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Saat, M.S.M.D.[Mohd Shakir M. D.] Co Author Listing * Robust H-inf state feedback control of networked control systems with congestion control

Saat, S.[Shakir] Co Author Listing * Disturbance attenuation for a class of uncertain polynomial discrete-time systems: An integrator approach
* Nonlinear robust state feedback control of uncertain polynomial discrete-time systems: An integral action approach

Saatchi, S.[Sassan] Co Author Listing * Airborne Lidar Estimation of Aboveground Forest Biomass in the Absence of Field Inventory
* Allometric Scaling and Resource Limitations Model of Tree Heights: Part 1. Model Optimization and Testing over Continental USA
* Allometric Scaling and Resource Limitations Model of Tree Heights: Part 2. Site Based Testing of the Model
* Application of Semi-Automated Filter to Improve Waveform Lidar Sub-Canopy Elevation Model
* Comparative Assessment of the Performance of Individual Tree Crowns Delineation Algorithms from ALS Data in Tropical Forests, A
* Error Model for Biomass Estimates Derived From Polarimetric Radar Backscatter, An
* Estimation of Forest Fuel Load From Radar Remote Sensing
* Extrapolating Forest Canopy Fuel Properties in the California Rim Fire by Combining Airborne LiDAR and Landsat OLI Data
* Fusion of NASA Airborne Snow Observatory (ASO) Lidar Time Series over Mountain Forest Landscapes
* Hybridization of the Ant Colony Optimization with the K-Means Algorithm for Clustering
* Impacts of Airborne Lidar Pulse Density on Estimating Biomass Stocks and Changes in a Selectively Logged Tropical Forest
* Impacts of Spatial Variability on Aboveground Biomass Estimation from L-Band Radar in a Temperate Forest
* L-Band SAR Backscatter Related to Forest Cover, Height and Aboveground Biomass at Multiple Spatial Scales across Denmark
* Plant Species Richness is Associated with Canopy Height and Topography in a Neotropical Forest
* Semiautomated Probabilistic Framework for Tree-Cover Delineation From 1-m NAIP Imagery Using a High-Performance Computing Architecture, A
* Sensitivity of L-Band SAR Backscatter to Aboveground Biomass of Global Forests
* Sensitivity of Pol-InSAR Measurements to Vegetation Parameters
* Soil Moisture Estimation Under Tropical Forests Using UHF Radar Polarimetry
* Topography and Three-Dimensional Structure Can Estimate Tree Diversity along a Tropical Elevational Gradient in Costa Rica
Includes: Saatchi, S.[Sassan] Saatchi, S. Saatchi, S.[Sara]
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Saatchi, S.S.[Sassan S.] Co Author Listing * Abiotic Controls on Macroscale Variations of Humid Tropical Forest Height
* Assessing Performance of L- and P-Band Polarimetric Interferometric SAR Data in Estimating Boreal Forest Above-Ground Biomass
* Effect of Variable Soil Moisture Profiles on P-Band Backscatter, The
* Remote Sensing Assessment of Forest Disturbance across Complex Mountainous Terrain: The Pattern and Severity of Impacts of Tropical Cyclone Yasi on Australian Rainforests
* Use of Decision Tree and Multiscale Texture for Classification of JERS-1 SAR Data over Tropical Forest, The
Includes: Saatchi, S.S.[Sassan S.] Saatchi, S.S.

Saatci, E.[Ertugrul] Co Author Listing * Determination of the minimum sampling frequency in bandpass sampling by geometric approach and geometric programming
* Determination of the minimum sampling frequency in bandpass sampling by geometric approach and geometric programming
Includes: Saatci, E.[Ertugrul] Saatci, E.[Esra]

Saatci, Y. Co Author Listing * Cascaded Classification of Gender and Facial Expression using Active Appearance Models
* Scaling Multidimensional Inference for Structured Gaussian Processes

Saathoff, C. Co Author Listing * comparative study of object-level spatial context techniques for semantic image analysis, A
* Describing low-level image features using the COMM ontology
* Knowledge representation and semantic annotation of multimedia content
* Ontology Infrastructure for Multimedia Reasoning, An
Includes: Saathoff, C. Saathoff, C.[Carsten]

Saati, M.[Mehdi] Co Author Listing * Road Network Extraction from VHR Satellite Images Using Context Aware Object Feature Integration and Tensor Voting

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