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AI4Space21 * *AI for Space
* AI for dating stars: a benchmarking study for gyrochronology
* AI4MARS: A Dataset for Terrain-Aware Autonomous Driving on Mars
* Autonomous Planetary Landing via Deep Reinforcement Learning and Transfer Learning
* Event-based spacecraft landing using time-to-contact
* From Rocks to Walls: a Model-free Reinforcement Learning Approach to Dry Stacking with Irregular Rocks
* Improving Astronomy Image Quality Through Real-time Wavefront Estimation
* Investigating Spiking Neural Networks for Energy-Efficient On-Board AI Applications. A Case Study in Land Cover and Land Use Classification
* LSPnet: A 2D Localization-oriented Spacecraft Pose Estimation Neural Network
* Monocular Pose Estimation Case Study: The Hayabusa2 Minerva-II2 Deployment, A
* MRSCAtt: A Spatio-Channel Attention-Guided Network for Mars Rover Image Classification
* On-Orbit Inspection of an Unknown, Tumbling Target using NASA's Astrobee Robotic Free-Flyers
* Spacecraft Dataset for Detection, Segmentation and Parts Recognition, A
* Spacecraft Time-Series Anomaly Detection Using Transfer Learning
* SPACESeg: Automated Detection of Bed Junction Morphologies Indicating Signs of Life in Ediacaran Period
* Spot the GEO Satellites: From Dataset to Kelvins SpotGEO Challenge
* Vision-based Neural Scene Representations for Spacecraft
* Visual SLAM for Asteroid Relative Navigation
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