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Posch, C. Co Author Listing * Embedded Smart Camera for High Speed Vision
* Giving machines humanlike eyes
* HFirst: A Temporal Approach to Object Recognition
* Retinomorphic Event-Based Vision Sensors: Bioinspired Cameras With Spiking Output

Posch, M. Co Author Listing * Creating Procedural Windowbuilding Blocks Using the Generative Fact Labeling Method

Posch, S. Co Author Listing * 3-D Reconstruction and Camera Calibration from Images with known Objects
* Analysis of Amperometric Biosensor Curves Using Hidden-Markov-Models
* Analysis of Arabidopsis Root Images: Studies on CNNs and Skeleton-Based Root Topology
* Analysis of Object Interactions in Dynamic Scenes
* Automatic analysis of flourescence labeled neurites in microscope images
* Cascaded Segmentation of Grained Cell Tissue with Active Contour Models
* Cell migration analysis: Segmenting scratch assay images with level sets and support vector machines
* Detecting skewed symmetries
* Identifying Lens Distortions in Image Registration by Learning from Examples
* Integration of Regions and Contours for Object Recognition
* Knowing What Happened: Automatic Documentation of Image Analysis Processes
* Optimised coupling of hierarchies in image registration
* Region Based Seed Detection for Root Detection in Minirhizotron Images, A
* Robust Image Sequence Mosaicing
* Scratch Assay Analysis with Topology-Preserving Level Sets and Texture Measures
* Segmentation of molecular surfaces based on their convex hull
* Statistical classification and segmentation of biomolecular surfaces
* Using Markov Random Fields for Contour-Based Grouping
* Vision-Based 3D-Reconstruction of Barley Plants
Includes: Posch, S. Posch, S.[Stefan]
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Poscic, P. Co Author Listing * Definition of descriptors for semantic image interpretation

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