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Ghaeb, N.H.[Nebras H.] Co Author Listing * Machine Learning Techniques for Corneal Diseases Diagnosis: A Survey

Ghaemi, H. Co Author Listing * RFI Characterization and Mitigation for the SMAP Radar

Ghaemi, M.[Manizheh] Co Author Listing * Feature selection using Forest Optimization Algorithm

Ghaemi, P.[Parisa] Co Author Listing * comparative study of two approaches for supporting optimal network location queries, A
* Efficient maximal reverse skyline query processing

Ghaemi, Z.[Zeinab] Co Author Listing * Varied Density-based Clustering Approach for Event Detection from Heterogeneous Twitter Data, A

Ghaeminia, M.H.[Mohammad Hossein] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Motion Model for Human Tracking Using Particle Filter
* Efficient Energy Model for Human Gait Recognition, An
* Human Tracking Using Spatialized Multi-level Histogram and Mean Shift
* On the selection of spatiotemporal filtering with classifier ensemble method for effective gait recognition
Includes: Ghaeminia, M.H.[Mohammad Hossein] Ghaeminia, M.H.[Mohammad H.]

Ghaemirad, T. Co Author Listing * Modeling of urban growth using cellular automata (CA) optimized by Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO)

Ghaemmaghami, M.P.[Masoumeh P.] Co Author Listing * Feature extraction using discrete cosine transform and discrimination power analysis with a face recognition technology

Ghaemmaghami, P.[Pouya] Co Author Listing * Movie Genre Classification by Exploiting MEG Brain Signals
* Sparse-coded cross-domain adaptation from the visual to the brain domain
Includes: Ghaemmaghami, P.[Pouya] Ghaemmaghami, P.

Ghaemmaghami, S. Co Author Listing * Colour image steganography method based on sparse representation
* Designing Low Coherent Measurement Matrix With Controlled Spectral Norm Via an Efficient Approximation of L_inf-Norm
* Group-based spatio-temporal video analysis and abstraction using wavelet parameters
* Hierarchical Concept Score Postprocessing and Concept-Wise Normalization in CNN-Based Video Event Recognition
* Low Complexity NSAF Algorithm, A
* Median Filtering Forensics in Compressed Video
* On Limits of Embedding in 3D Images Based on 2D Watson's Model
* Spatio-Temporal VLAD Encoding of Visual Events Using Temporal Ordering of the Mid-Level Deep Semantics
* Towards blind detection of low-rate spatial embedding in image steganalysis
* Towards Improving Robustness of Deep Neural Networks to Adversarial Perturbations
* Video Keyframe Analysis Using a Segment-Based Statistical Metric in a Visually Sensitive Parametric Space
Includes: Ghaemmaghami, S. Ghaemmaghami, S.[Shahrokh]
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