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ABAW21 * *Affective Behavior Analysis In-the-Wild
* Analysing Affective Behavior in the second ABAW2 Competition
* audiovisual and contextual approach for categorical and continuous emotion recognition in-the-wild, An
* Causal affect prediction model using a past facial image sequence
* Continuous Emotion Recognition with Audio-visual Leader-follower Attentive Fusion
* Emotion Recognition Based on Body and Context Fusion in the Wild
* Emotion Recognition With Sequential Multi-task Learning Technique
* Evaluating the Performance of Ensemble Methods and Voting Strategies for Dense 2D Pedestrian Detection in the Wild
* FSER: Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Speech Emotion Recognition
* Iterative Distillation for Better Uncertainty Estimates in Multitask Emotion Recognition
* MTMSN: Multi-Task and Multi-Modal Sequence Network for Facial Action Unit and Expression Recognition
* Multi-task Mean Teacher for Semi-supervised Facial Affective Behavior Analysis, A
* Multitask Multi-database Emotion Recognition
* Noisy Annotations Robust Consensual Collaborative Affect Expression Recognition
* Prior Aided Streaming Network for Multi-task Affective Analysis
* Public Life in Public Space (PLPS): A multi-task, multi-group video dataset for public life research
* Student Engagement Dataset
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