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Dore, A.[Alessio] Co Author Listing * Bayesian Bio-inspired Model for Learning Interactive Trajectories
* Bayesian Tracking for Video Analytics
* Bio-inspired Learning Approach for the Classification of Risk Zones in a Smart Space, A
* Evaluating the performance of systems for tracking football players and ball
* Extraction of contextual information for automotive applications
* MAP Particle Selection in Shape-Based Object Tracking
* Multiple cue adaptive tracking of deformable objects with Particle Filter
* Multitarget tracking with a corner-based particle filter
* Online Discriminative Feature Selection in a Bayesian Framework using Shape and Appearance
* particle filter based fusion framework for video-radio tracking in smart spaces, A
* Performance Evaluation of Multisensor Architectures for Tracking
* Tracking by using dynamic shape model learning in the presence of occlusion
Includes: Dore, A.[Alessio] Dore, A.
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Dore, C. Co Author Listing * Current State of the Art Historic Building Information Modelling
* Semi-Automatic Modelling of Building Façades with Shape Grammars Using Historic Building Information Modelling
* Structural Simulations and Conservation Analysis: Historic Building Information Model (HBIM)

Dore, F.[Fanny] Co Author Listing * Anisotropic A Contrario Framework for the Detection of Convergences in Images, An
Includes: Dore, F.[Fanny] Doré, F.[Fanny]

Dore, R.[Renaud] Co Author Listing * MPEG Immersive Video Coding Standard
Includes: Dore, R.[Renaud] Doré, R.[Renaud]

Dore, V.[Vincent] Co Author Listing * DBCE: A Saliency Method for Medical Deep Learning Through Anatomically-Consistent Free-Form Deformations
* Non-local adaptive structure tensors: Application to anisotropic diffusion and shock filtering
* Surface-Base Approach Using a Multi-scale EM-ICP Registration for Statistical Population Analysis
* Towards Segmentation of Pedicles on Posteroanterior X-Ray Views of Scoliotic Patients
Includes: Dore, V.[Vincent] Doré, V.[Vincent] Dore, V.

Dorea, C.[Camilo] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Block Partitioning of Point Clouds for Video-Based Color Compression
* Attention-weighted depth map rate-allocation in free-viewpoint television
* Attention-Weighted Texture and Depth Bit-Allocation in General-Geometry Free-Viewpoint Television
* Block-Based Motion Estimation Speedup for Dynamic Voxelized Point Clouds
* Depth map reconstruction using color-based region merging
* Differential Transform for Video-Based Plenoptic Point Cloud Coding
* General rate-allocation in free-viewpoint television
* Local Texture and Geometry Descriptors for Fast Block-Based Motion Estimation of Dynamic Voxelized Point Clouds
* Loss-Resilient Coding of Texture and Depth for Free-Viewpoint Video Conferencing
* Memory-Friendly Segmentation Refinement for Video-Based Point Cloud Compression
* Motion-Compensated Predictive RAHT for Dynamic Point Clouds
* On Predictive RAHT For Dynamic Point Cloud Coding
* Progressive communication for interactive light field image data streaming
* Reference frame selection for loss-resilient texture and depth map coding in multiview video conferencing
* Saliency-cognizant robust view synthesis in free viewpoint video streaming
* Super-Resolution for Multiview Images Using Depth Information
Includes: Dorea, C.[Camilo] Dorea, C.
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Dorea, C.C.[Camilo C.] Co Author Listing * direction-adaptive in-loop deartifacting filter for video coding, A
* Generation of Long-Term Color and Motion Coherent Partitions
* Trajectory Tree as an Object-Oriented Hierarchical Representation for Video
Includes: Dorea, C.C.[Camilo C.] Dorea, C.C.

Doren, N. Co Author Listing * General Formulation for Wavefront Curvature Correction in Polar-Formatted Spotlight-Mode SAR Images Using Space-Variant Post-Filtering

Dorenkamp, S.[Stefan] Co Author Listing * Exploiting the Logits: Joint Sign Language Recognition and Spell-Correction

Dorenkamper, M.[Martin] Co Author Listing * NEWA Ferry Lidar Experiment: Measuring Mesoscale Winds in the Southern Baltic Sea, The
Includes: Dorenkamper, M.[Martin] Dörenkämper, M.[Martin] (Maybe also Doerenkaemper, M.)

Dorent, R. Co Author Listing * Why is the Winner the Best?

Doressoundiram, A.[Alain] Co Author Listing * Deep Learning Investigation of Mercury's Explosive Volcanism

Doreto, F.[Fabio] Co Author Listing * Bi-manual gesture interaction for 3D cloud point selection and annotation using COTS

Doretto, G. Co Author Listing * Adversarial Latent Autoencoders
* Boosting for transfer learning with multiple sources
* BrainTrek: An immersive environment for investigating neuronal tissue
* CellTranspose: Few-shot Domain Adaptation for Cellular Instance Segmentation
* Deep Active Ensemble Sampling for Image Classification
* Deep Supervised Hashing with Spherical Embedding
* Dynamic Shape and Appearance Models
* Dynamic Texture Recognition
* Dynamic texture segmentation
* Dynamic Textures
* Editable dynamic textures
* Event Recognition with Fragmented Object Tracks
* Face alignment via boosted ranking model
* Free-form textured surfaces registration by a frequency domain technique
* Frequency Domain Technique for Range Data Registration, A
* FUSSL: Fuzzy Uncertain Self Supervised Learning
* Generative Probabilistic Novelty Detection with Isometric Adversarial Autoencoders
* Information Bottleneck Domain Adaptation with Privileged Information for Visual Recognition
* Information Bottleneck Learning Using Privileged Information for Visual Recognition
* Intelligent Video for Protecting Crowded Sports Venues
* Joint Recognition of Complex Events and Track Matching
* Learning a Context Aware Dictionary for Sparse Representation
* M-VIVIE: A multi-thread video indexer via identity extraction
* model change detection approach to dynamic scene modeling, A
* Modeling Dynamic Scenes with Active Appearance
* Moving Object Segmentation using Scene Understanding
* Multi-class Object Layout with Unsupervised Image Classification and Object Localization
* Online Human Interaction Detection and Recognition With Multiple Cameras
* Pairwise Kernels for Human Interaction Recognition
* Region moments: Fast invariant descriptors for detecting small image structures
* Self-supervised Interest Point Detection and Description for Fisheye and Perspective Images
* Shape and Appearance Context Modeling
* Spatially Homogeneous Dynamic Textures
* Supervised Low-Rank Method for Learning Invariant Subspaces, A
* Unified Crowd Segmentation
* Unified Deep Supervised Domain Adaptation and Generalization
Includes: Doretto, G. Doretto, G.[Gianfranco]
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Dorez, H.[Hugo] Co Author Listing * Robust graph representation of images with underlying structural networks. Application to the classification of vascular networks of mice's colon

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