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Noh, D.[Donghun] Co Author Listing * Surface Material Dataset for Robotics Applications (SMDRA): A Dataset with Friction Coefficient and RGB-D for Surface Segmentation

Noh, H. Co Author Listing * Cloud-assisted Augmented Reality Streaming Service System: Architecture Design and Implementation
* Differential Trellis-Coded Quantization for FDD Massive MIMO Systems in a Spatially Correlated Channel, A
* Image Question Answering Using Convolutional Neural Network with Dynamic Parameter Prediction
* Large-Scale Image Retrieval with Attentive Deep Local Features
* Learning Deconvolution Network for Semantic Segmentation
* Product Quantizer Aware Inverted Index for Scalable Nearest Neighbor Search
* Transfer Learning via Unsupervised Task Discovery for Visual Question Answering
* Unsupervised Change Detection Based on Image Reconstruction Loss
Includes: Noh, H. Noh, H.[Haechan] Noh, H.[Hyeonwoo] Noh, H.[Hyeoncheol]
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Noh, H.C.[Hae Chan] Co Author Listing * Disentangled Representation Learning for Unsupervised Neural Quantization
Includes: Noh, H.C.[Hae Chan] Noh, H.C.[Hae-Chan]

Noh, H.H.[Hyun Ho] Co Author Listing * Plant Disease Diagnosis Using Deep Learning Based on Aerial Hyperspectral Images: A Review
Includes: Noh, H.H.[Hyun Ho] Noh, H.H.[Hyun-Ho]

Noh, H.W. Co Author Listing * Identity Recognition Based on Bioacoustics of Human Body

Noh, H.Y.[Hae Young] Co Author Listing * Automated synchronization of driving data using vibration and steering events
* Spatial Deep Deconvolution U-Net for Traffic Analyses With Distributed Acoustic Sensing

Noh, I.F.M.[Ika Faizura Mohammed] Co Author Listing * Quasi-Gaussian DCT Filter for Speckle Reduction of Ultrasound Images

Noh, J.[Jongyoun] Co Author Listing * ACLS: Adaptive and Conditional Label Smoothing for Network Calibration
* Better to Follow, Follow to Be Better: Towards Precise Supervision of Feature Super-Resolution for Small Object Detection
* HVPR: Hybrid Voxel-Point Representation for Single-stage 3D Object Detection
* Improving Occlusion and Hard Negative Handling for Single-Stage Pedestrian Detectors
* Learning Memory-Guided Normality for Anomaly Detection
* Object Discovery via Contrastive Learning for Weakly Supervised Object Detection
* Peer-to-peer multicast live video streaming with interactive virtual pan/tilt/zoom functionality
* RankMixup: Ranking-Based Mixup Training for Network Calibration
* Rethinking Class Activation Mapping for Weakly Supervised Object Localization
* Statistical Sinogram Restoration in Dual-Energy CT for PET Attenuation Correction
Includes: Noh, J.[Jongyoun] Noh, J. Noh, J.[Junhyug] Noh, J.[Jeonghun]
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Noh, J.H.[Jung Hoon] Co Author Listing * Autoencoders with exponential deviation loss for weakly supervised anomaly detection
* Congestion-Distortion Optimized Peer-to-Peer Video Streaming
* Robust mobile video streaming in a peer-to-peer system
Includes: Noh, J.H.[Jung Hoon] Noh, J.H.[Jung-Hoon] Noh, J.H.[Jeong-Hun]

Noh, J.J.[Jae J.] Co Author Listing * Tracking Non-Rigid Objects in Complex Scenes

Noh, J.Y.[Jun Yong] Co Author Listing * Cartoon Animation Style Rendering of Water
* Deformation-Based Animation of Snake Locomotion
* Depth manipulation using disparity histogram analysis for stereoscopic 3D
* LightShop: An Interactive Lighting System Incorporating the 2D Image Editing Paradigm
* Object Segmentation Ensuring Consistency Across Multi-Viewpoint Images
* Talking Face
* Weighted pose space editing for facial animation
Includes: Noh, J.Y.[Jun Yong] Noh, J.Y.[Jun-Yong]
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Noh, K.[Katharina] Co Author Listing * Customizable Visualization on Demand for Hierarchically Organized Information in Biochemical Networks
* Face recognition system using Extended Curvature Gabor classifier bunch for low-resolution face image
* Markov network-based multiple classifier for face image retrieval
* Markov Network-Based Unified Classifier for Face Identification
Includes: Noh, K.[Katharina] Nöh, K.[Katharina] (Maybe also Noeh, K.)Noh, K.[Kyungshik]

Noh, M.J.[Myoung Jong] Co Author Listing * Analysis of PlanetScope Dove Digital Surface Model Accuracy Using Geometrically Simulated Images
* Automated Coregistration of Repeat Digital Elevation Models for Surface Elevation Change Measurement Using Geometric Constraints
* Automatic relative RPC image model bias compensation through hierarchical image matching for improving DEM quality
* Surface Extraction from TIN based Search-space Minimization (SETSM) algorithm, The
Includes: Noh, M.J.[Myoung Jong] Noh, M.J.[Myoung-Jong]

Noh, S.[Seung_Jong] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Sliding-Window Strategy for Vehicle Detection in Highway Environments
* Chi^2 Metric learning for nearest neighbor classification and its analysis
* Decision-Making Framework for Automated Driving in Highway Environments
* Domain Generalization Method for Person Re-Id Using Metabin and Mixstyle
* Feature-Adaptive Motion Energy Analysis for Facial Expression Recognition
* New Framework for Background Subtraction Using Multiple Cues, A
* Probability propagation for faster and efficient point cloud segmentation using a neural network
* Simple and Effective Out-of-Distribution Detection via Cosine-based Softmax Loss
* Vehicle Detection Using Local Size-Specific Classifiers
* Video-Text Representation Learning via Differentiable Weak Temporal Alignment
Includes: Noh, S.[Seung_Jong] Noh, S.[Samyeul] Noh, S. Noh, S.[Seungin] Noh, S.[Sungkyu] Noh, S.[Sangjun] Noh, S.[SoonCheol] Noh, S.[Shinyeong]
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Noh, S.I. Co Author Listing * Background Compensation for Pan-Tilt-Zoom Cameras Using 1-D Feature Matching and Outlier Rejection
* Development of a Block-Based Real-Time People Counting System
* Iris Feature Extraction Using Independent Component Analysis
* Iris Recognition in Wearable Computer
* New Feature Extraction Method Using the ICA Filters for Iris Recognition System, A
* New Iris Recognition Method Using Independent Component Analysis, A
* Novel Method to Extract Features for Iris Recognition System, A
Includes: Noh, S.I. Noh, S.I.[Seung-In]
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Noh, S.T.[Seung Tak] Co Author Listing * Design and enhancement of painting interface for room lights
* PPW Curves: a C2 Interpolating Spline with Hyperbolic Blending of Rational Bézier Curves
* TunnelSlice: Freehand Subspace Acquisition Using an Egocentric Tunnel for Wearable Augmented Reality
Includes: Noh, S.T.[Seung Tak] Noh, S.T.[Seung-Tak] Noh, S.T.

Noh, Y.[Youngmin] Co Author Listing * Estimation of Aerosol Extinction Coefficient Using Camera Images and Application in Mass Extinction Efficiency Retrieval
* Long-Term Variation Study of Fine-Mode Particle Size and Regional Characteristics Using AERONET Data
* Retrieval of Black Carbon Absorption Aerosol Optical Depth from AERONET Observations over the World during 2000-2018
* Study on the Long-Term Variations in Mass Extinction Efficiency Using Visibility Data in South Korea, A

Noh, Y.C.[Young Chan] Co Author Listing * Global Forecast Impact of Low Data Latency Infrared and Microwave Sounders Observations from Polar Orbiting Satellites
Includes: Noh, Y.C.[Young Chan] Noh, Y.C.[Young-Chan]

Noh, Y.H.[Yun Ho] Co Author Listing * Block loss recovery using fractal extrapolation for fractal coded images

Noh, Y.J.[Yoo Jeong] Co Author Listing * Framework for Satellite-Based 3D Cloud Data: An Overview of the VIIRS Cloud Base Height Retrieval and User Engagement for Aviation Applications, A
Includes: Noh, Y.J.[Yoo Jeong] Noh, Y.J.[Yoo-Jeong]

Noh, Y.K.[Yung Kyun] Co Author Listing * Fluid Dynamic Models for Bhattacharyya-Based Discriminant Analysis
* Generative Local Metric Learning for Nearest Neighbor Classification
* Regularized discriminant analysis for transformation-invariant object recognition
Includes: Noh, Y.K.[Yung Kyun] Noh, Y.K.[Yung-Kyun]

Noh, Y.M.[Young Min] Co Author Listing * Long-Term Variation of Black Carbon Absorption Aerosol Optical Depth from AERONET Data over East Asia
Includes: Noh, Y.M.[Young Min] Noh, Y.M.[Young-Min]

Noh, Z.[Zakiah] Co Author Listing * Review of Shadow Techniques in Augmented Reality, A

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