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Conf. on Robotics * 3DPO's Strategy for Matching Three-Dimensional Objects in Range Data
* Cumulative Generation of Octree Models from Range Data

Conference * *Assorted Conferences and Workshops
* Active Camera Networks and Semantic Event Databases for Intelligent Environments
* Anisotropic Diffusion Filters for Image Processing Based Quality Control
* Automatic Determination of Scene Changes
* Camera Calibration from Symmetry
* Class of Algorithms for Real-Time Subpixel Registration, A
* Clustering by a parallel self-adaptive genetic algorithm
* Comparative Texture Classification Study Based on Generalized Co-occurrence Matrices, A
* Competitive and Cooperative Neural Network for Line Detection, A
* Error Trade-Offs for the Cross-Ratio in Model Based Vision
* Face Recognition with the Synergetic Computer
* fast operator for detection and precise location of distinct points, corners and centres of circular features, A
* Fast Parallel Algorithm for Labeling Connected Components, A
* Generalized Blob Model for 3D Object Representation, A
* How to Make AdaBoost.M1 Work for Weak Base Classifiers by Changing Only One Line of the Code
* Learning String Edit Distance
* Machine vision applied to vehicle guidance and safety
* Monocular Stereovision : Depth Map from two Blurred Images
* Multi-View Modeling and Synthesis
* Object Oriented Language for Image and Vision Execution (OLIVE), An
* On an inverse boundary value problem
* On Measures of Entropy and Information
* openEyes: A low-cost head-mounted eye-tracking solution
* Parallel O(Log N) Algorithm for Finding Connected Components in Planar Images, A
* Performance Analysis of a Morphological Voronoi Tessellation Algorithm
* Phase Correlation Image Alignment Method, The
* Pose Estimation of Free-Form 3D Objects without Point Matching Using Algebraic Surface Models
* Practical Approach to Feature Selection, A
* Real-time stereo vision on the PARTS reconfigurable computer
* RES: Computing the Interactions Between Real and Virtual Objects in Video Sequences
* Scene Collages and Flexible Camera Arrays
* Selection of Edge Detectors Using Local Image Structure, The
* SemanticPOSS: A Point Cloud Dataset with Large Quantity of Dynamic Instances
* Studies on a High-Compression Technique for Weather Radar Reflectivity Data
* System for Screening Objectionable Images Using Daubechies' Wavelets and Color Histograms
* Three Dimensional Automatic Motion Analysis
* Ultra High Compression For Weather Radar Reflectivity Data Storage and Transmission
* Using Structure in Content-based Image Retrieval
* Visual Perception by Computer
* Voronoi-based interpolation with higher continuity
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