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Nejad, A.A.[Ali Abdorazzagh] Co Author Listing * Experimental Dynamic Impact Factor Assessment of Railway Bridges through a Radar Interferometer

Nejad, B.S.[Bijan Shahbaz] Co Author Listing * Driver Guidance System to Support the Stationary Wireless Charging of Electric Vehicles, A
* Systematic Optimization of Image Processing Pipelines Using GPUS

Nejad, E.M.[Elaheh Mahraban] Co Author Listing * Transferred Semantic Scores for Scalable Retrieval of Histopathological Breast Cancer Images

Nejad, F. Co Author Listing * New Method for Writer Identification and Verification Based on Farsi/Arabic Handwritten Texts, A

Nejad, H.T.N.[Hossein Tehrani Nik] Co Author Listing * Dynamic and Safe Path Planning Based on Support Vector Machine among Multi Moving Obstacles for Autonomous Vehicles

Nejad, Z.Z.[Zana Zakaryaie] Co Author Listing * ARM-VO: an efficient monocular visual odometry for ground vehicles on ARM CPUs

Nejadasl, F.K.[F. Karimi] Co Author Listing * Energy Function Behavior in Optimization Based Image Sequence Stabilization in Presence of Moving Objects
* Optical flow based vehicle tracking strengthened by statistical decisions
Includes: Nejadasl, F.K.[F. Karimi] Nejadasl, F.K.[Fatemeh Karimi]

Nejadkoorki, F. Co Author Listing * Spatiotemporal Monitoring of Thermal Environment in Isfahan Metropolitan Area

Nejat, G. Co Author Listing * Finding Disaster Victims: Robot-Assisted 3D Mapping of Urban Search and Rescue Environments via Landmark Identification
* Multirobot Path-Planning Strategy for Autonomous Wilderness Search and Rescue, A
* Promoting Interactions Between Humans and Robots Using Robotic Emotional Behavior
* Robots in Retirement Homes: Person Search and Task Planning for a Group of Residents by a Team of Assistive Robots
* Target-Motion Prediction for Robotic Search and Rescue in Wilderness Environments

Nejatbakhsh, A.[Amin] Co Author Listing * Neuron matching in C. elegans with robust approximate linear regression without correspondence

Nejati, H. Co Author Listing * Deep neural networks on graph signals for brain imaging analysis
* Dimensionality reduction of brain imaging data using graph signal processing
* Eyewitness Face Sketch Recognition Based on Two-Step Bias Modeling
* Lake Icepack and Dry Snowpack Thickness Measurement Using Wideband Autocorrelation Radiometry
* Smartphone and Mobile Image Processing for Assisted Living: Health-monitoring apps powered by advanced mobile imaging algorithms
* study on recognizing non-artistic face sketches, A
* talking profile to distinguish identical twins, A
* Wonder ears: Identification of identical twins from ear images
Includes: Nejati, H. Nejati, H.[Hossein]
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Nejati, M. Co Author Listing * Blind Stereo Quality Assessment Based on Learned Features From Binocular Combined Images
* Boosted Dictionary Learning for Image Compression
* Denoising by low-rank and sparse representations
* Fast exposure fusion using exposedness function
* Low-rank regularized collaborative filtering for image denoising
Includes: Nejati, M. Nejati, M.[Mansour]

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