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Lain, J.[Jie] Co Author Listing * Forensic and anti-forensic techniques for video shot editing in H.264/AVC

Lain, W.M.[Wai Man] Co Author Listing * Shape prior based segmentation for organ deformation correction

Laina, I.[Iro] Co Author Listing * CNN-SLAM: Real-Time Dense Monocular SLAM with Learned Depth Prediction
* Curious Layperson: Fine-Grained Image Recognition Without Expert Labels, The
* Dealing with Ambiguity in Robotic Grasping via Multiple Predictions
* Deep Spectral Methods: A Surprisingly Strong Baseline for Unsupervised Semantic Segmentation and Localization
* Deeper Depth Prediction with Fully Convolutional Residual Networks
* Guide Me: Interacting with Deep Networks
* Learning in an Uncertain World: Representing Ambiguity Through Multiple Hypotheses
* Peeking behind objects: Layered depth prediction from a single image
* RealFusion 360° Reconstruction of Any Object from a Single Image
* Semantic Image Manipulation Using Scene Graphs
* Towards Unsupervised Image Captioning With Shared Multimodal Embeddings
* Training-Free Layout Control with Cross-Attention Guidance
Includes: Laina, I.[Iro] Laina, I.
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Laine Hernandez, M.[Mari] Co Author Listing * Evaluating Local Feature Detectors in Salient Region Detection
* Visual saliency and categorisation of abstract images
Includes: Laine Hernandez, M.[Mari] Laine-Hernandez, M.[Mari] Laine-Hernandez, M.

Laine, A. Co Author Listing * Border identification of echocardiograms via multiscale edge detection and shape modeling
* Enhancement of Mammograms from Oriented Information
* Frame representations for texture segmentation
* Guest Editorial: Wavelets in Medical Imaging
* Hexagonal Wavelet Representations for Recognizing Complex Annotations
* Image fusion using steerable dyadic wavelet transform
* Multiscale Segmentation Through a Radial Basis Neural Network
* Orthonormal wavelet representations for recognized complex annotations
* Overcomplete lifted wavelet representations for multiscale feature analysis
* PTNet3D: A 3D High-Resolution Longitudinal Infant Brain MRI Synthesizer Based on Transformers
* Regularization in tomographic reconstruction using thresholding estimators
* Special Issue: Wavelet Theory and Application
* Texture Classification by Wavelet Packet Signatures
Includes: Laine, A. Laine, A.[Andrew]
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Laine, A.F. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Quantification and Longitudinal Analysis of Pulmonary Emphysema With a Hidden Markov Measure Field Model
* automated three-dimensional plus time registration framework for dynamic MR renography, An
* Circle recognition through a 2D Hough Transform and radius histogramming
* Combined MR data acquisition of multicontrast images using variable acquisition parameters and K -space data sharing
* Edge detection in echocardiographic image sequences by 3-D multiscale analysis
* Enhancement via fusion of mammographic features
* Explaining Radiological Emphysema Subtypes with Unsupervised Texture Prototypes: MESA COPD Study
* Framework for Mining Signatures from Event Sequences and Its Applications in Healthcare Data, A
* Interactive Complexity Control and High-Speed Stereo Matching
* LV volume quantification via spatiotemporal analysis of real-time 3-D echocardiography
* Mathematical Imaging: Wavelet Applications in Signal and Image Processing
* Mathematical Imaging: Wavelet Applications in Signal and Image Processing, III
* Multiscale Approach for Recognizing Complex Annotations in Engineering Documents, A
* Novel Subtypes of Pulmonary Emphysema Based on Spatially-Informed Lung Texture Learning: The Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis (MESA) COPD Study
* On The Uniqueness of the Representation of a Convex Polygon by Its Hough Transform
* Parallel Algorithm for Incremental Stereo Matching on SIMD Machines, A
* Rapid Search for Spherical Objects in Aerial Photographs
* Simulation of 3D Ultrasound with a Realistic Electro-mechanical Model of the Heart
* Surface Function Actives
* Using Perturbation Theory to Compute the Morphological Similarity of Diffusion Tensors
* Wavelet Applications in Signal and Image Processing IV
* Wavelet Applications in Signal and Image Processing V
* Wavelet Applications in Signal and Image Processing VI
* Wavelet Applications in Signal and Image Processing VII
* Wavelet Descriptors for Multiresolution Recognition of Handprinted Characters
Includes: Laine, A.F. Laine, A.F.[Andrew F.]
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Laine, E.[Elodie] Co Author Listing * Identification of Protein Interaction Partners from Shape Complementarity Molecular Cross-Docking

Laine, L.[Leo] Co Author Listing * Ensemble Quantile Networks: Uncertainty-Aware Reinforcement Learning With Applications in Autonomous Driving
* Simulator Study Comparing Characteristics of Manual and Automated Driving During Lane Changes of Long Combination Vehicles, A
Includes: Laine, L.[Leo] Laine, L.

Laine, M.[Marko] Co Author Listing * Accelerated MCMC for Satellite-Based Measurements of Atmospheric CO2
* Evaluation and Analysis of the Seasonal Cycle and Variability of the Trend from GOSAT Methane Retrievals
* Vertical Distribution of Arctic Methane in 2009-2018 Using Ground-Based Remote Sensing

Laine, S. Co Author Listing * Analyzing and Improving the Image Quality of StyleGAN
* Style-Based Generator Architecture for Generative Adversarial Networks, A
Includes: Laine, S. Laine, S.[Samuli]

Laine, U.K.[Unto K.] Co Author Listing * method for noise-robust context-aware pattern discovery and recognition from categorical sequences, A

Lainema, J. Co Author Listing * Adaptive deblocking filter
* Ccalf Coefficient Derivation Using Combined Neighbors
* Content-Adaptive Neural Network Post-Processing Filter with NNR-Coded Weight-Updates
* Differential Coding Using Enhanced Inter-Layer Reference Picture for the Scalable Extension of H.265/HEVC Video Codec
* End-to-End Learning for Video Frame Compression with Self-Attention
* General Video Coding Technology in Responses to the Joint Call for Proposals on Video Compression With Capability Beyond HEVC
* HEVC still image coding and high efficiency image file format
* High Efficiency Image File Format Standard, The
* High Performance, Low Complexity Video Coding and the Emerging HEVC Standard
* Intra Coding of the HEVC Standard
* Learned Video Compression with Intra-Guided Enhancement and Implicit Motion Information
* Mobile 3D Video Using MVC and N800 Internet Tablet
* Parallel Encoding: Decoding Operation for Multiview Video Coding with High Coding Efficiency
* Planar representation for intra coding of depth maps
* Quantization and Entropy Coding in the Versatile Video Coding (VVC) Standard
* Regression-Based Motion Vector Field for Video Coding
* Transform Coding in the VVC Standard
* Video Coding Using Spatially Varying Transform
* Video Coding With Low-Complexity Directional Adaptive Interpolation Filters
Includes: Lainema, J. Lainema, J.[Jani]
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Laines, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Isolated Sign Language Recognition based on Tree Structure Skeleton Images

Lainey, V.[Valery] Co Author Listing * Mothership-Cubesat Radioscience for Phobos Geodesy and Autonomous Navigation
Includes: Lainey, V.[Valery] Lainey, V.[Valéry]

Lainez, J.E.G.[Jose Enrique Garcia] Co Author Listing * Beam-search Formant Tracking Algorithm Based on Trajectory Functions for Continuous Speech
Includes: Lainez, J.E.G.[Jose Enrique Garcia] Laínez, J.E.G.[José Enrique García]

Laing, C.[Christian] Co Author Listing * Geometric invariants for classification of cortical sulci

Laing, S.J.[Simon J.] Co Author Listing * Applying graphic design terms to image tagging

Lainhart, J.E.[Janet E.] Co Author Listing * Applications of Epsilon Radial Networks in Neuroimage Analyses

Lainiotis, D.G. Co Author Listing * Comments on Linear Feature Extraction

Laino, A. Co Author Listing * Documenting Large Archaeological Sites, Managing Data, Planning Conservation and Maintenance: The Herculaneum Conservation Project Experience

Lainscsek, C.[Claudia] Co Author Listing * Fully Automatic Facial Action Recognition in Spontaneous Behavior
* Recognizing Facial Expression: Machine Learning and Application to Spontaneous Behavior

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