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Pire, T.[Taihu] Co Author Listing * experimental evaluation of feature detectors and descriptors for visual SLAM, An
* Hybrid vision-based navigation for mobile robots in mixed indoor/outdoor environments
Includes: Pire, T.[Taihu] Pire, T.[Taihś]

Pireddu, L.[Luca] Co Author Listing * AI Support for Accelerating Histopathological Slide Examinations of Prostate Cancer in Clinical Studies
* DeepHealth Toolkit: A Unified Framework to Boost Biomedical Applications, The

Pirela Cruz, M.[Miguel] Co Author Listing * Effect of Personality Traits and Stressor Inducers on Users' Cognitive Load During Interactions with VR Environments
Includes: Pirela Cruz, M.[Miguel] Pirela-Cruz, M.[Miguel]

Pires de Lima, R.[Rafael] Co Author Listing * Convolutional Neural Network for Remote-Sensing Scene Classification: Transfer Learning Analysis

Pires de Mello Ribeiro, G.H.[Gabriel Henrique] Co Author Listing * Use of Remotely Piloted Aircraft System Multispectral Data to Evaluate the Effects of Prescribed Burnings on Three Macrohabitats of Pantanal, Brazil
Includes: Pires de Mello Ribeiro, G.H.[Gabriel Henrique] Pires-de Mello-Ribeiro, G.H.[Gabriel Henrique]

Pires, A.C.[Ana Cordeiro] Co Author Listing * Comprehensive In Situ Validation of Five Satellite Land Surface Temperature Data Sets over Multiple Stations and Years
* Methodology to Simulate LST Directional Effects Based on Parametric Models and Landscape Properties, A
Includes: Pires, A.C.[Ana Cordeiro] Pires, A.C.[Ana C.]

Pires, A.J. Co Author Listing * Recognizing Patterns in Electromechanical Systems

Pires, A.M.[Ana M.] Co Author Listing * Image reconstruction based on circulant matrices
* On optimal reject rules and ROC curves

Pires, B.E. Co Author Listing * Featureless Global Alignment of Multiple Images

Pires, B.R.[Bernardo Rodrigues] Co Author Listing * Approximating image filters with box filters
* Deep Material-Aware Cross-Spectral Stereo Matching
* Feature matching in growing databases
* LASIC: A model invariant framework for correspondence
* Multispectral Imaging for Fine-Grained Recognition of Powders on Complex Backgrounds
* Shapes as empirical distributions
* Unwrapping the eye for visible-spectrum gaze tracking on wearable devices
* Visible-Spectrum Gaze Tracking for Sports
* Vision-based counting of pedestrians and cyclists
Includes: Pires, B.R.[Bernardo Rodrigues] Pires, B.R. Pires, B.R.[Bernardo R.]
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Pires, C.[Carolina] Co Author Listing * Deep Learning in the Identification of Psoriatic Skin Lesions

Pires, C.A.L.[Carlos A.L.] Co Author Listing * Global Empirical Models for Tropopause Height Determination

Pires, C.E. Co Author Listing * Estimating Inefficiency in Bus Trip Choices From a User Perspective With Schedule, Positioning, and Ticketing Data

Pires, F.[Fatima] Co Author Listing * Environment for Modeling and Design of Geographic Applications, An

Pires, G. Co Author Listing * Self-Paced BCI With a Collaborative Controller for Highly Reliable Wheelchair Driving: Experimental Tests With Physically Disabled Individuals, A

Pires, H. Co Author Listing * Experiences about fusioning 3D digitalization techniques for cultural heritage documentation
* Going to Shawbak (Jordan) and getting the data back: Toward a 3D GIS dedicated to medieval archaeology
* Techniques for Revealing 3D Hidden Archeological Features: Morphological Residual Models as Virtual-Polynomial Texture Maps

Pires, I.M.[Ivan Miguel] Co Author Listing * Air Pollution Prediction with Multi-Modal Data and Deep Neural Networks

Pires, J.M.[Joao Moura] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Interventions in Fuel Management Zones Using Remote Sensing
* Geospatial Data Disaggregation through Self-Trained Encoder-Decoder Convolutional Models
* Spatial Disaggregation of Historical Census Data Leveraging Multiple Sources of Ancillary Information
Includes: Pires, J.M.[Joao Moura] Pires, J.M.[Joćo Moura] Pires, J.M.[Joćo M.]

Pires, M.[Miguel] Co Author Listing * Procedural Point Cloud Modelling in Scan-to-BIM and Scan-vs-BIM Applications: A Review

Pires, N.[Nelson] Co Author Listing * Conceptually Simple Modeling Approach for Jason-1 Sea State Bias Correction Based on 3 Parameters Exclusively Derived from Altimetric Information, A
* Improved Sea State Bias Estimation for Altimeter Reference Missions With Altimeter-Only Three-Parameter Models
Includes: Pires, N.[Nelson] Pires, N.

Pires, P.[Pedro] Co Author Listing * Reinforcement Learning and Neuroevolution in Flappy Bird Game
* Sleep/Wakefulness State from Actigraphy

Pires, P.F.[Paulo F.] Co Author Listing * Systematic Review of Shared Sensor Networks, A

Pires, R.[Rui] Co Author Listing * Fast Dynamic Border Linking Algorithm for Region Merging, A
* Line Extraction with the Use of an Automatic Gradient Threshold Technique and the Hough Transform
* Visual words dictionaries and fusion techniques for searching people through textual and visual attributes
Includes: Pires, R.[Rui] Pires, R. Pires, R.[Ramon]

Pires, R.G.[Rafael G.] Co Author Listing * Blur Parameter Identification Through Optimum-Path Forest
* Deblur Capsule Networks
* Efficient Transfer Learning for Robust Face Spoofing Detection

Pires, V.F.[Vitor F.] Co Author Listing * Induction motor fault detection and diagnosis using a current state space pattern recognition

Pires, V.M.[Vasco M.] Co Author Listing * Explicit design of transfer functions for volume-rendered images by combining histograms, thumbnails, and sketch-based interaction

Piretti, M.[Mattia] Co Author Listing * Robust image coding on synthetic DNA: Reducing sequencing noise with inpainting

Piretzidis, D.[Dimitrios] Co Author Listing * Absolute Calibration of the Chinese HY-2B Altimetric Mission with Fiducial Reference Measurement Standards
* Converse Trends of The Terrestrial and Ground Water Storage Changes In Canada and The United States
* ESA Permanent Facility for Altimetry Calibration in Crete: Advanced Services and the Latest Cal/Val Results, The
* Impact of Satellite Attitude on Altimetry Calibration with Microwave Transponders
Includes: Piretzidis, D.[Dimitrios] Piretzidis, D.

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