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Optica Acta(2) * Two Dimensional Coding of Optical Images

Optica Acta(22) * Invariant Properties of the Motion Parallax Field Due to the Movement of Rigid Bodies Relative to an Observer

Optica Acta(27) * Photometric Invariants Related to Solid Shape

Optica Acta(4) * Image Quality and Optical Resolution

Optica Acta(6) * Contrast Transmission Functions at Low Spatial Frequencies

Optica Acta(9) * Convoluted Spot Diagrams and the Quality Evaluation of Photographic Images

OpticalQuantumElec(6) * review of optical pattern recognition techniques, A

Optics Letters(21) * Parallel Optical-Feature Extraction by Use of Rotationally Multiplexed Holograms

Optics Letters(23) * Image-Restoration of Multiple Noisy Images by Use of a Priori Knowledge of the Anisoplanatic Point-Spread Function

Optik(103) * Use of Texture Concept and Parametric Imaging Concept for Biomedical Image Segmentation

Optik(104) * Three-Dimensional (3-D) Image-Reconstruction from Series of Light-Microscopic Exposures

Optik(115) * Human Eye Iris Recognition Using the Mutual Information

Optik(117) * Human eye localization using the modified Hough transform

Optik(23) * Optimal Reconstruction of Information Content Inherent in Pictures bu Means of Television Scanning Procedures

Optimization11 * *Efficient Algorithms for Global Optimization Methods in Computer Vision
* Dense Elastic 3D Shape Matching
* Fast Algorithm for a Mean Curvature Based Image Denoising Model Using Augmented Lagrangian Method, A
* Fast Continuous Max-Flow Approach to Non-convex Multi-labeling Problems, A
* Fast Regularization of Matrix-Valued Images
* Geometric Multigrid Solver on Tsubame 2.0, A
* Half-Quadratic Algorithm for lp-lq Problems with Applications to TV-l1 Image Restoration and Compressive Sensing
* Recovering Piecewise Smooth Multichannel Images by Minimization of Convex Functionals with Total Generalized Variation Penalty
* Smoothing Descent Method for Nonconvex TV q -Models, A
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