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Bolkar, S. Co Author Listing * Deep Smoke Removal from Minimally Invasive Surgery Videos

Bolkart, T.[Timo] Co Author Listing * 3D faces in motion: Fully automatic registration and statistical analysis
* Fitting a 3D Morphable Model to Edges: A Comparison Between Hard and Soft Correspondences
* General Framework to Generate Sizing Systems from 3D Motion Data Applied to Face Mask Design, A
* Generating 3D Faces Using Convolutional Mesh Autoencoders
* Groupwise Multilinear Correspondence Optimization for 3D Faces, A
* Multilinear Wavelets: A Statistical Shape Space for Human Faces
* Review of statistical shape spaces for 3D data with comparative analysis for human faces
* Robust Multilinear Model Learning Framework for 3D Faces, A
* Statistical Analysis of 3D Faces in Motion
Includes: Bolkart, T.[Timo] Bolkart, T.
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