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CVCG10 * *Computer Vision for Computer Games

CVCG11 * *Computer Vision for Computer Games
* Action spotting exploiting the frequency domain
* Activity related biometric authentication using Spherical Harmonics
* Analysis of patterns of motor behavior in gamers with down syndrome
* Approximate partitioning of observations in hierarchical particle filter body tracking
* extended fuzzy SOM for anomalous behaviour detection, An
* Subspace analysis of arbitrarily many linear filter responses with an application to face tracking
* Using eye gaze, head pose, and facial expression for personalized non-player character interaction
* Wii Remote calibration using the sensor bar
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CVCG12 * *Computer Vision for Computer Games
* Computer vision based assessment of hand-eye coordination in young gamers: A baseline approach
* G3D: A gaming action dataset and real time action recognition evaluation framework
* Gamesourcing to acquire labeled human pose estimation data
* Reinforcement learning based visual attention with application to face detection

CVCGI10 * Action recognition by employing combined directional motion history and energy images
* Automatic change detection in an indoor environment
* Automatic seamless video mosaic from webcams using LSF techniques
* Dense photometric stereo reconstruction on many core GPUs
* Fast and robust CAMShift tracking
* FlowGames
* Human pose estimation from a single view point, real-time range sensor
* Image quality assessment using a rotated Gaussian discrimination function
* Immersive and perceptual human-computer interaction using computer vision techniques
* Real-Time 3D multi-person tracking using Monte Carlo Surface Sampling
* Sparse representations for facial expressions recognition via L1 optimization
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