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Riede, K.[Klaus] Co Author Listing * Classification of bioacoustic time series based on the combination of global and local decisions
* Multiple Classifier Systems for the Recognition of Orthoptera Songs

Riedel, A. Co Author Listing * Investigations On Vertical Land Movements Along The North Sea And Baltic Sea Coast in Germany With Ps Interferometry

Riedel, B.[Bjorn] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of InSAR and TomoSAR for Monitoring Deformations Caused by Mining in a Mountainous Area with High Resolution Satellite-Based SAR
* Investigations On Vertical Land Movements Along The North Sea And Baltic Sea Coast in Germany With Ps Interferometry
* Monitoring the thermal deformation of steel beams via vision metrology
Includes: Riedel, B.[Bjorn] Riedel, B.[Björn] Riedel, B.

Riedel, C. Co Author Listing * Geometric Modeling of the Z-Surface and Z-Curve of GNSS Signals and Their Solution Techniques

Riedel, D.E.[Daniel E.] Co Author Listing * Recognising online spatial activities using a bioinformatics inspired sequence alignment approach
* Smith-Waterman Local Alignment Approach for Spatial Activity Recognition, A

Riedel, M. Co Author Listing * Cloud Deep Networks for Hyperspectral Image Analysis
* Remote Sensing Big Data Classification with High Performance Distributed Deep Learning
Includes: Riedel, M. Riedel, M.[Morris]

Riedel, N. Co Author Listing * Discriminant Analysis: A Least Squares Approximation View

Riedel, P.S. Co Author Listing * Toward Satellite-Based Land Cover Classification Through Optimum-Path Forest

Riedel, S. Co Author Listing * Precise surface topography of the grounded ice ridges at the Ekstromisen, Antarctica, based on several geophysical data sets
* Retrieval of Water Constituents from Hyperspectral In-Situ Measurements under Variable Cloud Cover: A Case Study at Lake Stechlin (Germany)
Includes: Riedel, S. Riedel, S.[Sebastian]

Riedel, T. Co Author Listing * Object based classification of L-Band SAR data for the delineation of forest cover maps and the devection of deforestation
* object-based classification procedure for the derivation of broad land cover classes using both optical and SAR data, An

Riedelbauch, S.[Stefan] Co Author Listing * Transferable Model for Shape Optimization subject to Physical Constraints

Rieder, A. Co Author Listing * Combining EMS-Vision and Horopter Stereo for Obstacle Avoidance of Autonomous Vehicle
* Defect Classification on Specular Surfaces Using Wavelets
* EMS-Vision: Application to Hybrid Adaptive Cruise Control
* Imaging with the Elliptic Radon Transform in Three Dimensions from an Analytical and Numerical Perspective
* Radar and vision data fusion for hybrid adaptive cruise control on highways
* Radar and Vision Data Fusion for Hybrid Cruise Control on Highways
* Resolution-Controlled Conductivity Discretization in Electrical Impedance Tomography
* Shape from Specular Reflection and Optical Flow
* Trinocular Divergent Stereo Vision
Includes: Rieder, A. Rieder, A.[Andreas]
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Riedi, J. Co Author Listing * Dual-Wavelength Method for Hailstorm Detection by Airborne Radar, The
* Ice Cloud Properties From Himawari-8/AHI Next-Generation Geostationary Satellite: Capability of the AHI to Monitor the DC Cloud Generation Process
* MODIS Cloud Optical and Microphysical Products: Collection 6 Updates and Examples From Terra and Aqua, The
* Quality Assessment of Acquired GEDI Waveforms: Case Study over France, Tunisia and French Guiana
* Simulation of Airborne Radar Observations of Precipitating Systems at Various Frequency Bands
Includes: Riedi, J. Riedi, J.[Jérôme]

Riedinger, C.[Christophe] Co Author Listing * 3D models over the centuries: From old floor plans to 3D representation
* Towards a 3D Based Platform for Cultural Heritage Site Survey and Virtual Exploration
Includes: Riedinger, C.[Christophe] Riedinger, C.

Riedl, C.[Christoph] Co Author Listing * Detecting figures and part labels in patents: competition-based development of graphics recognition algorithms
* Multiparty Visual Co-Occurrences for Estimating Personality Traits in Group Meetings
Includes: Riedl, C.[Christoph] Riedl, C.

Riedler, B. Co Author Listing * Copernicus Knowledge and Innovation Hubs

Riedlinger, G.M. Co Author Listing * Weakly Supervised Deep Nuclei Segmentation Using Partial Points Annotation in Histopathology Images

Riedlinger, T.[Torsten] Co Author Listing * Adaptive and Extensible System for Satellite-Based, Large Scale Burnt Area Monitoring in Near-Real Time, An
* DLR FireBIRD Small Satellite Mission: Evaluation of Infrared Data for Wildfire Assessment, The
* Monitoring of the 2015 Villarrica Volcano Eruption by Means of DLR's Experimental TET-1 Satellite
* Satellite Image Analysis for Disaster and Crisis-Management Support
Includes: Riedlinger, T.[Torsten] Riedlinger, T.

Riedmiller, M. Co Author Listing * Discriminative Unsupervised Feature Learning with Exemplar Convolutional Neural Networks

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