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ur Rahman, A.[Altaf] Co Author Listing * Detection and tracking of bubbles in two-phase air water flow for non-convergent sinusoidal channel

ur Rahman, S.[Sami] Co Author Listing * Towards Patient Specific Catheter Selection: Computation of Aortic Geometry Based on Fused MRI Data

ur Rehman, A.[Atique] Co Author Listing * End-to-End Trained CNN Encoder-Decoder Networks for Image Steganography

ur Rehman, N.[Naveed] Co Author Listing * Data-Driven Multivariate Signal Denoising Using Mahalanobis Distance
* Generic Framework for Assessing the Performance Bounds of Image Feature Detectors, A

Ur Rehman, O. Co Author Listing * Secure and Robust Two-Phase Image Authentication
Includes: Ur Rehman, O. Ur-Rehman, O.

ur Rehman, S.[Shafiq] Co Author Listing * Lip localization and performance evaluation

ur Rehman, Z.[Zia] Co Author Listing * Color image segmentation using genetic algorithm with aggregation-based clustering validity index (CVI)

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