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Sridevi, N. Co Author Listing * Linear Octree By Volume Intersection Using Perspective Silhouettes

Sridhar, B. Co Author Listing * Analysis Of Image-Based Navigation System For Rotocraft Low-Altitude Flight
* Discrete Range Clustering Using Monte Carlo Methods
* Guest Eds., Special Section On Perception-Based Real-World Navigation
* Model-Based Obstacle Detection From Image Sequences
* Parallel Implementation Of A Multisensor Feature-Based Range-Estimation Method, A
* Parallel Implementation Of A Multisensor Feature-Based Range-Estimation Method, A
* Passive Range Estimation For Rotorcraft Low-Altitude Flight
* Runway Obstacle Detection By Controlled Spatiotemporal Image Flow Disparity
* Vision-Based Range Estimation Using Helicopter Flight Data
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Sridhar, R. Co Author Listing * Efficient Algorithms For Shortest Distance Queries On Special Classes Of Polygons

Sridhar, S. Co Author Listing * Point Target Detection In Spatially Varying Clutter

Sridharan, S. Co Author Listing * Approach To Statistical Lip Modelling For Speaker Identification Via Chromatic Feature Extraction, An

Srihari, R.K. Co Author Listing * Automatic Indexing And Content-Based Retrieval Of Captioned Images
* Combining Text And Image Information In Content-Based Retrieval
* Use Of Collateral Text In Image Interpretation
* Using Speech Input For Image Interpretation And Annotation

Srihari, S.N. Co Author Listing * Analogical And Propositional Representations Of Structure In Neurological Diagnosis
* Architecture For Progressive Refinement Of 3-D Grey Level Images, An
* Blackboard-Based Approach To Handwritten Zip Code Recognition, A
* Caption-Aided Face Location In Newspaper Photographs
* Computational Approach To Visual Word Recognition: Hypothesis Generation And Testing, A
* Computer Text Recognition And Error Correction
* Document Image Analysis
* Framework For Object Recognition In A Visually Complex Environment And Its Application To Locating Address Blocks On Mail Pieces, A
* Guest Eds., Special Issue: Document Analysis And Recognition, Ijist 7(4)
* International Journal On Document Analysis And Recognition, Springer
* Knowledge Utilization In Handwritten Zip Code Recognition
* Knowledge-Based Cursive Script Interpretation
* Machine Vision Applications In Character Recognition And Industrial Inspection (San Jose, Ca, February 10-12
* Multi-Level Perception Approach To Reading Cursive Script, A
* Multi-Level Perception Approach To Reading Cursive Script, A
* Multiresolution 3-D Image Processing And Graphics
* Object Recognition In Structured And Random Environments: Locating Address Blocks On Mail Pieces
* Object Recognition In Visually Complex Environments: An Architecture For Locating Address Blocks On Mail Pieces
* Progressive Refinement Of 3-D Images Using Coded Binary Trees: Algorithms And Architecture
* Pyramid Representation For Solids
* Recognizing Address Blocks On Mail Pieces: Specialized Tools And Problem-Solving Architectures, Ai Magazine 8(4), 1987
* Rule-Based System For Document Understanding, A
* Spatial Knowledge Representation
* Text Parsing Using Spatial Information For Recognizing Addresses In Mail Pieces
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Srikant, R. Co Author Listing * Fastest Path Across Constrained Moving Rectilinear Obstacles

Srikant, Y.N. Co Author Listing * Class Of Problems Efficiently Solvable On Mesh-Connected Computers Including Dynamic Expression Evaluation, A

Srimani, P.K. Co Author Listing * Guest Eds., (Special Section On) Neurocomputing: Motivation, Models, And Hybridization

Srinath, M.D. Co Author Listing * Contour Sequence Moments For The Classification Of Closed Planar Shapes
* Corner Detection From Chain-Code
* Invariant Planar Shape Recognition Using Dynamic Alignment
* Partial Shape Classification Using Contour Matching In Distance Transformation
* String Descriptor For Matching Partial Shapes, A
* Visually Weighted Quantization Scheme For Image Bandwidth Compression At Low Data Rates, A

Srinivas Kumar, P. Co Author Listing * On Probability Of Forest Of Quadtrees Reducing To Quadtrees

Srinivas, K. Co Author Listing * Parallel Algorithm For Computing Polygon Set Operations, A

Srinivas, Y.V. Co Author Listing * Sheaf-Theoretic Approach To Pattern Matching And Related Problems, A

Srinivasa, N. Co Author Listing * Learning To Fixate On 3d Targets With Uncalibrated Active Cameras

Srinivasan, B. Co Author Listing * Visual Navigation System For Automonous Land Vehicles, A

Srinivasan, H.V. Co Author Listing * Rambo-Vision And Planning On The Connection Machine

Srinivasan, M.V. Co Author Listing * From Living Eyes To Seeing Machines, Oxford University Press, Oxford
* Insect-Based Approach To Robotic Homing, An
* Inspect Inspired Behaviours For The Autonomous Control Of Mobile Robots
* Qualitative Estimation Of Camera Motion Parameters From Video Sequences
* Robot Navigation By Visual Dead Reckoning: Inspiration From Insects

Srinivasan, N. Co Author Listing * Image Processing '92 (Icip '92; Proceedings Of The Second Singapore International Conference On Image Processing, September 7-11, 1992), World Scientific

Srinivasan, P. Co Author Listing * 3dp: A Processor Architecture For Three-Dimensional Applications, The
* Computational Geometric Methods In Volumetric Intersection For 3d Reconstruction

Srinivasan, R. Co Author Listing * Cmt And Hybrid Coding Of The Component Color Tv Signal
* Contour Based Stereo Algorithm, A
* Foveating Fuzzy Scoring Target Recognition System, A
* Predictive Coding Based On Efficient Motion Estimation
* Shape Determination From Intensity Images-A New Algorithm

Srinivasan, S. Co Author Listing * Fast Foe Estimation With Applications To Depth Estimation And View Synthesis
* Image Stabilization And Mosaicking Using The Overlapped Basis Optical Flow Field
* Integrated Approach To Image Stabilization, Mosaicking And Super-Resolution, An
* Machine Recognition Of Indian Language Characters Using A Tree Structure Based On Primitives
* Optical Flow Using Overlapped Basis Functions For Solving Global Motion Problems
* Qualitative Landmark Recognition Using Visual Cues

Srinivasan, V. Co Author Listing * Automatic Mesh Generation Using The Symmetric Axis Transformation Of Polygonal Domains
* Edge Detection Using A Neural Network
* Fuzzy Pyramid-Based Invariant Object Recognition
* Invariant Object Recognition Using A Neural Net Template Classifier
* Pseudo-Interferometric Laser Range Finder For Robot Applications, A

Srinivasan, V.S. Co Author Listing * Shape Discrimination By Radial Sectoral Projection Signatures

Sripradisvarakul, T. Co Author Listing * Generating Aspect Graphs For Curved Objects

Sriram, R. Co Author Listing * Texture Coding Using A Wold Decomposition Model

Sriraman, R. Co Author Listing * Tree Searched Chain Coding For Subpixel Reconstruction Of Planar Curves

Sriran, R. Co Author Listing * Texture Coding Using A Wold Decomposition Model

Srivastava, A. Co Author Listing * Hilbert-Schmidt Lower Bounds For Estimators On Matrix Lie Groups For Atr

Srivastava, S.K. Co Author Listing * Algorithm For Generating Octrees From Object Silhouettes In Perspective Views, An
* Octree Generation From Object Silhouettes In Perspective Views

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