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Cabecera, R. Co Author Listing * New Imaging Mobile Mapping Device Based on High Resolution Videogrammetry for Large-scale Outdoor 3d Reconstruction

Cabecinhas, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Cooperative Path Following Control of Multiple Quadcopters With Unknown External Disturbances

Cabedo, Y.A.[Yasmina Andreu] Co Author Listing * Assessing the Effect of Crossing Databases on Global and Local Approaches for Face Gender Classification

Cabeen, R.P.[Ryan P.] Co Author Listing * Diffeomorphic sulcal shape analysis for cortical surface registration
* Diffeomorphic Sulcal Shape Analysis on the Cortex
* White Matter Supervoxel Segmentation by Axial DP-Means Clustering

Cabelguen, J.M.[Jean Marie] Co Author Listing * Analysis of muscle length effect on an S type motor-unit fractional multi-model
Includes: Cabelguen, J.M.[Jean Marie] Cabelguen, J.M.[Jean-Marie]

Cabelka, M.[Miroslav] Co Author Listing * Digitization, Visualization and Accessibility of Globe Virtual Collection: Case Study Juttner's Globe
* incremental facility location clustering with a new hybrid constrained pseudometric, An
Includes: Cabelka, M.[Miroslav] Cábelka, M.[Miroslav]

Cabello, D. Co Author Listing * Biomedical active segmentation guided by edge saliency
* Cellular neural networks and active contours: A tool for image segmentation
* Discrete-Time CNN for Image Segmentation by Active Contours
* Drought Variability and Land Degradation in Semiarid Regions: Assessment Using Remote Sensing Data and Drought Indices (1982-2011)
* Markov random field model for bony tissue classification, A
* Markov Random Fields in Functional Neighbors as a Texture Model: Applications in Texture Classification, The
* Perceptual Grouping from Gabor Filter Responses
* Pixel-level Snakes
* snake for CT image segmentation integrating region and edge information, A
* Snake for Model Based Segmentation of Biomedical Images, A
Includes: Cabello, D. Cabello, D.[Diego] Cabello, D.[Daniel]
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Cabello, E.[Enrique] Co Author Listing * Analysis of variance of Gabor filter banks parameters for optimal face recognition
* Automatic 3D Face Feature Points Extraction with Spin Images
* Automatic Detection of the Optimal Acceptance Threshold in a Face Verification System
* Combination of kernels applied to face verification
* Comparison of Novel Dimension Reduction Methods in Face Verification
* Context-Aware Distance for Anomalous Human Trajectories Detection
* Detection and Tracking of Driver's Hands in Real Time
* Face Verification Advances Using Spatial Dimension Reduction Methods: 2DPCA & SVM
* Face verification with a kernel fusion method
* Facilitating free travel in the Schengen area: A position paper by the European Association for Biometrics
* Incremental Learning with Soft-Biometric Features for People Re-Identification in Multi-Camera Environments
* Multimodal 2D, 2.5D and 3D Face Verification
* New Approach to Identify Big Rocks with Applications to the Mining Industry, A
* PCA vs low resolution images in face verification
* Person detection in surveillance environment with HoGG: Gabor filters and Histogram of Oriented Gradient
* Person Identification Based on Visual Analysis of Soft-Biometric Features in Surveillance Environments
* Recent advances in face biometrics with Gabor wavelets: A review
* Section-Wise Similarities for Classification of Subjective-Data on Time Series
* Soft-biometrics evaluation for people re-identification in uncontrolled multi-camera environments
* Subjective Traffic Safety Experts' Knowledge for Driving-Risk Definition
Includes: Cabello, E.[Enrique] Cabello, E.
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Cabello, F.C.[Frank C.] Co Author Listing * Automatic Detection of Utility Poles Using the Bag of Visual Words Method for Different Feature Extractors

Cabello, J.[Javier] Co Author Listing * Deep-learning Versus OBIA for Scattered Shrub Detection with Google Earth Imagery: Ziziphus lotus as Case Study
* Detection of moving objects in railway using vision
* Environmental and Human Controls of Ecosystem Functional Diversity in Temperate South America
* Multi-Temporal Object-Based Image Analysis to Detect Long-Lived Shrub Cover Changes in Drylands, A
* Tree Cover Estimation in Global Drylands from Space Using Deep Learning
Includes: Cabello, J.[Javier] Cabello, J.

Cabello, S.[Sergio] Co Author Listing * point calculus for interlevel set homology, A

Cabellos Aparicio, A.[Albert] Co Author Listing * Large-scale measurement experiments of P2P-TV systems insights on fairness and locality
Includes: Cabellos Aparicio, A.[Albert] Cabellos-Aparicio, A.[Albert]

Cabestaing, F.[Francois] Co Author Listing * 1D approach to correlation-based stereo matching, A
* Altered Image Alignment Technique for 3D Motion Estimation of a Reflective Sphere, An
* Catching Moving-Objects with Snakes for Motion Tracking
* Color Stereo Matching Cost Applied to CFA Images
* Data Association in Multi-Target Tracking Using Belief Theory: Handling Target Emergence and Disappearance Issue
* Effective Active Vision System for Gaze Control, An
* Gaze control of an active vision system in dynamic scenes
* Joint audio-video people tracking using belief theory
* New Approach to Face Image Coding using Gabor Wavelet Networks, A
* People Counting System Based on Dense and Close Stereovision, A
* similarity-based adaptive neighborhood method for correlation-based stereo matching, A
* Velocity Selective Filters Recursively Implemented in the Spatiotemporal Domain
* Velocity selective spatio-temporal filters for motion analysis in image sequence
* visual attention focusing system using an active stereoscopic vision sensor, A
Includes: Cabestaing, F.[Francois] Cabestaing, F.[François] Cabestaing, F.
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Cabestany, J.[Joan] Co Author Listing * Adaptive soft k-nearest-neighbour classifiers

Cabeza, R.[Rafael] Co Author Listing * Eye tracking: Pupil orientation geometrical modeling
* Fast and robust ellipse detection algorithm for head-mounted eye tracking systems
* Full Multiresolution Active Shape Models
* Hierarchical multi-resolution decomposition of statistical shape models
* Hierarchical Statistical Shape Models of Multiobject Anatomical Structures: Application to Brain MRI
* Improved Strategies for HPE Employing Learning-by-Synthesis Approaches
* Linear stereo matching
* Low Cost Gaze Estimation: Knowledge-Based Solutions
* Models for Gaze Tracking Systems
* Near Real-Time Stereo Matching Using Geodesic Diffusion
* novel 2D/3D database with automatic face annotation for head tracking and pose estimation, A
* Novel Gaze Estimation System With One Calibration Point, A
* Robust algorithm for pupil-glint vector detection in a video-oculography eyetracking system
* Robust and accurate 2D-tracking-based 3D positioning method: Application to head pose estimation
* Shape Constraint Strategies: Novel Approaches and Comparative Robustness
* Stereo matching using gradient similarity and locally adaptive support-weight
* Synthetic Gaze Data Augmentation for Improved User Calibration
* U2Eyes: A Binocular Dataset for Eye Tracking and Gaze Estimation
Includes: Cabeza, R.[Rafael] Cabeza, R.
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Cabezas Rabadan, C.[Carlos] Co Author Listing * Characterizing the Relationship between the Sediment Grain Size and the Shoreline Variability Defined from Sentinel-2 Derived Shorelines
Includes: Cabezas Rabadan, C.[Carlos] Cabezas-Rabadán, C.[Carlos]

Cabezas, F.[Ferran] Co Author Listing * Quality control in crowdsourced object segmentation

Cabezas, I.[Ivan] Co Author Listing * EA-Based Method for Estimating the Fundamental Matrix, An
* Evaluating Robustness of Template Matching Algorithms as a Multi-objective Optimisation Problem
* Measure for Accuracy Disparity Maps Evaluation, A
* Method for Reducing the Cardinality of the Pareto Front, A
* Stereo Correspondence Evaluation Methods: A Systematic Review

Cabezas, J. Co Author Listing * Detecting the spread of invasive species in central Chile with a Sentinel-2 time-series
* Spatio-Temporal Variation of the Urban Heat Island in Santiago, Chile during Summers 2005-2017
Includes: Cabezas, J. Cabezas, J.[Julián]

Cabezas, M.[Mariano] Co Author Listing * Deep Learning in Forestry Using UAV-Acquired RGB Data: A Practical Review
* Detection of Invasive Species in Wetlands: Practical DL with Heavily Imbalanced Data
* Supervised Approach for Multiple Sclerosis Lesion Segmentation Using Context Features and an Outlier Map, A

Cabezas, R.[Randi] Co Author Listing * Aerial Reconstructions via Probabilistic Data Fusion
* Bayesian Nonparametric Intrinsic Image Decomposition
* On the Role of Representations for Reasoning in Large-Scale Urban Scenes
* Semantically-Aware Aerial Reconstruction from Multi-modal Data
Includes: Cabezas, R.[Randi] Cabezas, R.

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