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Nowicka, B.[Barbara] Co Author Listing * Coupling of Dual Channel Waveform ALS and Sonar for Investigation of Lake Bottoms and Shore Zones

Nowicki, A.[Andrzej] Co Author Listing * Impact of Ultrasound Image Reconstruction Method on Breast Lesion Classification with Deep Learning
* Orthogonal Golay Codes With Local Beam Pattern Correction in Ultrasonic Imaging
* UAV LIDAR Data Processing: Influence of Flight Height on Geometric Accuracy, Radiometric Information and Parameter Setting In DTM Production
* Ultrasound Image Improvement by Code Bit Elongation
* Use of Satellite Data to Determine the Changes of Hydrodynamic Parameters in the Gulf of Gdansk via EcoFish Model, The
Includes: Nowicki, A.[Andrzej] Nowicki, A. Nowicki, A.[Artur]

Nowicki, M.[Michal] Co Author Listing * Adopting Feature-Based Visual Odometry for Resource-Constrained Mobile Devices
* Indoor RGB-D Dataset for the Evaluation of Robot Navigation Algorithms, An
* Modeling spatial uncertainty of point features in feature-based RGB-D SLAM
* On the Performance of Pose-Based RGB-D Visual Navigation Systems
* Toward evaluation of visual navigation algorithms on RGB-D data from the first- and second-generation Kinect

Nowicki, M.R.[Michal R.] Co Author Listing * GNSS-Based Driver Assistance for Charging Electric City Buses: Implementation and Lessons Learned from Field Testing

Nowicki, S.M.[Sophie M.] Co Author Listing * Multilayer Surface Temperature, Surface Albedo, and Water Vapor Product of Greenland from MODIS, A

Nowinski, K.[Krzysztof] Co Author Listing * Reconstruction of Heart Motion from 4D Echocardiographic Images

Nowinski, W.L. Co Author Listing * Automatic Segmentation of Muscles of Mastication from Magnetic Resonance Images Using Prior Knowledge
* Computer-aided stereotactic functional neurosurgery enhanced by the use of the multiple brain atlas database
* Fast and Robust Segmentation of Head in T1-weighted Magnetic Resonance Volumes
* Fast connected-component labelling in three-dimensional binary images based on iterative recursion
* Geometric Modeling of the Human Normal Cerebral Arterial System
* iterated normalized backprojection method of image reconstruction, The
* Knowledge-driven segmentation of the central sulcus from human brain MR images
* Medical Image Segmentation Using K-Means Clustering and Improved Watershed Algorithm
* Mesenteric Vasculature-Guided Small Bowel Segmentation on 3-D CT
* Model-Based, Semi-Global Segmentation Approach for Automatic 3-D Point Landmark Localization in Neuroimages, A
* Model-Guided Segmentation of 3D Neuroradiological Image Using Statistical Surface Wavelet Model
* On Geometric Modeling of the Human Intracranial Venous System
* On minimum variance thresholding
* Regularized fuzzy c-means method for brain tissue clustering
* Salient features useful for the accurate segmentation of masticatory muscles from minimum slices subsets of magnetic resonance images
* Supervised Range-Constrained Thresholding
* Talairach-Tournoux / Schaltenbrand-Wahren Based Electronic Brain Atlas System
* Template-based Automatic Segmentation of Masseter Using Prior Knowledge
* Template-based Isocontouring
* Thresholding based on variance and intensity contrast
* Transformation Of Images By Radial Basis Functions With Varying Centre Point
Includes: Nowinski, W.L. Nowinski, W.L.[Wieslaw L.]
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