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Weigand, M.[Matthias] Co Author Listing * Remote Sensing in Environmental Justice Research: A Review
* Semantic segmentation of slums in satellite images using transfer learning on fully convolutional neural networks

Weigel, A. Co Author Listing * Estimation of Probabilities for Edit Operations
* Learning the Cost of Edit Operations for Edit Distances
* Message Extraction from Printed Documents: A Complete Solution
* Normalizing the weighted edit distance
Includes: Weigel, A. Weigel, A.[Achim]

Weigel, C.[Christian] Co Author Listing * Flexible openCL accelerated disparity estimation for video communication applications
* GPU-Based 3D Video Object Synthesis and Its Quality Assessment
* Interactive free viewpoint video from multiple stereo
* Produced Quality is Not Perceived Quality: A Qualitative Approach to Overall Audiovisual Quality
* Real-Time Image-Based Rendering Framework, A
* Scene Representation Technologies for 3DTV: A Survey
Includes: Weigel, C.[Christian] Weigel, C.

Weigel, H. Co Author Listing * LiDAR-based Recurrent 3D Semantic Segmentation with Temporal Memory Alignment

Weigel, M. Co Author Listing * On-Skin Interaction Using Body Landmarks

Weigel, R.[Robert] Co Author Listing * flexible mixed-signal image processing pipeline using 3D chip stacks, A
* Low Power 24 GHz ad hoc Networking System Based on TDOA for Indoor Localization
* Low-power analog smart camera sensor for edge detection
* Radar Image Reconstruction from Raw ADC Data using Parametric Variational Autoencoder with Domain Adaptation
Includes: Weigel, R.[Robert] Weigel, R.

Weigelt, A.[Alexandra] Co Author Listing * Diversity Effects on Canopy Structure Change throughout a Growing Season in Experimental Grassland Communities

Weigelt, K. Co Author Listing * Depth perception and spatial presence experience in stereoscopic 3D sports broadcasts

Weigelt, M.[Matthias] Co Author Listing * Time-Variable Gravity Field from the Combination of HLSST and SLR
* Validation of the EGSIEM GRACE Gravity Fields Using GNSS Coordinate Timeseries and In-Situ Ocean Bottom Pressure Records

Weigend, A.S. Co Author Listing * Data Mining for Features Using Scale-Sensitive Gated Experts

Weiger, M. Co Author Listing * Multi-Rate Acquisition for Dead Time Reduction in Magnetic Resonance Receivers: Application to Imaging With Zero Echo Time

Weigert, A. Co Author Listing * Conserving Built Heritage for Posterity: a Conservation Approach In Bagan
* Impact of Virtual Reality Experience On Accessibility of Cultural Heritage
* Integrating Heterogeneous Datasets in Hbim of Decorated Surfaces
* Merging Photogrammetry and Augmented Reality: The Canadian Library Of Parliament
* Recreating Cultural Heritage Environments for VR Using Photogrammetry
* Review of Recording Technologies for Digital Fabrication in Heritage Conservation, A
* Theoretical Framework for Multi-scale Documentation of Decorated Surface, A
* VR Kiosk, The
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Weigert, M. Co Author Listing * Star-convex Polyhedra for 3D Object Detection and Segmentation in Microscopy

Weight, J.P. Co Author Listing * Space-Time Imaging of Transient Ultrasound Fields

Weigl, E.[Eva] Co Author Listing * On improving performance of surface inspection systems by online active learning and flexible classifier updates

Weigl, K.[Konrad] Co Author Listing * Performance comparison of a deterministic and a stochastic method for image classification

Weigl, M. Co Author Listing * Vertebroplasty Performance on Simulator for 19 Surgeons Using Hierarchical Task Analysis

Weigle, M.C. Co Author Listing * Security Challenges in Vehicular Cloud Computing

Weiglmaier, R.[Rudolf] Co Author Listing * Applicability of Motion Estimation Algorithms for an Automatic Detection of Spiral Grain in CT Cross-Section Images of Logs

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