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Akca, D. Co Author Listing * 3-dimensional Pre- And Post-fire Comparison Of Forest Areas
* 3D modeling of the Weary Herakles statue with a coded structured light system
* Co-Registration of 3D Point Clouds by Using an Errors-in-Variables Model
* Determining Pull-Out Deformations of Bonded Metal Anchors Embedded In Concrete by Means of Photogrammetry
* Empirical Accuracy Assessment of MMS Laser Point Clouds
* Emprical Point Error Model for TLS Derived Point Clouds, An
* Fast correspondence search for 3D surface matching
* Generalized Least Squares Multiple 3D Surface Matching
* Laboratory Flume Experiment with a Coded Structured Light System
* Least squares 3D surface and curve matching
* Matching of 3D surfaces and their intensities
* Metric Accuracy Testing with Mobile Phone Cameras
* Photogrammetric Deformation Monitoring of the Second Bosphorus Bridge in Istanbul
* Volumetric Forest Change Detection Through Vhr Satellite Imagery
Includes: Akca, D. Akca, D.[Devrim]
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Akcakaya, M.[Murat] Co Author Listing * Active recursive Bayesian inference using Rényi information measures
* Bayesian Framework for Intent Detection and Stimulation Selection in SSVEP BCIs, A
* Compressed Sensing With Wavelet Domain Dependencies for Coronary MRI: A Retrospective Study
* Deep-Learning Methods for Parallel Magnetic Resonance Imaging Reconstruction: A Survey of the Current Approaches, Trends, and Issues
* Geometric Analysis of Uncertainty Sampling for Dense Neural Network Layer
* Manifold learning by preserving distance orders
* Minor Surfaces are Boundaries of Mode-Based Clusters
* Novel Data-Driven Learning Method for Radar Target Detection in Nonstationary Environments, A
* On Analysis of Active Querying for Recursive State Estimation
* Optimal Query Selection Using Multi-Armed Bandits
* Performance of Sparse Representation Algorithms Using Randomly Generated Frames
* Physics-Driven Deep Learning for Computational Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Combining physics and machine learning for improved medical imaging
* Probabilistic Active Learning Algorithm Based on Fisher Information Ratio, A
* Robust Fusion Algorithm for Sensor Failure, A
* Sparse Signal Recovery from a Mixture of Linear and Magnitude-Only Measurements
* Stopping Criterion Design for Recursive Bayesian Classification: Analysis and Decision Geometry
* Unsupervised Deep Learning Methods for Biological Image Reconstruction and Enhancement: An overview from a signal processing perspective
Includes: Akcakaya, M.[Murat] Akçakaya, M.[Murat] Akcakaya, M. Akçakaya, M. Akçakaya, M.[Mehmet]
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Akcay, H.G. Co Author Listing * Automatic Detection of Compound Structures by Joint Selection of Region Groups From a Hierarchical Segmentation
* Automatic Detection of Geospatial Objects Using Multiple Hierarchical Segmentations
* Automatic Mapping of Linear Woody Vegetation Features in Agricultural Landscapes Using Very High Resolution Imagery
* Hierarchical Segmentation of Complex Structures
Includes: Akcay, H.G. Akçay, H.G. Akcay, H.G.[Huseyin Gokhan]

Akcay, M.[Mertcan] Co Author Listing * 3D Segmentation of Humans in Point Clouds with Synthetic Data
Includes: Akcay, M.[Mertcan] Akçay, M.[Mertcan]

Akcay, M.N.[Mehmet N.] Co Author Listing * Catching the Moment With LoL^+ in Twitch-Like Low-Latency Live Streaming Platforms
* Could Head Motions Affect Quality When Viewing 360° Videos?

Akcay, O.[Ozgun] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Segmentation Parameters for Object-Based Land Cover Classification Using Color-Infrared Imagery
* Correction and Densification of UAS-Based Photogrammetric Thermal Point Cloud
* Effect of Image Enhancement Methods During Feature Detection And Matching of Thermal Images, The
* Landslide Fissure Inference Assessment by ANFIS and Logistic Regression Using UAS-Based Photogrammetry
* Semantic Segmentation of High-Resolution Airborne Images with Dual-Stream DeepLabV3+
Includes: Akcay, O.[Ozgun] Akcay, O.

Akcay, S.[Samet] Co Author Listing * Anomalib: A Deep Learning Library for Anomaly Detection
* Detecting Prohibited Items in X-Ray Images: a Contour Proposal Learning Approach
* evaluation of region based object detection strategies within X-ray baggage security imagery, An
* Exploring Racial Bias within Face Recognition via per-subject Adversarially-Enabled Data Augmentation
* GANomaly: Semi-supervised Anomaly Detection via Adversarial Training
* Generative adversarial framework for depth filling via Wasserstein metric, cosine transform and domain transfer
* On the Impact of Varying Region Proposal Strategies for Raindrop Detection and Classification Using Convolutional Neural Networks
* Towards automatic threat detection: A survey of advances of deep learning within X-ray security imaging
* Transfer learning using convolutional neural networks for object classification within X-ray baggage security imagery
Includes: Akcay, S.[Samet] Akçay, S. Akcay, S.
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Akcayol, M.A.[M. Ali] Co Author Listing * Experimental Research on the Use of Recurrent Neural Networks in Landslide Susceptibility Mapping, An

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