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Bult, P. Co Author Listing * Automated Detection of DCIS in Whole-Slide H E Stained Breast Histopathology Images
* From Detection of Individual Metastases to Classification of Lymph Node Status at the Patient Level: The CAMELYON17 Challenge
* Whole-Slide Mitosis Detection in H&E Breast Histology Using PHH3 as a Reference to Train Distilled Stain-Invariant Convolutional Networks

Bultelle, M.[Matthieu] Co Author Listing * Multimodal Evaluation for Medical Image Segmentation

Bulten, W.[Wouter] Co Author Listing * Detection of Prostate Cancer in Whole-Slide Images Through End-to-End Training With Image-Level Labels

Bulterman, D.[Dick] Co Author Listing * From IPTV to synchronous shared experiences challenges in design: Distributed media synchronization
* Towards Individual QoE for Multiparty Videoconferencing
Includes: Bulterman, D.[Dick] Bulterman, D.

Bulterman, D.C.A. Co Author Listing * Enabling Composition-Based Video-Conferencing for the Home
* Enabling Geometry-Based 3-D Tele-Immersion With Fast Mesh Compression and Linear Rateless Coding

Bultheel, A. Co Author Listing * Multiple Wavelet Threshold Estimation by Generalized Cross Validation for Images with Correlated Noise
* Nonlinear Contour Preserving Transform for Geometrical Image Compression, A
* Normal mesh based geometrical image compression

Bulthoff, H. Co Author Listing * Top-down influences on stereoscopic depth-perception

Bulthoff, H.H.[Heinrich H.] Co Author Listing * 3D Object Recognition: Symmetry and Virtual Views
* Apparent Opacity Affects Perception of Structure from Motion
* Automatic Synthesis of Sequences of Human Movements by Linear Combination of Learned Example Patterns
* Conditions for Viewpoint Dependent Face Recognition
* Continuous Subjective Rating of Perceived Motion Incongruence During Driving Simulation
* Disparity Gradients and Depth Scaling
* Effects of Target Signal Shape and System Dynamics on Feedforward in Manual Control
* Going into depth: Evaluating 2D and 3D cues for object classification on a new, large-scale object dataset
* Integration of Depth Modules: Stereo and Shading
* Interaction of Different Modules in Depth Perception
* Markerless 3D Face Tracking
* Medial Features for Superpixel Segmentation
* Methods for Multiloop Identification of Visual and Neuromuscular Pilot Responses
* Motion Scaling for High-Performance Driving Simulators
* Objective Model Selection for Identifying the Human Feedforward Response in Manual Control
* Orientation Dependence in the Recognition of Familiar and Novel Views of 3D Objects
* Parallel Algorithm for Real-time Computation of Optical Flow, A
* Parallel Motion Algorithm Consistent with Psychophysics and Physiology, A
* Parallel Optical Flow Computation
* Parallel Optical Flow Using Local Voting
* Perceptual Influence of Spatiotemporal Noise on the Reconstruction of Shape from Dynamic Occlusion, The
* Stereo integration, mean field theory and psychophysics
* To What Extent Do Unique Parts Influence Recognition Across Changes in Viewpoint
* View-based dynamic object recognition based on human perception
* View-Based Recognition of Faces in Man and Machine: Re-visiting Inter-extra-Ortho
* Where Did I Take That Snapshot: Scene-Based Homing By Image Matching
Includes: Bulthoff, H.H.[Heinrich H.] Bülthoff, H.H.[Heinrich H.] (Maybe also Buelthoff, H.H.)Bülthoff, H.H. (Maybe also Buelthoff, H.H.)Bulthoff, H.H.
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Bulthoff, I. Co Author Listing * Top-down influences on stereoscopic depth-perception

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