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AI (78) * Guest Eds., Special Volume On Computer Vision

AI 40() * Guest Ed., Special Volume On Machine Learning

AI MAGAZINE(11) * Assembly Sequence Planning
* Group Theoretic Approach To Assembly Planning, A
* Spar: A Planner That Satisfies Operational And Geometric Goals In Uncertain Environments

AI MAGAZINE(13) * Algorithms For Constraint Satisfaction Problems: A Survey

AI MAGAZINE(15) * Intelligent Path Prediction Of Vehicular Travel
* Is Computer Vision Still Ai?
* Long-Term Effects Of Secondary Sensing, The

AI Magazine(17) * From Digital Images To Online Catalogs
* Life In The Fast Lane--The Evolution Of An Adaptive Vehicle Control System

AI MAGAZINE(9) * Evidence Accumulation And Flow Of Control In A Hierarchical Spatial Reasoning System
* Framework For Representing And Reasoning About Three-Dimensional Objects For Vision, A
* Navigation And Mapping In Large-Scale Space
* Sensor Fusion In Certainty Grids For Mobile Robots
* Various Views On Spatial Prepositions

AI MAZAGINE(15) * Intelligent Hand: An Experimental Approach To Human Object Recognition And Implications For Robotics And Ai, The

AI(100) * Pragmatic Navigation: Reactivity, Heuristics, And Search

AI(101) * Utility-Based On-Line Exploration For Repeated Navigation In An Embedded Graph

AI(102) * From Environments To Representations | A Mathematical Theory Of Artificial Perception

AI(103) * Object Identification: A Bayesian Analysis With Application To Traffic Surveillance
* Vehicles Capable Of Dynamic Vision: A New Breed Of Technical Beings?

AI(21) * Interpreting Perspective Images

AI(22) * Parameter Nets
* Planning Routes Through Uncertain Territory
* Shape From Regular Patterns

AI(23) * Algebraic Approach To Shape-From-Image Problems, An
* Computations Underlying The Measurement Of Visual Motion
* Detection Of Surface Orientation And Motion From Texture By A Stereological Technique

AI(25) * Complexity Of Some Polynomial Network Consistency Algorithms For Constraint Satisfaction Problems, The
* Independence Assumptions And Bayesian Updating

AI(26) * Artificial Intelligence And Robotics
* Improved Methods Of Estimating Shape From Shading Using The Light Source Coordinate System
* Understanding Objects With Curved Surfaces From A Single Perspective View Of Boundaries

AI(28) * Arc And Path Consistency Revisited
* Perceptual Organization And The Representation Of Natural Form

AI(29) * Shading Into Texture

AI(30) * Incremental Reconstruction Of 3d Scenes From Multiple, Complex Images

AI(31) * Bayesian And Non-Bayesian Evidential Updating
* Generating And Generalizing Models Of Visual Objects
* Search Algorithm For Motion Planning With Six Degrees Of Freedom, A
* Three-Dimensional Object Recognition From Single Two-Dimensional Images

AI(32) * Constraint Propagation With Interval Labels
* On The Range Of Applicability Of An Artificial Intelligence Machine

AI(33) * Implementing Dempster'S Rule For Hierarchical Evidence
* Multi-Level Perception Approach To Reading Cursive Script, A
* On The Estimation Of Optical Flow: Relations Between Different Approaches And Some New Results
* Phase Transitions In Artificial Intelligence Systems

AI(34) * Network-Based Heuristics For Constraint-Satisfaction Problems
* Process-Grammar For Shape, A
* Towards A Computational Theory Of Cognitive Maps

AI(35) * Interpreting Image Curve From Multiframes

AI(36) * Comments On Mohr And Henderson'S Path Consistency Algorithm
* Constraints On Deformable Models: Recovering 3d Shape And Nonrigid Motion
* Some Fundamental Properties Of Local Constraint Propagation

AI(37) * Algorithmic Approach To Some Problems In Terrain Navigation, An
* Constructing Roadmaps Of Semi-Algebraic Sets I: Completeness
* Geometric Approach To Error Detection And Recovery For Robot Motion Planning With Uncertainty, A
* Geometric Reasoning And Artificial Intelligence: Introduction To The Special Volume
* Geometric Reasoning For Constructing 3d Scene Descriptions From Images
* Geometric Reasoning With Logic And Algebra
* Geometric Relationships Between Toleranced Features
* Geometry Of Projective Blending Surfaces, The
* Geometry Theorem Proving By Decomposition Of Quasi-Algebraic Sets: An Applications Of The Ritt-Wu Principle
* Modular Algebraic Specification Of Some Basic Geometrical Constructions
* Multi-Level Geometric Reasoning System For Vision, A
* On The Geometric Interpretation Of Image Contours
* Refutational Approach To Geometry Theorem Proving, A
* Survey Of Motion Planning And Related Geometric Algorithms, A
* Verifiable Implementations Of Geometric Algorithms Using Finite Precision Arithmetic
* Wu'S Method And Its Application To Perspective Viewing
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AI(38) * Analogical Representations Of Naive Physics
* Computational Model For Process-Grammar, A
* Shape From Texture: General Principle

AI(40) * Connectionist Learning Procedures

AI(41) * Logical Framework For Depiction And Image Interpretation, A
* Optimal K-Consistency Algorithm, An

AI(43) * Computational Complexity Of Probabilistic Inference Using Bayesian Belief Networks, The
* Estimation Of Surface Topography From Sar Imagery Using Shape From Shading Techniques
* Shape From Fractal Geometry

AI(44) * Combinatorics Of Object Recognition In Cluttered Environments Using Constrained Search, The
* Geometry Of View Space Of Opaque Objects Bounded By Smooth Surfaces, The
* Qualitative Kinematics In Mechanisms
* Qualitative Navigation For Mobile Robots
* Representing Stereo Data With The Delaunay Triangulation

AI(45) * On The Parallel Complexity Of Discrete Relaxation In Constraint Satisfaction Networks
* Shape From Texture: Estimation, Isotropy And Moments

AI(48) * Animate Vision
* Constraint Relaxation May Be Perfect

AI(5) * Empirically-Derived Estimates Of The Complexity Of Labeling Line Drawings Of Polyhedral Scenes

AI(50) * Learning Structures Of Visual Patterns From Single Instances

AI(52) * Robot Motion Planning With Uncertainty In Control And Sensing

AI(53) * Arc Consistency For Factorable Relations

AI(54) * Putting Knowledge Into A Visual Shape Representation

AI(57) * Effective Solution Of Qualitative Interval Constraint Problems
* Generic Arc-Consistency Algorithm And Its Specifications, A

AI(58) * Guest Eds., Special Volume: Constraint-Based Reasoning

AI(59) * Comment On ``Numerical Shape From Shading And Occluding Boundaries''
* From A Real Chair To A Negative Chair
* Retrospective On ``Interpreting Line Drawings As Three-Dimensional Surfaces''
* ``Determining Optical Flow'': A Retrospective

AI(64) * Fast Parallel Constraint Satisfaction
* Shape From Texture And Contour By Weak Isotropy

AI(65) * Tunable Distance Measure For Coloured Solid Models, A

AI(67) * Recovery Of 3-D Objects With Multiple Curved Surfaces From 2-D Contours

AI(70) * On The Complexity Of Labeling Perspective Projections Of Polyhedral Scenes

AI(71) * Knowledge Caching For Sensor-Based Systems

AI(72) * On Information Invariants In Robotics
* Sensorimotor Transformations In The Worlds Of Frogs And Robots

AI(73) * Analysis Of Adaptation And Environment
* Intelligent Use Of Space, The

AI(76) * Motion Planning With Uncertainty: A Landmark Approach

AI(77) * Interpreting Non-3d Line Drawings

AI(78) * 3-D Motion Estimation From Motion Field
* 3d Object Recognition Using Invariance
* Active Vision Architecture Based On Iconic Representations, An
* Control Of Perceptual Attention In Robot Driving
* Estimation Of Optical Flow Based On Higher-Order Spatiotemporal Derivatives In Interlaced And Non-Laterlaced Image Sequences
* Global Surface Reconstruction By Purposive Control Of Observer Motion
* Learning To Track The Visual Motion Of Contours
* Localization And Homing Using Combinations Of Model Views
* Modeling Visual Attention Via Selective Tuning
* Multilevel Enhancement And Detection Of Stereo Disparity Surfaces
* Recognition Of Object Classes From Range Data
* Robust Technique For Matching Two Uncalibrated Images Through The Recovery Of The Unknown Epipolar Geometry, A
* Topological Direction-Giving And Visual Navigation In Large Environments
* Understanding Positioning From Multiple Images
* Visual Surveillance In A Dynamic And Uncertain World
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AI(80) * Topology Of Boundaries, The

AI(83) * Active Surface Estimation: Integrating Coarse-To-Fine Image Acquisition And Estimation From Multiple Cues

AI(84) * Automatic Correlation And Calibration Of Noisy Sensor Readings Using Elite Genetic Algorithms

AI(89) * Cognitive Architecture For Artificial Vision, A

AI(91) * Constraint-Based Design For 3d Shapes

AI(92) * Map Learning With Uninterpreted Sensors And Effectors

AI(93) * Constraint Satisfaction Problem With Bilevel Constraint: Application To Interpretation Of Over-Segmented Images

AI(95) * Qualitative Representation Of Positional Information

AI(97) * Dynamic Relevance: Vision-Based Focus Of Attention Using Artificial Neural Networks

AI(98) * Geometric Reasoning About Assembly Tools
* Method Of Spatial Reasoning Based On Qualitative Trigonometry, A

AI(99) * Geometric Construction By Assembling Solved Subfigures
* Learning Metric-Topological Maps For Indoor Mobile Robot Navigation

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