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Bedoui, A. Co Author Listing * On the use of opening phase slopes of the glottal signal to characterize unilateral vocal folds paralysis

Bedoui, M. Co Author Listing * High throughput pipelined hardware implementation of the KECCAK hash function
* reliable fault detection scheme for the AES hardware implementation, A

Bedoui, M.H. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Regional Deformation of the Heart's Left Ventricle Using Curvature Values with Hotelling T2 Metric
* Automatic Bifurcation Detection in Coronary X-Ray Angiographies
* Coronary Artery MultiScale Enhancement Methods: A Comparative Study
* Editorial: Special issue on real-time processing of medical images
* Enhancing EEG Surface Resolution by Using a Combination of Kalman Filter and Interpolation Method
* Finite Element Simulation of 2.5/3D Shaped and Rigid Electronic Circuits
* Hemodynamic Modeling in a Stenosed Internal Carotid Artery
* Impact of Enhancement for Coronary Artery Segmentation Based on Deep Learning Neural Network
* Left ventricular segmentation based on a parallel watershed transformation towards an accurate heart function evaluation
* Local fractal and multifractal features for volumic texture characterization
* MLP Neural Network Classifier for Medical Image Segmentation
* Mobile-aided screening system for proliferative diabetic retinopathy
* new uniform parameterization and invariant 3D spherical harmonic shape descriptors for shape analysis of the heart's left ventricle: A pilot study, A
* Novel Technique for Image Segmentation Based on Grammar Parsing and Hilbert Transform
* Parallel computation of Watershed Transform in weighted graphs on shared memory machines
* review of approaches investigated for right ventricular segmentation using short-axis cardiac MRI, A
* Spectral density variation mapping of cerebral waves by three-dimensional interpolation techniques
* Three-dimensional interpolation methods to spatiotemporal EEG mapping during various behavioral states
* Trabecular Bone Radiograph Characterization Using Lacunarity Measurement
* U-Shaped Densely Connected Convolutions for Left Ventricle Segmentation from CMR Images
Includes: Bedoui, M.H. Bedoui, M.H.[Mohamed Hedi] Bédoui, M.H.[Mohamed Hédi] Bedoui, M.H.[Mohamed Hédi] Bedoui, M.H.[Momahed Hedi]
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Bedoya Duran, M.J.[Maria Juliana] Co Author Listing * Landscape Structure and Seasonality: Effects on Wildlife Species Richness and Occupancy in a Fragmented Dry Forest in Coastal Ecuador
Includes: Bedoya Duran, M.J.[Maria Juliana] Bedoya-Durán, M.J.[María Juliana]

Bedoya Velasquez, A.E.[Andres E.] Co Author Listing * Estimation of the Mass Concentration of Volcanic Ash Using Ceilometers: Study of Fresh and Transported Plumes from La Palma Volcano
* Short-Range Elastic Backscatter Micro-Lidar for Quantitative Aerosol Profiling with High Range and Temporal Resolution
Includes: Bedoya Velasquez, A.E.[Andres E.] Bedoya-Velásquez, A.E.[Andres E.]

Bedoya, G.[Gabriel] Co Author Listing * Automatic ear detection and feature extraction using Geometric Morphometrics and convolutional neural networks

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