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NRTL07 * *Workshop on Non-rigid Registration and Tracking through Learning
* Adaptive Parameter Optimization for Real-time Tracking
* Articulated Shape Matching Using Locally Linear Embedding and Orthogonal Alignment
* Bilinear Active Appearance Models
* Diffeomorphic Statistical Deformation Models
* Finite-Element Level-Set Curve Particles
* Linear Predictors for Fast Simultaneous Modeling and Tracking
* Multi-Object Tracking Through Clutter Using Graph Cuts
* Non-Rigid Object Alignment with a Mismatch Template Based on Exhaustive Local Search
* Object Localisation Using Generative Probability Model for Spatial Constellation and Local Image Features
* Object Matching in the Presence of Non-Rigid Deformations Close to Similarities
* Robust Modelling and Tracking of NonRigid Objects Using Active-GNG
* Symmetries of non-rigid shapes
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