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Lisotto, M. Co Author Listing * Social and Scene-Aware Trajectory Prediction in Crowded Spaces

Lisowska, A.[Agnieszka] Co Author Listing * Automatic Generation of Aesthetic Patterns with the Use of Dynamical Systems
* Context-Aware Learning Using Transferable Features for Classification of Breast Cancer Histology Images
* Edge Detection by Sliding Wedgelets
* Efficient Denoising of Images with Smooth Geometry
* Evaluation of Supervised, Novelty-Based and Hybrid Approaches to Fall Detection Using Silmee Accelerometer Data, An
* Geometrical Multiscale Noise Resistant Method of Edge Detection
* Moments-Based Fast Wedgelet Transform
* Polynomiography via Ishikawa and Mann Iterations
* Smoothlets: Multiscale Functions for Adaptive Representation of Images
Includes: Lisowska, A.[Agnieszka] Lisowska, A.[Anna] Lisowska, A.
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Lisowski, J.[Jozef] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Computational Intelligence Methods Based on Fuzzy Sets and Game Theory in the Synthesis of Safe Ship Control Based on Information from a Radar ARPA System
* Game Control Methods Comparison when Avoiding Collisions with Multiple Objects Using Radar Remote Sensing
* Multistage Dynamic Optimization with Different Forms of Neural-State Constraints to Avoid Many Object Collisions Based on Radar Remote Sensing
Includes: Lisowski, J.[Jozef] Lisowski, J.[Józef]

Lisowski, P.[Przemyslaw] Co Author Listing * Modified Methodology for Generating Indoor Navigation Models, A

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