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Papoidis, E.V. Co Author Listing * DFT algoritrm based on filter banks: the extended subband DFT, A

Papola, A. Co Author Listing * Kalman Filter for Quasi-Dynamic o-d Flow Estimation/Updating, A

Papon, J.[Jeremie] Co Author Listing * Constrained planar cuts: Object partitioning for point clouds
* Depth-supported real-time video segmentation with the Kinect
* modular system architecture for online parallel vision pipelines, A
* Object Partitioning Using Local Convexity
* Occlusion Handling in Video Segmentation via Predictive Feedback
* Real-Time Segmentation of Stereo Videos on a Portable System With a Mobile GPU
* Semantic Pose Using Deep Networks Trained on Synthetic RGB-D
* Spatially Stratified Correspondence Sampling for Real-Time Point Cloud tracking
* Unsupervised Generation of Context-Relevant Training-Sets for Visual Object Recognition Employing Multilinguality
* Voxel Cloud Connectivity Segmentation: Supervoxels for Point Clouds
Includes: Papon, J.[Jeremie] Papon, J.
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Papon, J.F. Co Author Listing * Automating the measurement of physiological parameters: A case study in the image analysis of cilia motion

Papoutsa, C.[Christiana] Co Author Listing * Capitalize on the Experience of the ATHENA Project for Cultural Heritage for the Eratosthenes Centre of Excellence for the Benefit of the East Med Region
* Investigating Detection of Floating Plastic Litter from Space Using Sentinel-2 Imagery
* Land Movements Estimation in Amathus Archaeological Site in Limassol District with In-SAR DIN-SAR Methodologies
* On the Pathway to Success: Becoming a Leading Earth Observation Centre Through the EXCELSIOR Project

Papoutsakis, K.[Konstantinos] Co Author Listing * Action Prediction During Human-Object Interaction Based on DTW and Early Fusion of Human and Object Representations
* Gesture Recognition Supporting the Interaction of Humans with Socially Assistive Robots
* Temporal Action Co-Segmentation in 3D Motion Capture Data and Videos
* VLMAH: Visual-Linguistic Modeling of Action History for Effective Action Anticipation
Includes: Papoutsakis, K.[Konstantinos] Papoutsakis, K.

Papoutsakis, K.E.[Konstantinos E.] Co Author Listing * Framework for Online Segmentation and Classification of Modeled Actions Performed in the Context of Unmodeled Ones, A
* graph-based approach for detecting common actions in motion capture data and videos, A
* Integrating tracking with fine object segmentation
* Object Tracking and Segmentation in a Closed Loop
* Segmentation and classification of modeled actions in the context of unmodeled ones

Papoutsellis, E. Co Author Listing * Anisotropic Inf-Convolution BV Type Model for Dynamic Reconstruction, An
* Core Imaging Library - Part I: a versatile Python framework for tomographic imaging
* Core Imaging Library - Part II: multichannel reconstruction for dynamic and spectral tomography
* Infimal Convolution Regularisation Functionals of BV and L_p Spaces
* Learning Regularization Parameter-Maps for Variational Image Reconstruction Using Deep Neural Networks and Algorithm Unrolling
* Motion estimation and correction for simultaneous PET/MR using SIRF and CIL
Includes: Papoutsellis, E. Papoutsellis, E.[Evangelos]

Papoutsis, D.[Dimitri] Co Author Listing * Multi-stage Approach for 3D Teeth Segmentation from Dentition Surfaces, A
* Teeth segmentation in 3D dentition models for the virtual articulator

Papoutsis, I.[Ioannis] Co Author Listing * Assessing the Added Value of Sentinel-1 PolSAR Data for Crop Classification
* Benchmarking and scaling of deep learning models for land cover image classification
* Hephaestus: A large scale multitask dataset towards InSAR understanding
* Implementation of a Random Forest Classifier to Examine Wildfire Predictive Modelling in Greece Using Diachronically Collected Fire Occurrence and Fire Mapping Data
* InSAR Campaign Reveals Ongoing Displacement Trends at High Impact Sites of Thessaloniki and Chalkidiki, Greece
* InSAR Greece with Parallelized Persistent Scatterer Interferometry: A National Ground Motion Service for Big Copernicus Sentinel-1 Data
* Multi-Stack Persistent Scatterer Interferometry Analysis in Wider Athens, Greece
* On the Pathway to Success: Becoming a Leading Earth Observation Centre Through the EXCELSIOR Project
* On the Segmentation of the Cephalonia-Lefkada Transform Fault Zone (Greece) from an InSAR Multi-Mode Dataset of the Lefkada 2015 Sequence
* Scalable Machine Learning Pipeline for Paddy Rice Classification Using Multi-Temporal Sentinel Data, A
* Scalable Parcel-Based Crop Identification Scheme Using Sentinel-2 Data Time-Series for the Monitoring of the Common Agricultural Policy
* TeleViT: Teleconnection-driven Transformers Improve Subseasonal to Seasonal Wildfire Forecasting
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