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McNab, J.A.[Jennifer A.] Co Author Listing * Distortion-Free Diffusion Imaging Using Self-Navigated Cartesian Echo-Planar Time Resolved Acquisition and Joint Magnitude and Phase Constrained Reconstruction

McNabb, K.A.[Kari Ann] Co Author Listing * Case studies of applying LiDAR for the electrical utility, mining, and water resources industries
Includes: McNabb, K.A.[Kari Ann] McNabb, K.A.[Kari-Ann]

McNabb, R.[Robert] Co Author Listing * MMASTER: Improved ASTER DEMs for Elevation Change Monitoring

McNabb, R.P. Co Author Listing * Fast Acquisition and Reconstruction of Optical Coherence Tomography Images via Sparse Representation

McNair, H. Co Author Listing * Trusting Crowdsourced Geospatial Semantics

Mcnairn, H. Co Author Listing * Airborne X-hh Incidence Angle Impact On Canopy Height Retreival: Implications For Spaceborne X-hh Tandem-x Global Canopy Height Model
* Assessing Soil Cover Levels during the Non-Growing Season Using Multitemporal Satellite Imagery and Spectral Unmixing Techniques
* Assessment of the SMAP Passive Soil Moisture Product
* Comparison between Support Vector Machine and Water Cloud Model for Estimating Crop Leaf Area Index, A
* Contribution of ALOS PALSAR Multipolarization and Polarimetric Data to Crop Classification, The
* Crop Biomass Mapping Based on Ecosystem Modeling at Regional Scale Using High Resolution Sentinel-2 Data
* Dual-polarimetric descriptors from Sentinel-1 GRD SAR data for crop growth assessment
* Establishing Crop Productivity Using Radarsat-2
* Estimating crop biomass using leaf area index derived from Landsat 8 and Sentinel-2 data
* Gaussian Process Regression Model for Crop Biophysical Parameter Retrieval from Multi-Polarized C-Band SAR Data
* Integration of optical and Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) imagery for delivering operational annual crop inventories
* Meta-Analysis of Remote Sensing Technologies and Methodologies for Crop Characterization, A
* Mid-season Crop Classification Using Dual-, Compact-, and Full-Polarization in Preparation for the Radarsat Constellation Mission (RCM)
* Multiyear Crop Monitoring Using Polarimetric RADARSAT-2 Data
* Novel clustering schemes for full and compact polarimetric SAR data: An application for rice phenology characterization
* Object-Oriented Crop Mapping and Monitoring Using Multi-Temporal Polarimetric RADARSAT-2 Data
* Radar Vegetation Index for Crop Monitoring Using Compact Polarimetric SAR Data, A
* Soil Moisture Active Passive Validation Experiment 2012 (SMAPVEX12): Prelaunch Calibration and Validation of the SMAP Soil Moisture Algorithms, The
* Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Compact Polarimetry for Soil Moisture Retrieval
* Unsupervised Classification of Crop Growth Stages with Scattering Parameters from Dual-Pol Sentinel-1 SAR Data
* Using Artificial Neural Networks and Remotely Sensed Data to Evaluate the Relative Importance of Variables for Prediction of Within-Field Corn and Soybean Yields
Includes: Mcnairn, H. McNairn, H.[Heather] McNairn, H.
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McNally, A.[Amy] Co Author Listing * Uncertainties in Evapotranspiration Estimates over West Africa

McNally, B.V. Co Author Listing * Linear Time Algorithm for Finding a Picture's Connected Components

McNally, D. Co Author Listing * Computer Vision Elastography: Speckle Adaptive Motion Estimation for Elastography Using Ultrasound Sequences
* Strain Quantification In Ultrasound Sequences

McNally, J.G. Co Author Listing * Computational optical-sectioning microscopy for 3D quantification of cell motion: results and challenges

McNally, T. Co Author Listing * Quality Assessment of Cloud-Top Height Estimates From Satellite IR Radiances Using the CALIPSO Lidar

McNally, W.[William] Co Author Listing * DeepDarts: Modeling Keypoints as Objects for Automatic Scorekeeping in Darts using a Single Camera
* Ice hockey player identification via transformers and weakly supervised learning
* Rethinking Keypoint Representations: Modeling Keypoints and Poses as Objects for Multi-person Human Pose Estimation
* STAR-Net: Action Recognition using Spatio-Temporal Activation Reprojection
Includes: McNally, W.[William] McNally, W.

McNamara, B.[Barry] Co Author Listing * Multimodal Memorability: Modeling Effects of Semantics and Decay on Video Memorability

McNamara, B.A.[Barry A.] Co Author Listing * Multi-Moments in Time: Learning and Interpreting Models for Multi-Action Video Understanding

McNamara, C.[Courtney] Co Author Listing * Investigating Low-Cost Virtual Reality Technologies in the Context of an Immersive Maintenance Training Application

McNamara, T.[Tim] Co Author Listing * Scaling Gain and Eyeheight While Locomoting in a Large VE

McNamara, T.M.[Todd M.] Co Author Listing * Random Forest Method to Forecast Downbursts Based on Dual-Polarization Radar Signatures, A

McNamee, R.L.[Rebecca L.] Co Author Listing * Segmentation of fMRI Data by Maximization of Region Contrast

McNamee, S. Co Author Listing * Enhance Categorisation Of Multilevel High-Sensitivity Cardiovascular Biomarkers From Lateral Flow Immunoassay Images Via Neural Networks And Dynamic Time Warping

McNames, J.[James] Co Author Listing * Fast Nearest-Neighbor Algorithm Based on a Principal Axis Search Tree, A
* Rotated Partial Distance Search for Faster Vector Quantization Encoding
Includes: McNames, J.[James] McNames, J.

McNary, C. Co Author Listing * Feature Based Scene Analysis and Model Matching
* Hierarchical information fusion object recognition system and method
* High Accuracy Model Matching for Scenes Containing Man-Made Structures
Includes: McNary, C. McNary, C.[Charles]

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