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Khaing, M.M. Co Author Listing * Yangon River Geomorphology Identification And Its Enviromental Imapacts Analsysis by Optical and Radar Sensing Techniques

Khaing, Z.Z. Co Author Listing * Super-Resolution Ultrasound Localization Microscopy Through Deep Learning

Khairat, A.[Ali] Co Author Listing * Adaptive cross-component prediction for 4:4:4 high efficiency video coding

Khaire, P.[Pushpajit] Co Author Listing * Combining CNN streams of RGB-D and skeletal data for human activity recognition

Khairiah, R.N. Co Author Listing * Agroforestry Tree Density Estimation Based On Hemispherical Photos & Landsat 8 OLI/TIRS Image: A Case Study at Cidanau Watershed, Banten-indonesia

Khairir, M.I.[Muhammad Ihsan] Co Author Listing * Vision-Based Mobile Robot Navigation Using Image Processing and Cell Decomposition

Khairuddin, A.S.M.[Anis Salwa Mohd] Co Author Listing * Connected component analysis integrated edge based technique for automatic vehicular license plate recognition framework
* Fuzzy logic-based pre-classifier for tropical wood species recognition system
* optimized YOLO-based object detection model for crop harvesting system, An
* Systematic review on vehicular licence plate recognition framework in intelligent transport systems

Khairuddin, U.[Uswah] Co Author Listing * Systematic review on vehicular licence plate recognition framework in intelligent transport systems

Khairul, I.M.[Islam M.] Co Author Listing * Inter-Comparison of Gauge-Corrected Global Satellite Rainfall Estimates and Their Applicability for Effective Water Resource Management in a Transboundary River Basin: The Case of the Meghna River Basin

Khairullin, R.[Rustam] Co Author Listing * Microrelief Associated with Gas Emission Craters: Remote-Sensing and Field-Based Study

Khairunniza Bejo, S.[Siti] Co Author Listing * Plot-Based Classification of Macronutrient Levels in Oil Palm Trees with Landsat-8 Images and Machine Learning
Includes: Khairunniza Bejo, S.[Siti] Khairunniza-Bejo, S.[Siti]

Khaitov, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Domain Intersection and Domain Difference

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