Computer Vision Workshops -- General Applications Oriented

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Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision,
or WACV,
Originally Workshop on Applications of CV, but it outgrew that name. A Google Earth (KMZ) file for WACV Locations

Computer Vision Systems,
or CVS,
Structural, Syntactic, and Statistical Pattern Recognition,
Joint IAPR International Workshops. IAPR Conference on Machine Vision Applications,
or MVA,
Name updated to Conference. Held in Japan. Until 2009, proceedings not generally available online. Applied Imagery Pattern Recognition Workshop,
Sponsored by TCPAMI, IEEE-CS Visual Content Processing and Representation,
Model-based Imaging, Rendering, Image Analysis and Graphical special Effects,
Cheu, R.L.[Ruey Long], Srinivasan, D., Lee, D.H.[Der-Horng],
Guest Editorial: IEEE 5th international conference on intelligent transportation systems papers,
ITS(4), No. 2, June 2003, pp. 57-58.
IEEE Abstract. 0402


Graph Based Representation for Pattern Recognition,
Image Processing Theory, Tools and Applications,
Computer Vision + ONTology Applied Cross-Disciplinary Technologies,
Computer Vision in Plant Phenotyping and Agriculture,
Computer Vision Problems in Plant Phenotyping,
Learning in Precision Livestock Farming,
Computer Vision and Image Analysis Applications,
Computer Vision and Image Analysis Applications,
Workshop on Vision-Based Industrial Inspection,

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