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Kummamuru, K.[Krishna] Co Author Listing * Mining conversational text for procedures with applications in contact centers

Kummel, A.C. Co Author Listing * Extended Lifetime In Vivo Pulse Stimulated Ultrasound Imaging

Kummer, R.[Robert] Co Author Listing * Requirements for a Game-Based Approach to Strengthen Leadership in Health Care

Kummerer, M.[Matthias] Co Author Listing * DeepGaze IIE: Calibrated prediction in and out-of-domain for state-of-the-art saliency modeling
* Measuring the Importance of Temporal Features in Video Saliency
* Saliency Benchmarking Made Easy: Separating Models, Maps and Metrics
* Understanding Low- and High-Level Contributions to Fixation Prediction
Includes: Kummerer, M.[Matthias] Kümmerer, M.[Matthias] (Maybe also Kuemmerer, M.)Kümmerer, M. (Maybe also Kuemmerer, M.)

Kummerer, R.[Robin] Co Author Listing * Using High-Resolution UAV Imaging to Measure Canopy Height of Diverse Cover Crops and Predict Biomass
Includes: Kummerer, R.[Robin] Kümmerer, R.[Robin] (Maybe also Kuemmerer, R.)

Kummerfeldt, G.[Georg] Co Author Listing * Method for motion-compensated frame-to-frame prediction coding

Kummerle, C.[Christian] Co Author Listing * On the Convergence of IRLS and Its Variants in Outlier-Robust Estimation
Includes: Kummerle, C.[Christian] Kümmerle, C.[Christian] (Maybe also Kuemmerle, C.)

Kummerle, J.[Julius] Co Author Listing * Real-Time Detection and Tracking of Multiple Humans from High Bird's-Eye Views in the Visual and Infrared Spectrum
Includes: Kummerle, J.[Julius] Kümmerle, J.[Julius] (Maybe also Kuemmerle, J.)

Kummerow, C.[Christian] Co Author Listing * Assessment of IMERG Precipitation Estimates over Europe

Kummerow, C.D.[Christian D.] Co Author Listing * Calibration and Validation of the TEMPEST-D CubeSat Radiometer
* Comparison of Microwave Window Channel Retrieved and Forward-Modeled Emissivities Over the U.S. Southern Great Plains, A
* Effects of Ice Particle Representation on Passive Microwave Precipitation Retrieval in a Bayesian Scheme
* Fundamental Climate Data Records of Microwave Brightness Temperatures
* Improved Geolocation and Earth Incidence Angle Information for a Fundamental Climate Data Record of the SSM/I Sensors
* Long-Term Arctic Snow/Ice Interface Temperature from Special Sensor for Microwave Imager Measurements
* Metric Learning for Approximation of Microwave Channel Error Covariance: Application for Satellite Retrieval of Drizzle and Light Snowfall
* Semi-Empirical Model for Computing Land Surface Emissivity in the Microwave Region, A
* Toward an Intercalibrated Fundamental Climate Data Record of the SSM/I Sensors
Includes: Kummerow, C.D.[Christian D.] Kummerow, C.D.
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Kummert, A. Co Author Listing * AdTM tracking for blind spot collision avoidance
* Calculation and estimation of sample statistics of binary images using quadtree data representations
* Coupled curve evolution equations for ternary images in sidescan-sonar images guided by Lamé curves for object recognition
* Decision Fusion and Reasoning Module for a Traffic Sign Recognition System, A
* Effnet: An Efficient Structure for Convolutional Neural Networks
* From pyramids to quadtrees: Approximation of heterogeneous surfaces by fixing complexity
* Pedestrian detection using a single monochrome camera
* Pedestrian Tracking from a Moving Host Using Corner Points
* Polynomial Trajectory Predictions for Improved Learning Performance
Includes: Kummert, A. Kummert, Á.[Ágnes] Kummert, A.[Anton]
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Kummert, F.[Franz] Co Author Listing * Classification of Segmented Regions in Brightfield Microscope Images
* ERNEST: A Semantic Network System for Pattern Understanding
* Evaluation on Estimators for Stochastic and Heuristic Based Cost Functions Using the Epipolar-Constraint, An
* General Behavior Prediction by a Combination of Scenario-Specific Models
* Hybrid Object Recognition in Image Sequences
* Integration of Regions and Contours for Object Recognition
* Integration of Vision and Speech Understanding Using Bayesian Networks
* Monocular Road Terrain Detection by Combining Visual and Spatial Information
* Multilevel Integration of Vision and Speech Understanding Using Bayesian Networks
* Problem-Independent Control Algorithm for Image Understanding, A
* Recognition and Prediction of Situations in Urban Traffic Scenarios
* Recognition of Unstained Live Drosophila Cells in Microscope Images
* speech understanding and dialog system with a homogeneous linguistic knowledge base, A
* Structural Framework for Assembly Modeling and Recognition, A
* Talking About 3D Scenes: Integration of Image and Speech Understanding in a Hybrid Distributed System
Includes: Kummert, F.[Franz] Kummert, F.
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Kummetha, S. Co Author Listing * HED-ID: An Affective Adaptation Model Explaining the Intensity-Duration Relationship of Emotion

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