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Seelamantula, C.S. Co Author Listing * Active-disc-based Kalman filter technique for tracking of blood cells in microfluidic channels
* Automatic delineation of macular regions based on a locally defined contrast function
* Automatic segmentation of common carotid artery in transverse mode ultrasound images
* Automatic Segmentation of Lumen Intima Layer in Transverse Mode Ultrasound Images
* Bilateral smoothing of gradient vector field and application to image segmentation
* Contraction Mapping Approach for Robust Estimation of Lagged Autocorrelation, A
* Controlled blurring for improving image reconstruction quality in flutter-shutter acquisition
* Design of Sampling Kernels and Sampling Rates for Two-Dimensional Finite Rate of Innovation Signals
* Ellipse Fitting Using the Finite Rate of Innovation Sampling Principle
* Exact reconstruction in Quantitative Phase Microscopy
* Image denoising in multiplicative noise
* Local demodulation of holograms using the Riesz transform with application to microscopy
* Minkowski-Algebra-Based Super-Sparse Array Design for Super-Resolution Ultrasound Imaging
* Neuromorphic Fringe Projection Profilometry
* On Computing Amplitude, Phase, and Frequency Modulations Using a Vector Interpretation of the Analytic Signal
* Optimal parameter selection for bilateral filters using Poisson Unbiased Risk Estimate
* Phase retrieval for a class of 2-D signals characterized by first-order difference equations
* Phase Retrieval From Binary Measurements
* Ridge detection using Savitzky-Golay filtering and steerable second-order Gaussian derivatives
* Savitzky-Golay Filtering Perspective of Dynamic Feature Computation, A
* shape-template based two-stage corpus callosum segmentation technique for sagittal plane T1-weighted brain magnetic resonance images, A
* Snakes With an Ellipse-Reproducing Property
* Spatially Adaptive Kernel Regression Using Risk Estimation
* Sure-optimal two-dimensional Savitzky-Golay filters for image denoising
* Technique to Compute Smooth Amplitude, Phase, and Frequency Modulations From the Analytic Signal, A
* Temporal Envelope Fit of Transient Audio Signals
* Training-Free, Single-Image Super-Resolution Using a Dynamic Convolutional Network
* Ultrasound image reconstruction using the finite-rate-of-innovation principle
* Zero-Crossing Rate Property of Power Complementary Analysis Filterbank Outputs, A
Includes: Seelamantula, C.S. Seelamantula, C.S.[Chandra Sekhar]
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Seeland, M.[Marco] Co Author Listing * Efficiently Annotating Object Images with Absolute Size Information Using Mobile Devices

Seeling, G.C.[Gabriele C.] Co Author Listing * Method and apparatus for tracking a moving object

Seeling, P.[Patrick] Co Author Listing * Towards quality of experience determination for video in augmented binocular vision scenarios

Seely, R.D.[Richard D.] Co Author Listing * Markerless view independent gait analysis with self-camera calibration
* University of Southampton Multi-Biometric Tunnel and introducing a novel 3D gait dataset, The

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