding Memory Plane Array Processor For Low Level Vision, A
* Stereo Matching In The Presence Of Narrow Occluding Objects Using Dynamic Disparity Search
* Stochastic Analysis Of Stereo Quantization Error
* Structure And Motion From Images
* Structure And Motion From Images: Fact And Fiction
* Structure From Stereo-A Review
* Surface Correspondence And Motion Computation From A Pair Of Range Images
* Surface Reconstruction And Representation Of 3-D Scenes
* System Design/Scheduling Strategy For Parallel Image Processing, A
* System Organization For Parallel Image Processing, A
* Terrain Matching By Analysis Of Aerial Images
* Three-Dimensional Description Of Objects And Dynamic Scene Analysis
* Tracking Human Motion Using Multiple Cameras
* Triangulation Errors In Stereo Algorithms
* Two-Stage Hybrid Approach To The Correspondence Problem Via Forward-Searching And Backward-Correcting, A
* Unified Modeling Of Non-Homogeneous 3d Objects For Thermal And Visual Image Synthesis
* Using Constancy Of Distance To Estimate Position And Displacement In Space
* Using Multisensory Images To Derive The Structure Of Three-Dimensional Objects -- A Review
* Vista For A General Purpose Computer Vision System
* Volume/Surface Octree Representation, A
* Volume/Surface Octrees For The Representation Of Three-Dimensional Objects
* [Flexibly] (Flexibility) Coupled Hypercube Multiprocessor For High Level Vision, A
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Aggarwal, R. Co Author Listing * Honeywell Progress On Knowledge-Based Robust Target Recognition And Tracking

Aggarwal, R.K. Co Author Listing * Dynamic Archival Scene Model

Aggarwal, S.J. Co Author Listing * Computing Shape Changes In Solanum Tuberosa Slices Viewed Through A Stereo Microscope
* Determining The 3-D Structure Of Serial-Sectioned Microscopic Objects: Analysis And Limitations
* Obtaining A Solid Model From Optical Serial Sections
* Reconstruction Of Dynamic 3-D Structures Of Biological Objects Using Stereo Microscopy
* Reconstruction Of Dynamic 3d Structure Of Biological Objects Using Stereo Microscope Images, The

Aghajan, H.K. Co Author Listing * Sensor Array Processing Techniques For Super Resolution Multi-Line-Fitting And Straight Edge Detection
* Slide: Subspace-Based Line Detection

Agishtein, M.E. Co Author Listing * Smooth Surface Reconstruction From Scattered Data Points

Agouris, P. Co Author Listing * Intelligent Image Retrieval From Large Databases Using Shape And Topology

Agrawal, R.B. Co Author Listing * When Is An Obstacle A Perfect Obstacle?

Agrawal, R.C. Co Author Listing * Fresh Look At The Hough Transform, A
* Preservation Of Topological Properties Of A Simple Closed Curve Under Digitalization

Agrawala, M. Co Author Listing * Rendering From Compressed Textures

Aguado, A.S. Co Author Listing * Extracting Arbitrary Geometric Primitives Represented By Fourier Descriptors
* Image Manipulation Using M-Filters In A Pyramidal Computer Model
* Improving Parameter Space Decomposition For The Generalised Hough Transform
* On Using Directional Information For Parameter Space Decomposition In Ellipse Detection
* Parameterizing Arbitrary Shapes Via Fourier Descriptors For Evidence-Gathering Extraction
* Surface Subdivision For Generating Superquadrics

Agui, T. Co Author Listing * Automatic Road Vector Extraction Method From Maps, An

Aguiar, P. Co Author Listing * Video Representation Via 3d Shaped Mosaics

Aguiar, P.M.Q. Co Author Listing * Detecting And Solving Template Ambiguities Inmotion Segmentation
* Incremental Motion Segmentation In Low Texture

Aguirre, F. Co Author Listing * Underwater Navigation By Video Sequence Analysis

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