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Consulting Psychologists * Facial Action Coding System: A Technique for the Measurement of Facial Movement, The
* Pictures of Facial Affect

Consumer( Vol No. ) * *IEEE Trans. on Consumer Electronics

Consumer(40) * System for Real-Time Extraction of Image Outlines, A

Consumer(42) * Adaptive Rate Control Scheme for Very-Low Bit-Rate Video Coding
* Efficient Block-Matching Criterion for Motion Estimation and Its VLSI Implementation, An
* Multiresolution Mosaic
* New-Generation of Real-Time Software-Based Video Coder: Popular-Video-Coder-II (PVC-II)

Consumer(43) * Adaptive Water Marking
* Area Efficient VLSI Architecture of a Reed-Solomon Decoder/Encoder for Digital VCRs, An
* Automatic Flesh Tone Reappearance for Color Enhancement in TV
* CMOS Codec Chip for a Cost-Effective Group-4 FAX System, A
* Content-Based Rate Control Scheme for Very-Low Bit-Rate Video Coding
* Contrast Enhancement Using Brightness Preserving Bi-Histogram Equalization
* Design and Real-Time Implementation of A 3-D Rational Filter for Edge-Preserving Smoothing
* Design Considerations of the Video Compression System of the New DV Camcorder Standard
* Disk and File System-Design for MPEG-2 Video on Demand Servers
* DSRA: A Block Matching Algorithm for Near Real Time Video Encoding
* Efficient Disparity Estimation Algorithm for Stereoscopic Image Compression, An
* Efficient Global Motion Characterization Method for Image-Processing Applications, An
* Efficient Lapped Orthogonal Transform Image-Coding Technique, An
* Efficient Technique for Storage of 2-Tone Images, An
* Error Concealment for MPEG Video Transmissions
* Fast Adaptive Image-Restoration Filter for Reducing Block Artifact in Compressed Images, A
* Fast Motion Estimator for Real-Time System, A
* Fractal Image-Coding Using Cosine-Modulated Filter Banks
* Hierarchical Motion Estimator (HME) for Block-Based Video Coders
* Hybrid Mapping Parameter-Estimation Using Hierarchical Structure in Object-Oriented Coding
* Low Bit-Rate Subband DCT Image Compression
* Low-Complexity Fractal-Based Image Compression Technique
* Motion Parameter-Estimation Based on the Block Recursive Algorithm with Finite Word-Length
* Multiresolution Progressive Image Transmission with Storage and Transmission Time Constraints
* New Efficient Image Compression Technique with Index-Matching Vector Quantization, A
* New Prediction Search Algorithm for Block Motion Estimation in Video Coding, A
* New Schemes for Progressive Transmission of Digital Images
* Novel VQ Codebook Design Technique, A
* Real Time PC Based Software Implementation of H.261 Video Codec
* Real-Time MPEG-1 Audio Coding and Decoding on a DSP Chip
* Reducing Blocking Artifacts within Vector Quantization Algorithms
* Robust Motion-Compensated Video Up-Conversion
* Storage-Constrained and Entropy-Constrained Classified Vector Quantization
* Storage-Constrained and Entropy-Constrained Multistage Vector Quantization and Its Applications to Progressive Image Transmission
* Training-Sequence Assisted QAM-Concepts for Digital Terrestrial TV Transmission
* VLSI Implementation of 2-D Discrete Wavelet Transform for Real-Time Video Signal-Processing
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Consumer(44) * Adaptive Adjustment of the Search Window for Block-Matching Algorithm with Variable Block Size
* ASIC Implementation of an Optimized Digital Video Encoder, An
* Block-Based Preprocessing System for the Coding Performance Improvement, The
* Combinative Motion Estimation Algorithm and the Corresponding Architecture for Complex Motion Phenomenon
* DCT-Based Watermarking for Video
* Design and Implementation of an MPEG-2 Transport Stream Multiplexer for HDTV Satellite Broadcasting
* Digital Image Stabilizing Algorithms Based on Bit-Plane Matching
* Digital Watermarking for Copyright Protection of MPEG2 Compressed Video
* Efficient Coding Method for the Local Motion Vector by Using Global Motion, An
* Efficient Controller Scheme for MPEG-2 Video Decoder, An
* Efficient etc Image Compression Technique, An
* Erroneous MPEG Packet Synchronization in the MCNS/SCTE ITU-T J.83 Annex B Standard
* Hierarchical Motion Estimation Algorithms with Especially Low Hardware Costs
* Image Query by Impression Words: The IQI System
* Image: A Low-Cost, Low-Power Video Processor for High-Quality Motion Estimation in MPEG-2 Encoding
* Implementing Real-Time Video Decoding On Multimedia Processors by Complexity Prediction Techniques
* Java-Based MPEG-4 Like Video Codec, A
* Lightweight Encryption Method Suitable For Copyright Protection, A
* Low Bit-Rate Hybrid Coding Scheme For Progressive Image Transmission, A
* Motion Estimation for High-Performance Transcoding
* MPEG Decoder with Embedded Compression for Memory Reduction, An
* MPEG-1 Audio Real-Time Encoding System
* MPEG2-to-ATM Converter to Optimize Performance of VBR Video Broadcast Over ATM Networks, An
* New Adaptive Quantization Method To Reduce Blocking Effect, A
* New Block Matching Algorithm Based on Subspace and Partial Distance Search Techniques in the Wavelet Domain, A
* New Postprocessing Method for the Block-Based DCT Coding Based on the Convex-Projection Theory, A
* Novel Adaptive Vector Quantization Method for Memory Reduction in MPEG-2 HDTV Decoders, A
* Parallel Implementation of Motion Compensation for HDTV Video Decoder
* Perception Adaptive Temporal TV-Noise Reduction Using Contour Preserving Prefilter Techniques
* Real-Time 2-3 Pull-Down Elimination Applying Motion Estimation/Compensation in a Programmable Device
* Recursive Minimum Energy Algorithm For Image Interpolation
* Scalable Lossless Compression Algorithm for Motion Pictures
* Simple Algorithm for the Reduction of Blocking Artifacts in Images and Its Implementation, A
* Simultaneous Out-of-Focus Blur Estimation and Restoration for Digital Auto-Focusing System
* Single-Chip MPEG2 MP-AT-ML Video Encoder LSI Including Wide Search Range Motion Estimation (H+/-288, V+/-96) and Many Functions for Consumer Use, A
* Sub-Picture Decoder Architecture for DVD
* Video Mirroring and Iconic Gestures: Enhancing Basic Videophones to Provide Visual Coaching and Visual Control
* VLSI Implementation of the Motion Estimator with 2-Dimensional Data-Reuse
* Wipe scene change detector for use with video compression algorithm and MPEG 7
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Consumer(54) * All Binary Sub-Pixel Motion Estimation Approach and its Hardware Architecture, An
* Efficient H.264 Intra Frame Coder System, An
* Low Power H.264 Deblocking Filter Hardware Implementations
* Novel Computational Complexity and Power Reduction Technique for H.264 Intra Prediction, A

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