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Raita, T. Co Author Listing * Comparison of Algorithms for Standard Median Filtering
* KAIRA: The Kilpisjärvi Atmospheric Imaging Receiver Array: System Overview and First Results

Raitamaa, L. Co Author Listing * 3D Multi-Resolution Optical Flow Analysis of Cardiovascular Pulse Propagation in Human Brain

Raitoharju, J. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Inference Using Hierarchical Convolutional Bag-of-Features for Low-Power Embedded Platforms
* Bag of Color Features for Color Constancy
* Benchmark database for fine-grained image classification of benthic macroinvertebrates
* Data Enrichment in Fine-Grained Classification of Aquatic Macroinvertebrates
* Efficient adaptive inference for deep convolutional neural networks using hierarchical early exits
* Human experts vs. machines in taxa recognition
* Learned vs. engineered features for fine-grained classification of aquatic macroinvertebrates
* Subspace Support Vector Data Description
Includes: Raitoharju, J. Raitoharju, J.[Jenni]
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Raitoharju, M. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Derivative Free Method for Bayesian Posterior Approximation, An
* Damped Posterior Linearization Filter

Raitsos, D.E.[Dionysios E.] Co Author Listing * 55-Year Time Series Station for Primary Production in the Adriatic Sea: Data Correction, Extraction of Photosynthesis Parameters and Regime Shifts, A
* Evaluation of Satellite Retrievals of Chlorophyll-a in the Arabian Gulf
* Remotely Sensing the Source and Transport of Marine Plastic Debris in Bay Islands of Honduras (Caribbean Sea)

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