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Suk, H.I.[Heung Il] Co Author Listing * Analyzing human interactions with a network of dynamic probabilistic models
* Crowd Behavior Representation Using Motion Influence Matrix for Anomaly Detection
* Deep Efficient Continuous Manifold Learning for Time Series Modeling
* Deep Ensemble Sparse Regression Network for Alzheimer's Disease Diagnosis
* Deep Generative-Discriminative Learning for Multimodal Representation in Imaging Genetics, A
* EAG-RS: A Novel Explainability-Guided ROI-Selection Framework for ASD Diagnosis via Inter-Regional Relation Learning
* Hand gesture recognition based on dynamic Bayesian network framework
* HMM-Based Gait Recognition with Human Profiles
* Joint Coupled-Feature Representation and Coupled Boosting for AD Diagnosis
* Joint Discriminative and Representative Feature Selection for Alzheimer's Disease Diagnosis
* Learn-Explain-Reinforce: Counterfactual Reasoning and its Guidance to Reinforce an Alzheimer's Disease Diagnosis Model
* Learnable Counter-Condition Analysis Framework for Functional Connectivity-Based Neurological Disorder Diagnosis, A
* Matrix-Similarity Based Loss Function and Feature Selection for Alzheimer's Disease Diagnosis
* Modeling crowd motions for abnormal activity detection
* Motion Influence Map for Unusual Human Activity Detection and Localization in Crowded Scenes
* Multi-view Classification for Identification of Alzheimer's Disease
* Network of Dynamic Probabilistic Models for Human Interaction Analysis, A
* Novel Bayesian Framework for Discriminative Feature Extraction in Brain-Computer Interfaces, A
* Online Discriminative Multi-atlas Learning for Isointense Infant Brain Segmentation
* Person authentication from neural activity of face-specific visual self-representation
* Recognizing hand gestures using dynamic Bayesian network
* Robust modeling and recognition of hand gestures with dynamic Bayesian network
* Sparse Discriminative Feature Selection for Multi-class Alzheimer's Disease Classification
* Sparse Multi-Response Tensor Regression for Alzheimer's Disease Study With Multivariate Clinical Assessments
* Subject and class specific frequency bands selection for multiclass motor imagery classification
* View-Invariant 3D Action Recognition Using Spatiotemporal Self-Similarities from Depth Camera
Includes: Suk, H.I.[Heung Il] Suk, H.I.[Heung-Il] Suk, H.I.[Heung-II] Suk, H.I.
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Suk, H.J.[Hyeon Jeong] Co Author Listing * GP22: A Car Styling Dataset for Automotive Designers
Includes: Suk, H.J.[Hyeon Jeong] Suk, H.J.[Hyeon-Jeong]

Suk, J.H.[Jung Hee] Co Author Listing * Fixed Homography-Based Real-Time SW/HW Image Stitching Engine for Motor Vehicles
Includes: Suk, J.H.[Jung Hee] Suk, J.H.[Jung-Hee]

Suk, M.[Min_Soo] Co Author Listing * New Image Segmentation Technique Based on Partition Mode Test, A
* On Machine Recognition of Hand-Printed Chinese Characters by Feature Relaxation
* Polynomial Time Algorithm for Subpattern Matching, A
* Pose Verification as an Optimal Assignment Problem
* Real-Time Facial Expression Recognition on Smartphones
* Real-Time Mobile Facial Expression Recognition System: A Case Study
* Recognition and Localization of Objects with Curved Surfaces
* Representation and Reconstruction of Polygons and Polyhedra Using Hierarchical Extended Gaussian Images
* Sensitivity Analysis for Matching and Pose Computation Using Dihedral Junctions
Includes: Suk, M.[Min_Soo] Suk, M. Suk, M.[Myunghoon]
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Suk, M.K.[Mi Kyung] Co Author Listing * AIDER: Aircraft Icing Potential Area DEtection in Real-Time Using 3-Dimensional Radar and Atmospheric Variables
* Clutter Elimination Algorithm for Non-Precipitation Echo of Radar Data Considering Meteorological and Observational Properties in Polarimetric Measurements
Includes: Suk, M.K.[Mi Kyung] Suk, M.K.[Mi-Kyung]

Suk, M.S.[Min Soo] Co Author Listing * Curvilinear Feature Extraction Using Minimum Spanning Trees
* Edge Extraction Technique for Noisy Images, An
* Multilayer Self-Organizing Feature Map for Range Image Segmentation, A
* New Measures of Similarity between Two Contours Based on Optimal Bivariate Transforms
* Object-Detection Algorithm Based on the Region-Adjacency Graph, An
* Qualitative Features and the Generalized Hough Transform
* Region Adjacency and Its Application to Object Detection
* Three-Dimensional Object Recognition on the Connection Machine
Includes: Suk, M.S.[Min Soo] Suk, M.S.[Min-Soo] Suk, M.S.
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Suk, T.[Tomas] Co Author Listing * email: Suk, T.[Tomas]: suk AT utia cas cz
* 3d Non-separable Moment Invariants
* 3D rotation invariants by complex moments
* 3D rotation invariants of Gaussian-Hermite moments
* Affine Invariants of Vector Fields
* Affine moment invariants generated by automated solution of the equations
* Affine moment invariants generated by graph method
* Affine Moment Invariants of Color Images
* Affine Moment Invariants of Vector Fields
* Affine Moment Invariants: A New Tool For Character-Recognition
* Analysis of Dynamic Processes by Statistical Moments of High Orders
* Blur and affine moment invariants
* Character recognition by affine moment invariants
* Colour and rotation invariant textural features based on Markov random fields
* Combined blur and affine moment invariants and their use in pattern recognition
* Comparison of Leaf Recognition by Moments and Fourier Descriptors
* Construction of Complete and Independent Systems of Rotation Moment Invariants
* Convex Layers: A New Tool for Recognition of Projectively Deformed Point Sets
* Decomposition of binary images: A survey and comparison
* Degraded Image-Analysis: An Invariant Approach
* Digital processing of skylab X-ray images of the solar corona
* Feature Selection on Affine Moment Invariants in Relation to Known Dependencies
* features for recognition of projectively deformed point sets, The
* Features Invariant Simultaneously to Convolution and Affine Transformation
* Filtering Green Vegetation Out from Colored Point Clouds of Rocky Terrains Based on Various Vegetation Indices: Comparison of Simple Statistical Methods, Support Vector Machine, and Neural Network
* Graph method for generating affine moment invariants
* Image Features Invariant with Respect to Blur
* Invariants for Recognition of Degraded 1-D Digital Signals
* Moment Invariants for Recognizing Symmetric Objects
* moment-based approach to registration of images with affine geometric distortion, A
* Moments and Moment Invariants in Pattern Recognition
* Multichannel Blind Deconvolution of the Short-exposure Astronomical Images
* Non-separable rotation moment invariants
* Orthogonal Affine Invariants from Gaussian-Hermite Moments
* Pattern Recognition by Affine Moment Invariants
* Point projective and permutation invariants
* Point-based projective invariants
* Projection Operators and Moment Invariants to Image Blurring
* projective invariants for polygons, The
* Projective Moment Invariants
* Proof of Completeness of the Graph Method for Generation of Affine Moment Invariants, The
* Recognition of Blurred Images by the Method of Moments
* Recognition of Images Degraded by Gaussian Blur
* Recognition of patterns in vector fields by Gaussian-hermite invariants
* Rectangular Decomposition of Binary Images
* Refined Morphological Methods of Moment Computation
* Rotation invariants of vector fields from orthogonal moments
* Rotation Moment Invariants for Recognition of Symmetric Objects
* Solar Atmosphere Data Analysis
* Solar flare retrieval, detection and analysis
* Systematic generation of moment invariant bases for 2D and 3D tensor fields
* Tensor Method for Constructing 3D Moment Invariants
* Vertex-Based Features for Recognition of Projectively Deformed Polygons
Includes: Suk, T.[Tomas] Suk, T.[Tomáš] Suk, T.[Tomás] Suk, T.
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