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Chhabada, S.[Sanyogita] Co Author Listing * Visualized Index-Based Search for Digital Libraries

Chhablani, J. Co Author Listing * 3D visualization and mapping of choroid thickness based on optical coherence tomography: A step-by-step geometric approach
* Super U-Net: A modularized generalizable architecture
Includes: Chhablani, J. Chhablani, J.[Jay]

Chhabra, A.[Atul] Co Author Listing * Efficient Interpretation of Tabular Documents
* Finding Straight Lines in Drawings
* Interpretation of Lines in Distributing Frame Drawings
* Interpretation of telephone company central office equipment drawings
* Interpreting and Representing Tabular Documents
* Land Use and Land Cover Mapping - A Case Study of Ahmedabad District
* RADAR-Vegetation Structural Perpendicular Index (R-VSPI) for the Quantification of Wildfire Impact and Post-Fire Vegetation Recovery
Includes: Chhabra, A.[Atul] Chhabra, A. Chhabra, A.[Aakash]
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Chhabra, A.K. Co Author Listing * Anatomy of a hand-filled form reader
* Benchmark for Graphics Recognition Systems, A
* Empirical Performance Evaluation of Graphics Recognition Systems
* Fast direct methods for computing optical flow along contours
* On Poisson Solvers and Semidirect Methods for Computing Area Based Optical-Flow
* Performance Evaluation of Line Drawing Recognition Systems
* Special Issue Preface
* Structure Recognition and Information Extraction from Tabular Documents
* Uniqueness, the Minimum Norm Constraint, and Analog Networks for Optical Flow Along Contours
Includes: Chhabra, A.K. Chhabra, A.K.[Atul K.]
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Chhabra, I.[Indu] Co Author Listing * dominant points-based feature extraction approach to recognize online handwritten strokes, A
* Integrating Global Zernike and Local Discriminative HOG Features for Face Recognition

Chhabra, M.[Mohit] Co Author Listing * Robust Unsupervised Multi-Object Tracking In Noisy Environments

Chhabra, R.[Radhika] Co Author Listing * Graphical Speech Training system for hearing impaired

Chhabra, S.[Saheb] Co Author Listing * Attack Agnostic Adversarial Defense via Visual Imperceptible Bound
* Cognitive Perspective on Subjective and Objective Diagnostic Image Quality Models, A
* Generative Alignment of Posterior Probabilities for Source-free Domain Adaptation
* Multi-task driven explainable diagnosis of COVID-19 using chest X-ray images
* novel bacterial foraging technique for edge detection, A
* On Detecting Domestic Abuse via Faces
* On Privacy Preserving Anonymization of Finger-selfies
Includes: Chhabra, S.[Saheb] Chhabra, S. Chhabra, S.[Sachin] Chhabra, S.[Sidharth]
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Chhasia, P. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Different Polarimetric Decomposition Techniques Using Compact Polarimetric Nisar Data for Ahmedabad, India

Chhatkuli, A.[Ajad] Co Author Listing * Cluster, Split, Fuse, and Update: Meta-Learning for Open Compound Domain Adaptive Semantic Segmentation
* Convex Relaxations for Consensus and Non-Minimal Problems in 3D Vision
* Deformable Neural Radiance Fields using RGB and Event Cameras
* Efficient Conditional GAN Transfer with Knowledge Propagation across Classes
* Incremental Non-Rigid Structure-from-Motion with Unknown Focal Length
* Inextensible Non-Rigid Shape-from-Motion by Second-Order Cone Programming
* Inextensible Non-Rigid Structure-from-Motion by Second-Order Cone Programming
* Mapping, Localization and Path Planning for Image-Based Navigation Using Visual Features and Map
* Mining Relations Among Cross-Frame Affinities for Video Semantic Segmentation
* Model-free Consensus Maximization for Non-Rigid Shapes
* MS-EVS: Multispectral event-based vision for deep learning based face detection
* Non-Rigid Shape-from-Motion for Isometric Surfaces using Infinitesimal Planarity
* Optimizing Long-Term Robot Tracking with Multi-Platform Sensor Fusion
* Robust Analytical Solution to Isometric Shape-from-Template with Focal Length Calibration, A
* Stable Analytical Framework for Isometric Shape-from-Template by Surface Integration, A
* Stable Template-Based Isometric 3D Reconstruction in All Imaging Conditions by Linear Least-Squares
* TACS: Taxonomy Adaptive Cross-Domain Semantic Segmentation
* Unsupervised Learning of Category-specific Symmetric 3d Keypoints from Point Sets
* Unsupervised Learning of Consensus Maximization for 3D Vision Problems
* Unsupervised Monocular Depth Reconstruction of Non-Rigid Scenes
* What Correspondences Reveal About Unknown Camera and Motion Models?
* ZippyPoint: Fast Interest Point Detection, Description, and Matching through Mixed Precision Discretization
Includes: Chhatkuli, A.[Ajad] Chhatkuli, A.
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Chhatkuli, S. Co Author Listing * Approach To Automatic Detection And Hazard Risk Assessment Of Large Protruding Rocks In Densely Forested Hilly Region, An
* Full Waveform Lidar Exploitation Technique And Its Evaluation In The Mixed Forest Hilly Region
* Multi Sensor Data Integration for an Accurate 3D Model Generation
* Panoramic Epipolar Image Generation for Mobile Mapping System

Chhatrala, R.[Risil] Co Author Listing * Multilinear Laplacian discriminant analysis for gait recognition

Chhay, C.[Chhunly] Co Author Listing * Extracting Khmer Rouge Irrigation Networks from Pre-Landsat 4 Satellite Imagery Using Vegetation Indices

Chhay, R.[Rachna] Co Author Listing * Deciphering a Timeline of Demise at Medieval Angkor, Cambodia Using Remote Sensing

Chhaya, N. Co Author Listing * Challenges in Recognizing Spontaneous and Intentionally Expressed Reactions to Positive and Negative Images

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