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Dabora, R. Co Author Listing * On the Ozarow-Leung Scheme for the Gaussian Broadcast Channel with Feedback

Dabouei, A. Co Author Listing * Attribute-Centered Loss for Soft-Biometrics Guided Face Sketch-Photo Recognition
* Boosting Deep Face Recognition via Disentangling Appearance and Geometry
* Differential Morphed Face Detection Using Deep Siamese Networks
* Efficient OCT Image Segmentation Using Neural Architecture Search
* Exploiting Joint Robustness to Adversarial Perturbations
* Facial Attributes Guided Deep Sketch-to-Photo Synthesis
* Fast Geometrically-Perturbed Adversarial Faces
* Multi-Level Feature Abstraction from Convolutional Neural Networks for Multimodal Biometric Identification
* Mutual Information Maximization on Disentangled Representations for Differential Morph Detection
* Quality Guided Sketch-to-Photo Image Synthesis
* Revisiting Outer Optimization in Adversarial Training
* Robust Facial Landmark Detection via Aggregation on Geometrically Manipulated Faces
* Self-Supervised Wasserstein Pseudo-Labeling for Semi-Supervised Image Classification
* SmoothFool: An Efficient Framework for Computing Smooth Adversarial Perturbations
* Super-resolution Guided Pore Detection for Fingerprint Recognition
* SuperMix: Supervising the Mixing Data Augmentation
* Transporting Labels via Hierarchical Optimal Transport for Semi-supervised Learning
* Weakly Supervised Fine Label Classifier Enhanced by Coarse Supervision, A
Includes: Dabouei, A. Dabouei, A.[Ali]
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Dabous, S.A.[Saleh Abu] Co Author Listing * Integrated Archaeological Modeling Based on Geomatics Techniques and Ground-Penetrating Radar
* Spatial and Temporal Inversion of Land Surface Temperature along Coastal Cities in Arid Regions
* UAV-Based Remote Sensing Applications for Bridge Condition Assessment

Dabov, K.[Kostadin] Co Author Listing * Color Image Denoising via Sparse 3D Collaborative Filtering with Grouping Constraint in Luminance-Chrominance Space
* Image Denoising by Sparse 3-D Transform-Domain Collaborative Filtering
* Sensor-Based Analysis of User Generated Video for Multi-camera Video Remixing
* Video denoising by sparse 3D transform-domain collaborative filtering

Dabove, P.[Paolo] Co Author Listing * Automatic Features Detection in a Fluvial Environment through Machine Learning Techniques Based on UAVs Multispectral Data
* Case Study of Pedestrian Positioning with UWB and UAV Cameras, A
* Characterization of A Mobile Mapping System for Seamless Navigation
* Close range photogrammetry with tablet technology in post-earthquake scenario: Sant'Agostino church in Amatrice
* Converse Trends of The Terrestrial and Ground Water Storage Changes In Canada and The United States
* GNSS Positioning Using Mobile Devices with the Android Operating System
* Preliminary Results on Tropospheric ZTD Estimation by Smartphone
* Sensors integration for smartphone navigation: Performances and future challenges
* Towards the Monitoring of Underground Caves Using Geomatics and Geophysical Techniques: 3D Analyses and Seismic Response
Includes: Dabove, P.[Paolo] Dabove, P.
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