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Fearing, R.S. Co Author Listing * Determining The Axis Of A Surface Of Revolution Using Tactile Sensing
* Tactile Sensing Mechanisms
* Using A Cylindrical Tactile Sensor For Determining Curvature

Feddema, J.T. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Image Feature Prediction And Control For Visual Tracking With A Hand-Eye Coordinated Camera
* Model-Based Visual Feedback Control For A Hand-Eye Coordinated Robotic System
* Weighted Selection Of Image Features For Resolved Rate Visual Feedback Control

Federbusch, O. Co Author Listing * Custom Made Pyramids
* Custom-Made Pyramids

Feeney, S.T. Co Author Listing * Parallel 3-D Filling With Octrees

Feigin, M.M. Co Author Listing * Optimal Boundary Detection On Grey-Tone Image

Feinberg, E.B. Co Author Listing * Characterizing The Shortest Path Of An Object Among Obstacles
* Finding Feasible Paths For A Two-Point Body

Feiner, S. Co Author Listing * Inferring Constraints From Multiple Snapshots
* Near Real-Time Shadow Generation Using Bsp Trees

Feiner, S.K. Co Author Listing * Computer Graphics-Principles And Practice, Addison-Wesley, Reading
* Cutaways And Ghosting: Satisfying Visibility Constraints In Dynamic 3d Illustrations

Feistel, H. Co Author Listing * Knowledge Based System For Analysis Of Gated Blood Pool Studies, A

Feitelson, D.G. Co Author Listing * Optical Computing-A Survey For Computer Scientists, Mit Press, Cambridge

Fejes Toth, G. Co Author Listing * Finite Coverings By Translates Of Centrally Symmetric Convex Domains

Fejes Toth, L. Co Author Listing * Densest Packing Of Translates Of The Union Of Two Circles

Fejes, S. Co Author Listing * Data-Driven Algorithm And Systolic Architecture For Image Morphology, A
* Discrete Active Models And Applications
* Exploring Visual Motion Using Projections Of Motion Fields
* Migration Processes
* Migration Processes I: The Continuous Case
* Migration Processes Ii: The Discrete Case
* Simplified Adaptive Approach To Efficient Morphological Image Analysis
* What Can Projections Of Flow Fields Tell Us About The Visual Motion
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Fekete, G. Co Author Listing * Property Spheres: A New Representation For 3-D Object Recognition

Feldman, J. Co Author Listing * Connectionist Models And Their Implications, Ablex, Norwood
* Constructing Perceptual Categories
* Efficient Regularity-Based Grouping

Feldman, J.A. Co Author Listing * Computing With Structured Connectionist Networks
* Computing With Structured Neural Networks
* Connectionist Models And Parallelism In High Level Vision
* Energy Methods In Connectionist Modelling
* Four Frames Suffice: A Provisional Model Of Vision And Space
* Guest Ed., Special Issue: Connectionist Models And Their Applications, Cognitive Science 9(1)
* Recent Progress Of The Rochester Image Understanding Project
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Feldman, Y. Co Author Listing * Spatial Machines: A More Realistic Approach To Parallel Computation

Feldmar, J. Co Author Listing * 3d-2d Projective Registration Of Free-Form Curves And Surfaces
* 3d-2d Projective Registration Of Free-Form Curves And Surfaces
* Extension Of The Icp Algorithm To Nonrigid Intensity-Based Registration Of 3d Volumes
* Locally Affine Registration Of Free-Form Surfaces
* Rigid And Affine Registration Of Smooth Surfaces Using Differential Properties
* Rigid, Affine, And Locally Affine Registration Of Free-Form Surfaces

Felix, R. Co Author Listing * Computer Assisted Radiology, Springer

Fellenz, W.A. Co Author Listing * Preattentive Grouping And Attentive Selection For Early Visual Computation

Fellmeier, M. Co Author Listing * Parallel Computing, North-Holland

Fellner, D. Co Author Listing * On Spatial Quantization Of Color Images

Fellous, J.M. Co Author Listing * Face Recognition By Elastic Bunch Graph Matching
* Face Recognition By Elastic Bunch Graph Matching

Felzenszwalb, P.F. Co Author Listing * Efficiently Computing A Good Segmentation
* Image Segmentation Using Local Variation

Feng, D. Co Author Listing * Satisficing Feedback Strategies For Local Navigation Of Autonomous Mobile Robots

Feng, G.C. Co Author Listing * Human Face Image Retrieval System For Large Database
* Novel Method For Parameter Estimation Of Digital Arc, A
* Variance Projection Function And Its Application To Eye Detection For Human Face Recognition

Feng, J. Co Author Listing * Fractional Box-Counting Approach To Fractal Dimension Estimation
* Improved 3-D Shape Recovery And Correction Algorithm From A Single View
* Object Recognition Using Relational Clique And Cycle Mappings
* Relaxation Labelling And The Entropy Of Neighborhood Information

Feng, L. Co Author Listing * Characterization And Detection Of Edges By Lipschitz Exponents And Masw Wavelet Transform
* Structure Modeling And Context-Free Grammar: Exploring A New Approach For Surface Boundary Construction

Feng, P. Co Author Listing * Face Based Algorithm For Matching Two Line Drawings Of A Polyhedron, A

Feng, T. Co Author Listing * Report Of The Purdue Workshop On Grand Challenges In Computer Architecture For The Support Of High Performance Computing (W. Lafayette, In, December 12-13, 1991)

Feng, T.Y. Co Author Listing * Guest Eds., Special Issue On Supercomputer Technology

Feng, X. Co Author Listing * Scene Segmentation From 3d Motion

Feng, X.S. Co Author Listing * Removal Of Specularities Using Color And Polarization

Fennema, C. Co Author Listing * Experiments In Autonomous Navigation
* Experiments In Autonomous Navigation
* Model-Directed Mobile Robot Navigation
* Towards Autonomous Mobile Robot Navigation

Fennema, C.L. Co Author Listing * Architecture For Reactive Behavior, An
* Executing Reactive Behavior For Autonomous Navigation

Fenster, S.D. Co Author Listing * Dynamic Attributes, Code Generation And The Iue
* Reinterpreting Physically-Motivated Modeling
* Sectored Snakes: Evaluating Learned-Energy Segmentations
* Sectored Snakes: Evaluating Learned-Energy Segmentations

Feraud, R. Co Author Listing * Multrak: A System For Automatic Multiperson Localization And Tracking In Real Time

Ferdousi, M. Co Author Listing * Image Matching With Multiple Templates

Ferguson, D.R. Co Author Listing * On The Construction Of Surfaces Interpolating Curves: I. A Method For Handling Nonconstant Parameter Curves

Ferguson, H. Co Author Listing * Topological Design Of Sculptured Surfaces

Ferguson, M.M. Co Author Listing * Matrix Method For Finding Sets Of Contiguous Non-Zero Elements In A 2-Dimensional Array
Includes: Ferguson, M.M. Ferguson Jr., M.M.

Feria, E.H. Co Author Listing * Composite Ntsc Color Video Bandwidth Compressor, A

Ferm\\\ Co Author Listing * "Global Rigidity Constraints In Image Displacement Fields
* "Passive Navigation As A Pattern Recognition Problem
* "Qualitative Egomotion
* "Seeing And Understanding: Representing The Visual World
* "Vision And Action
Includes: Ferm\\\

Ferman, A. Co Author Listing * Effective Content Representation For Video
* High-Performance Shot Boundary Detection Algorithm Using Multiple Cues, A

Fermin, I. Co Author Listing * Planar Motion Detection By Randomized Triangle Matching
* Randomized Polygon Search For Planar Motion Detection

Fermuller, C. Co Author Listing * 3d Motion And Shape Representation In Visual Servo Control
* 3d Motion Representations In Visual Servo Control
* Ambiguity In Structure From Motion: Sphere Vs. Plane
* Analysis Of Reconstruction From Multiple Views
* Behavioral Visual Motion Analysis
* Confounding Of Translation And Rotation In Reconstruction From Multiple Views, The
* Directions Of Motion Fields Are Hardly Ever Ambiguous
* Directions Of Motion Fields Are Hardly Ever Ambiguous
* Effects Of Errors In The Viewing Geometry On Shape Estimation
* Global 3-D Motion Estimation
* Hierarchical Curve Represenation
* Information In The Direction Of Image Flow, The
* Medusa Synthesized
* Motion Constraint Patterns
* Motion Constraint Patterns
* Multi-Resolution Shape Description By Corners
* On The Geometry Of Visual Correspondence
* Ordinal Representations Of Visual Space
* Perceptual Computational Advantages Of Tracking
* Role Of Fixation In Visual Motion Anaylsis, The
* Self-Calibration From Image Derivatives
* Shape From Video: Beyond The Epipolar Constraint
* Simultaneous Estimation Of Viewing Geometry And Structure
* Spatiotemporal Representations For Visual Navigation
* Syntactic Approach To Scale-Space-Based Corner Description, A
* Towards A Theory Of Direct Perception
* Tracking Facilitates 3-D Motion Estimation
* What Is Computed By Structure From Motion Algorithms?
* Which Shape From Motion?
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Fernandez Garcia, E. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Method For Image Segmentation
Includes: Fernandez Garcia, E. Fernandez-Garcia, E.

Fernandez Vidal, S. Co Author Listing * Euclidean Skeletons
* Improving Registration Of 3-D Medical Images Using A Mechanical Based Method
* Rigid Registration Of 3-D Objects By Motion Analysis
Includes: Fernandez Vidal, S. Fernandez-Vidal, S.

Fernandez, E. Co Author Listing * Contribution To The Matching Problem In Stereovision

Fernandez, P. Co Author Listing * Recursive Neighborhood Operations On The Linear Processor Array Sympati-2

Fernandez, X. Co Author Listing * Template Matching Of Binary Targets In Grey-Scale Images: A Nonparametric Approach

Fernando, K.V. Co Author Listing * On The Stability Of Two-Dimensional State-Space Systems: A Special Case

Fernyhough, J. Co Author Listing * Building Qualitative Event Models Automatically From Visual Input

Fernyhough, J.H. Co Author Listing * Generation Of Semantic Regions From Image Sequences

Ferrante, R.D. Co Author Listing * Multi-Spectral Image Analysis System

Ferrari, C. Co Author Listing * Understanding Scene Descriptions By Integrating Different Sources Of Knowledge

Ferrari, D. Co Author Listing * Systolic Convolver For Parallel Multiresolution Edge Detection, A

Ferrari, F. Co Author Listing * Visually Guided Mobile Robot Acting In Indoor Environments, A

Ferrari, L. Co Author Listing * Minimal Rectangular Partitions Of Digitized Blobs

Ferrari, L.A. Co Author Listing * Curves And Surfaces In Computer Vision And Graphics (Santa Clara, Ca, February 13-15
* Efficient Two-Dimensional Filters Using B-Spline Functions
* Fast Recursive Algorithm For Binary-Valued Two Dimensional Filters, A
* International Symposium On Pattern Recognition And Acoustical Imaging (Newport Beach, Ca, February 4-6
* Note On Duhamel Integrals And Running Average Filters, A
* Recursive Algorithms For Implementing Digital Image Filters
* Simple Algorithms And Architectures For B-Spline Interpolation
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Ferraro, M. Co Author Listing * Image Warping For Shape Recovery And Recognition
* Surface Shape From Warping

Ferrate et al., G. Co Author Listing * Syntactic And Structural Pattern Recognition, Springer

Ferre, D.K. Co Author Listing * Pattern Recognition In Highly-Integrated Circuits

Ferreira, A. Co Author Listing * Parallel Complexity Of The Medial Axis Computation
* Ultra-Fast Parallel Contour Tracking, With Applications To Thinning

Ferreira, A.G. Co Author Listing * Hypercube Algorithms For Parallel Processing Of Pointer-Based Quadtrees

Ferrell, C. Co Author Listing * Orientation Behavior Using Registered Topographic Maps

Ferretti, M. Co Author Listing * Automatic Pads Recognition For I.C. Bonding
* Generalized Hough Transform On Mesh-Connected Computers, The
* Hierarchical Multi-Microcomputer Systems
* Image Analysis And Processing (Proceedings Of The Sixth International Conference, Como, Italy, September 4-6, 1991), World Scientific
* Image Processing Experiments On A Commercial Mimd System
* Overlapping In Compact Pyramids
* Progress In Image Analysis And Processing Ii (Proceedings Of The Sixth International Conference On Image Analysis And Processing, Como, Italy, September 4-6, 1991), World Scientific
* Pyramid Project Using Integrated Technology, A
* Pyramidal Architectures For Computer Vision, Plenum
* Shape Detection With Limited Memory
* Space Saving Approach To The Hough Transform, A
* Systolic Merging And Ranking Of Votes For The Generalized Hough Transform
* Towards An Automatic Construction Of Object Recognition Strategies
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Ferri, F. Co Author Listing * Colour Image Segmentation And Labeling Through Multiedit-Condensing

Ferri, G. Co Author Listing * Application Of Isiid: Arcs, Fillets, And Tangent Points Restoration In Digitized Line, An
* Pattern-Directed Restoration And Vectorization Of Digitized Engineering Drawings

Ferri, M. Co Author Listing * On The Use Of Size Functions For Shape Analysis
* Projective Pose Estimation Of Linear And Quadratic Primitives In Monocular Computer Vision

Ferrie, F.P. Co Author Listing * Active Exploration: Knowing When We'Re Wrong
* Active Recognition: Using Uncertainty To Reduce Ambiguity
* Autonomous Exploration Driven By Uncertainty
* Autonomous Exploration: Driven By Uncertainty
* Autonomous Recognition: Driven By Ambiguity
* Curvature Consistency Improves Local Shading Analysis
* Curvature Consistency Improves Local Shading Analysis
* Darboux Frames, Snakes, And Super-Quadrics: Geometry From The Bottom Up
* Darboux Frames, Snakes, And Super-Quadrics: Geometry From The Bottom Up
* Deriving Coarse 3d Models Of Objects
* Edge Localization In Surface Reconstruction Using Optimal Estimation Theory
* Enhanced 3d Representation Using A Hybrid Model
* Finding The Parts Of Objects In Range Images
* From Parametric Warping To The Cooperation Of Local Features And Global Models
* From Uncertainty To Visual Exploration
* From Uncertainty To Visual Exploration
* Informative Views And Sequential Recognition
* Monocular Optical Flow For Real-Time Vision Systems
* Motion And Surface Recovery Using Curvature And Motion Consistency
* On The Sequential Determination Of Model Misfit
* Parametric Shape Recognition Using A Probabilistic Inverse Theory
* Partitioning Range Images Using Curvature And Scale
* Piecing Together The 3d Shape Of Moving Objects: An Overview
* Recognizing Volumetric Objects In The Presence Of Uncertainty
* Recovery Of Volumetric Object Descriptions From Laser Rangefinder Images
* Surface Recovery From Range Images Using Curvature And Motion Consistency
* Uncertain Views
* Uncertainty In Pose Estimation: A Bayesian Approach
* Where And Why Local Shading Analysis Works
29 for Ferrie, F.P.

Ferrier, N.J. Co Author Listing * Harvard Binocular Head, The
* Modal Control Of An Attentive Vision System

Ferris, D. Co Author Listing * On Classification Of Multispectral Infrared Image Data

Ferris, F.P. Co Author Listing * Integrating Information From Multiple Views

Ferruci, V. Co Author Listing * Dimension-Independent Modeling With Simplicial Complexes

Ferryanto, S. Co Author Listing * Kolmogorov-Smirnov Type Statistic For Detecting Structural Changes Of Textures, A

Ferryman, T.A. Co Author Listing * Bayesian Approach For The Segmentation Of Sar Images Using Dynamically Selected Neighborhoods, A

Ferwerda, J.A. Co Author Listing * Framework For Realistic Image Synthesis, A
* Model Of Visual Masking For Computer Graphics, A
* Perceiving Spatial Relationships

Fessler, J.A. Co Author Listing * Nonparametric Fixed-Interval Smoothing With Vector Splines
* Nonparametric Fixed-Inverval Smoothing Of Nonlinear Vector-Valued Measurements
* Parallel Image Thinning And Vectorization On Pasm

Feuer, A. Co Author Listing * Recursive Optical Flow Estimation | Adaptive Filtering Approach

Feynman, C.R. Co Author Listing * Network Architecture Of The Connection Machine Cm-5, The
* Object Recognition Using The Connection Machine

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