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HUMO00 * *Workshop on Human Motion
* Activity monitoring and summarization for an intelligent meeting room
* Camera Handoff Tracking in Multiple Uncalibrated Stationary Cameras
* computational model for motion detection and direction discrimination in humans, A
* ELEVIEW An Active Elevator Video Surveillance System
* Face Detection and Attentional Frames for Visually Mediated Interaction
* Framework for Motion Recognition with Applications to American Sign Language and Gait Recognition, A
* Hand Shape Estimation Using Image Transition Network
* Human Activity Detection in MPEG Sequences
* Human Motion from Active Contours
* Human Motion Tracking System Based on Skeleton and Surface Integration Model Using Pressure Sensors Distribtuion Bed
* Improvement of Anthropomery and Pose Estimation from a Single Uncalibrated Image, The
* Incremental Approach Towards Automatic Model Acquisition for Human Gesture Recognition, An
* Individual recognition from periodic activity using hidden markov models
* Modeling the Constraints of Human Hand Motion
* Person Counting Using Stereo
* Phase in Model-Free Perception of Gait
* Ray Carving with Gradients and Motion
* Real-time Human Motion Analysis and IK-based Human Figure Control
* Realistic Synthesis of Novel Human Movements from a Database of Motion Capture Examples
* Robust Head Motion Computation by Taking Advantage of Physical Properties
* Specialized Mappings and the Estimation of Human Body Pose from a Single Image
* Talking Heads: Introducing the tool of 3D motion fields in the study of action
* Tracking Multiple Objects in the Presence of Articulated and Occluded Motion
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HUMO07 * *Workshop on Human Motion
* 3D Hand Tracking in a Stochastic Approximation Setting
* Articulated Object Registration Using Simulated Physical Force/Moment for 3D Human Motion Tracking
* Behavior Histograms for Action Recognition and Human Detection
* Boosted Multiple Deformable Trees for Parsing Human Poses
* Ease-of-Use Stereo-Based Particle Filter for Tracking Under Occlusion, An
* Efficient Upper Body Pose Estimation from a Single Image or a Sequence
* Exploiting Spatio-temporal Constraints for Robust 2D Pose Tracking
* Gradient-Enhanced Particle Filter for Vision-Based Motion Capture
* Human Action Recognition Using Distribution of Oriented Rectangular Patches
* Human Motion Recognition Using Isomap and Dynamic Time Warping
* Joint Appearance and Deformable Shape for Nonparametric Segmentation
* Learning Actions Using Robust String Kernels
* Marker-Less 3D Feature Tracking for Mesh-Based Human Motion Capture
* Modeling Human Locomotion with Topologically Constrained Latent Variable Models
* Multi Person Tracking Within Crowded Scenes
* Multi-activity Tracking in LLE Body Pose Space
* Nonparametric Density Estimation with Adaptive, Anisotropic Kernels for Human Motion Tracking
* Real-Time and Markerless 3D Human Motion Capture Using Multiple Views
* Recognizing Activities with Multiple Cues
* Robust Spectral 3D-Bodypart Segmentation Along Time
* Semi-Latent Dirichlet Allocation: A Hierarchical Model for Human Action Recognition
* Silhouette Based Generic Model Adaptation for Marker-Less Motion Capturing
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