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Arora, A. Co Author Listing * AnimalWeb: A Large-Scale Hierarchical Dataset of Annotated Animal Faces
* Cancelable Iris template generation by aggregating patch level ordinal relations with its holistically extended performance and security analysis
* CycleISP: Real Image Restoration via Improved Data Synthesis
* Hybrid Model for Recognition of Online Handwriting in Indian Scripts, A
* Learning Enriched Features for Real Image Restoration and Enhancement
* Multi-Stage Progressive Image Restoration
* NTIRE 2021 Challenge for Defocus Deblurring Using Dual-pixel Images: Methods and Results
* NTIRE 2021 Challenge on Image Deblurring
* NTIRE 2021 NonHomogeneous Dehazing Challenge Report
* Semi-supervised SVM Framework for Character Recognition, A
* String Kernels for Complex Time-Series: Counting Targets from Sensed Movement
Includes: Arora, A. Arora, A.[Ashish] Arora, A.[Amit] Arora, A.[Aditya] Arora, A.[Anish]
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Arora, C.[Chetan] Co Author Listing * Compact CNN for indexing egocentric videos
* Computing Egomotion with Local Loop Closures for Egocentric Videos
* Contextual Diversity for Active Learning
* Deep CNN with color lines model for unmarked road segmentation
* Diversity in Fashion Recommendation Using Semantic Parsing
* Efficient Graph Cut Algorithm for Computer Vision Problems, An
* Efficient representation of distributions for background subtraction
* EGO-SLAM: A Robust Monocular SLAM for Egocentric Videos
* EgoSampling: Fast-forward and stereo for egocentric videos
* EgoSampling: Wide View Hyperlapse From Egocentric Videos
* Exploiting Texture Cues for Clothing Parsing in Fashion Images
* Fast Approximate Inference in Higher Order MRF-MAP Labeling Problems
* First Person Action Recognition Using Deep Learned Descriptors
* Gait metric learning siamese network exploiting dual of spatio-temporal 3D-CNN intra and LSTM based inter gait-cycle-segment features
* Generalized Flows for Optimal Inference in Higher Order MRF-MAP
* Generic Cuts: An Efficient Algorithm for Optimal Inference in Higher Order MRF-MAP
* Head Motion Signatures from Egocentric Videos
* Higher Order Matching for Consistent Multiple Target Tracking
* Identifying Physically Realizable Triggers for Backdoored Face Recognition Networks
* Inference Algorithm for Multi-label MRF-MAP Problems with Clique Size 100, An
* Inference in Higher Order MRF-MAP Problems with Small and Large Cliques
* Is Sharing of Egocentric Video Giving Away Your Biometric Signature?
* Joint 3D-2D Based Method for Free Space Detection on Roads, A
* Lazy Generic Cuts
* Learning Higher Order Potentials for MRFs
* Making Deep Neural Network Fooling Practical
* Making Third Person Techniques Recognize First-Person Actions in Egocentric Videos
* Min Norm Point Algorithm for Higher Order MRF-MAP Inference
* Multi-label Generic Cuts: Optimal Inference in Multi-label Multi-clique MRF-MAP Problems
* Object Detection in Real-Time Systems: Going Beyond Precision
* Optical flow for non Lambertian surfaces by cancelling illuminant chromaticity
* Pose Aware Fine-Grained Visual Classification Using Pose Experts
* Rectified Mosaicing: Mosaics without the Curl
* Stabilizing First Person 360 Degree Videos
* Temporal Segmentation of Egocentric Videos
* Trajectory aligned features for first person action recognition
* U-Segnet: Fully Convolutional Neural Network Based Automated Brain Tissue Segmentation Tool
Includes: Arora, C.[Chetan] Arora, C.
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Arora, G. Co Author Listing * Generalized Zero-Shot Learning via Synthesized Examples
* Image thresholding using two-dimensional Tsallis-Havrda-Charvát entropy
* thresholding method based on two-dimensional Renyi's entropy, A
Includes: Arora, G. Arora, G.[Gurdial]

Arora, H.[Himanshu] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Ramp Discontinuity Model for Multiscale Image Segmentation
* Computing Egomotion with Local Loop Closures for Egocentric Videos
* Contextual Diversity for Active Learning
* Generating omnifocus images using graph cuts and a new focus measure
* How Much Zoom is the Right Zoom from the Perspective of Super-Resolution?
* Individuality of handwriting: a validation study
* Matching images under unstable segmentations
* Modelling Objects using Distribution and Topology of Multiscale Region Pairs
* Robust Probabilistic Estimation Framework for Parametric Image Models, A
* Robust Registration and Tracking Using Kernel Density Correlation
* Unsupervised Segmentation of Objects using Efficient Learning
Includes: Arora, H.[Himanshu] Arora, H.
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Arora, M.K. Co Author Listing * ICA mixture model based unsupervised classification of hyperspectral imagery
* Improving Subpixel Classification by Incorporating Prior Information in Linear Mixture Models
* Incorporating Mixed Pixels in the Training, Allocation and Testing Stages of Supervised Classifications
* Multisource Classification Using Support Vector Machines: An Empirical Comparison with Decision Tree and Neural Network Classifiers
* Performance of mutual information similarity measure for registration of multitemporal remote sensing images
* Robustness of Change Detection Algorithms in the Presence of Registration Errors
Includes: Arora, M.K. Arora, M.K.[Manoj K.]

Arora, N. Co Author Listing * Interactive Image Restoration Using Inpainting and Denoising

Arora, P.[Parul] Co Author Listing * Gait based authentication using gait information image features
* Mobile Manipulator Robot Visual Servoing and Guidance for Dynamic Target Grasping
* Robust Authentication Using Dorsal Hand Vein Images
Includes: Arora, P.[Parul] Arora, P.[Prateek] Arora, P.

Arora, R.[Raman] Co Author Listing * Efficient and Stable Algorithm for Learning Rotations, An
* Navigation using a spherical camera
* Oceansat-II Scatterometer: Sensor Performance Evaluation, sigma0 Analyses, and Estimation of Biases
* Optimized Regression for Efficient Function Evaluation
* SinGAN-GIF: Learning a Generative Video Model from a Single GIF
* Spherical Wiener filter
Includes: Arora, R.[Raman] Arora, R. Arora, R.[Rajat]

Arora, R.S.[Ravneet Singh] Co Author Listing * Towards automated classification of fine-art painting style: A comparative study

Arora, S.[Shilpa] Co Author Listing * Bias in Deep Neural Networks in Land Use Characterization for International Development
* Estimating Contribution of Water Flow Components to Kameng River Basin Using Hydrological Modelling
* Filtering impulse noise in medical images using information sets
* Large-Scale Video Classification with Feature Space Augmentation Coupled with Learned Label Relations and Ensembling
* Locally adaptive block thresholding method with continuity constraint
* Multilevel thresholding for image segmentation through a fast statistical recursive algorithm
* Novel Time Decaying Approach to Obstacle Avoidance, A
* Road traffic model using distributed camera network
* Role of Earth Observation Data and Hydrological Modeling In Supporting UN SDGS In North West Himalaya
* Spatio-temporal feature based VLAD for efficient video retrieval
Includes: Arora, S.[Shilpa] Arora, S. Arora, S.[Shaveta] Arora, S.[Sanchit] Arora, S.[Sankalp]
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Arora, S.M.[Shaifali Madan] Co Author Listing * new approach with enhanced accuracy in zero motion prejudgment for motion estimation in real-time applications, A
* new fast motion estimation algorithm using adaptive size diamond pattern search with early search termination, A

Arora, S.S.[Sunpreet S.] Co Author Listing * 3D Fingerprint Phantoms
* Adversarial Light Projection Attacks on Face Recognition Systems: A Feasibility Study
* Latent Fingerprint Matching: Performance Gain via Feedback from Exemplar Prints
Includes: Arora, S.S.[Sunpreet S.] Arora, S.S.

Arora, T.[Tanvi] Co Author Listing * Classification of Human Metaspread Images Using Convolutional Neural Networks
* Geometric Feature-Based Classification of Segmented Human Chromosomes

Arora, V.[Vipul] Co Author Listing * EEG-Based Drowsiness Detection With Fuzzy Independent Phase-Locking Value Representations Using Lagrangian-Based Deep Neural Networks

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