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Fouhey, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Cross-Task Weakly Supervised Learning From Instructional Videos
* Factoring Shape, Pose, and Layout from the 2D Image of a 3D Scene

Fouhey, D.F.[David F.] Co Author Listing * 3D Shape Attributes
* Articulation-Aware Canonical Surface Mapping
* Associative3d: Volumetric Reconstruction from Sparse Views
* Cutting through the clutter: Task-relevant features for image matching
* Data-Driven 3D Primitives for Single Image Understanding
* Designing deep networks for surface normal estimation
* From Images to 3D Shape Attributes
* From Lifestyle VLOGs to Everyday Interactions
* Full-body Awareness from Partial Observations
* Learning a Predictable and Generative Vector Representation for Objects
* Multiple Plane Detection in Image Pairs Using J-Linkage
* Novel Object Viewpoint Estimation Through Reconstruction Alignment
* Object Recognition Robust to Imperfect Depth Data
* People Watching: Human Actions as a Cue for Single View Geometry
* Predicting Object Dynamics in Scenes
* Scene Semantics from Long-Term Observation of People
* Single Image 3D without a Single 3D Image
* Understanding Human Hands in Contact at Internet Scale
* Unfolding an Indoor Origami World
Includes: Fouhey, D.F.[David F.] Fouhey, D.F. Fouhey, D.F.[David Ford]
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