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CVBVS00 * *Computer Vision Beyond the Visible Spectrum: Methods and Applications
* 3-D Terrain from Synthetic Aperture Radar Images
* Complexity Analysis of ATR Algorithms Based on Invariants
* History, Current Status, and Future of Infrared Identification
* Imaging Issue in an Automatic Face/Disguise Detection System, The
* Multi-Resolution Mesh Based 3D Object Recognition
* Object Recognition Results Using MSTAR Synthetic Aperture Radar Data
* On Cancer Recognition of Ultrasound Images
* Recognition of Occluded Targets Using Stochastic Models
* Region of Interest Identification, Feature Extraction, and Information Fusion in a Forward Looking Infrared Sensor Used in Landmine Detection
* Simultaneous Estimation of Optical Flow and Heat Transport in Infrared Image Sequences
* Thermal Imaging for Anxiety Detection
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CVBVS01 * *Computer Vision Beyond the Visible Spectrum: Methods and Applications
* Face Detection Method Based on Multi-Band Feature Extraction in the Near-IR Spectrum, A
* Feature Selection for Target Detection in SAR Images
* Fully Automatic Registration of Multiple 3D Data Sets
* Generalizations of Morphological Shared Weight Networks Using Choquet Integrals with Applications to Ground Penetrating Radar Based Land Mine Detection
* Monolithic Silicon Microbolometer Arrays for Low-cost Uncooled Infrared Imagers
* Novel Hyper-Spectral Imaging System: Application on in-vivo Detection and Grading of Cervical Precancers and of Pigmented Skin Lesions, A
* Quantitative Measurement of Illumination Invariance for Face Recognition Using Thermal Infrared Imagery
* Signature Analysis of Targets in PMMW Imagery
* Spectral Probability Models for IR Images With Applications to IR Face Recognition
* Target Detection Features for Pruned Quadtree Image Formation
* Target-Tracking in FLIR Imagery Using Mean-Shift and Global Motion Compensation
* Tracking Human Faces in Infrared Video
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CVBVS99 * *Computer Vision Beyond the Visible Spectrum: Methods and Applications
* Adaptive target recognition
* Detecting Moving Objects in Airborne Forward Looking Infra-Red Sequences
* Dual-Band ATR for Forward-Looking Infrared Images
* Extending Color Vision Methods to Bands Beyond the Visible
* Ground Truth Tool for Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Imagery, A
* Hyper-Spectral Image Processing Applications on the SIMD Pixel Processor for the Digital Battlefield
* Invariants of the LWIR Thermophysical Model
* LADAR Scene Description Using Fuzzy Morphology and Rules
* Machine Vision System Using a Laser Radar Applied to Robotic Fruit Harvesting, A
* Morphological Shared-Weight Neural Networks: A Tool for Automatic Target Recognition Beyond the Visible Spectrum
* Moving Target Detection in Infrared Imagery Using a Regularised CDWT Optical Flow
* Near-Infrared Fusion Scheme for Automatic Detection of Vehicle Passengers, A
* Passive Night Vision Sensor Comparison for Unmanned Ground Vehicle Stereo Vision Navigation
* Quasi-Invariants for Recognition of Articulated and Non-Standard Objects in SAR Images
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