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Hoover, A.[Adam] Co Author Listing * email: Hoover, A.[Adam]: hoover AT ece ucsd edu
* Calibrating a camera network using a domino grid
* Dynamic-Scale Model Construction From Range Imagery
* Egomotion estimation of a range camera using the space envelope
* Experimental Comparison of Range Image Segmentation Algorithms, An
* Extracting a Valid Boundary Representation from a Segmented Range Image
* Fuzzy Convergence
* Methodology for Evaluating Edge Detection Techniques for Range Images, A
* Methodology for Evaluating Range Image Segmentation Techniques, A
* New Video Dataset for Recognizing Intake Gestures in a Cafeteria Setting, A
* Range Image Segmentation: The User's Dilemma
* Recognizing Object Function Through Reasoning about Partial Shape Descriptions and Dynamic Physical-Properties
* Sensor networked mobile robotics
* Space Envelope Representation for 3D Scenes, The
* Space Envelope: A Representation for 3D Scenes, The
* Special Issue on Empirical Evaluation of Computer Vision Algorithms
* Threshold Selection as a Function of Region Count Stability
Includes: Hoover, A.[Adam] Hoover, A.
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Hoover, A.D. Co Author Listing * Locating blood vessels in retinal images by piecewise threshold probing of a matched filter response
* Locating the optic nerve in a retinal image using the fuzzy convergence of the blood vessels

Hoover, A.W. Co Author Listing * Function-Based Recognition from Incomplete Knowledge of Object Shape
* Function-Based Recognition from Incomplete Knowledge of Shape

Hoover, M.E.[Marty E.] Co Author Listing * Frequency domain infrared watermarking for printed CMYK image

Hoover, R.C.[Randy C.] Co Author Listing * 2DTPCA: A New Framework for Multilinear Principal Component Analysis
* Aerial Pose Detection of 3-D Objects Using Hemispherical Harmonics
* Analysis of Sphere Tessellations for Pose Estimation of 3-D Objects Using Spherically Correlated Images, An
* Eigendecomposition of Images Correlated on S^1, S^2, and SO(3) Using Spectral Theory
* Facial Recognition Using Tensor-Tensor Decompositions
* Fast Eigenspace Decomposition of Images of Objects With Variation in Illumination and Pose

Hoover, R.H.[Rachael H.] Co Author Listing * Particle Size-Frequency Distributions of the OSIRIS-REx Candidate Sample Sites on Asteroid (101955) Bennu

Hoover, S.A.[Sam A.] Co Author Listing * Complementary Keypoint Descriptors

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