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JACM( Vol No. ) * *Journal of the ACM

JACM(10) * Feature Word Construction for Use with Pattern Recognition Algorithms: An Experimental Study

JACM(11) * Can A Priori Probabilities Help In Character Recognition?
* Error Rates for Two Methods of Statistical Pattern Recognition

JACM(13) * Sequential Operations in Digital Picture Processing
* Some Results on Multicategory Pattern Recognition

JACM(15) * Adaptation of the Fast Fourier Transform for Parallel Processing, An
* Method for Obtaining Skeletons Using a Quasi-Euclidean Distance, A
* Procedure for Detecting Intersections of Three-Dimensional Objects, A

JACM(16) * Continuous Skeletons from Digitized Images

JACM(17) * Connectivity in Digital Pictures
* Efficient Algorithm for Graph Isomorphism, An
* On Limit Properties in Digitization Schemes
* Parsing of Graph-Representable Pictures
* Thresholded Convolutions Operations

JACM(18) * Boundary Count of Digital Pictures, The
* On the Topological Properties of Quantized Spaces II. Connectivity and Order of Connectivity
* On the Topological Properties of Quantized Spaces I. The Notion of Dimension
* Operator which Locates Edges in Digitized Pictures, An
* Some Parallel Thinning Algorithms for Digital Pictures

JACM(19) * Graph Structures
* One-Pass Complexity of Digital Picture Properties

JACM(20) * Arcs and Curves in Digital Pictures
* Backtrack Procedure for Isomorphism of Directed Graphs, A
* Local Visual Operator Which Recognizes Edges and Lines, A
* Mathematical Models for Automatic Line Detection
* Some Results on Computational Topology

JACM(21) * Diclique Representation and Decomposition of Binary Relations, The
* Local Visual Operator Which Recognizes Edges and Lines, A
* String-to-String Correction Problem, The

JACM(23) * Algorithm for Subgraph Isomorphism, An
* Boundary and Object Detection in Real World Images
* Bounds for the String Editing Problem
* Bounds on the complexity of the Longest Common subsequence Problem
* Extension of the String-to-String Correction Problem, An
* Picture Segmentation by a Tree Traversal Algorithm

JACM(25) * Some Matching Problems for Bipartite Graphs

JACM(28) * Connected Component Labeling Using Quadtrees
* Lower Bound to Finding Convex Hulls, A
* String Matching in Real Time

JACM(3) * Digital Approximation of Contours, The

JACM(32) * Parallel Algorithms for Data Compression

JACM(33) * Combinatorics of Local Constraints in Model-Based Recognition and Localization from Sparse Data, The
* Partitioning a Polygonal Region into Trapezoids

JACM(34) * Convexity Algorithms in Parallel Coordinates
* Intersection of Convex Objects in Two and Three Dimensions

JACM(37) * Efficient and Fast Parallel-Connected Component Algorithm, An

JACM(38) * Two-Way String-Matching

JACM(39) * General Approach to Connected-Component Labeling for Arbitrary Image Representations, A
* General Approach to Connected-Component Labeling for Arbitrary Image Representations, A

JACM(4) * Digital Approximation of Contours, The

JACM(40) * Generating Automatically Tuned Bitmaps from Outlines

JACM(41) * Motion Planning in the Presence of Moving Obstacles

JACM(43) * New Approach to the Minimum Cut Problem, A

JACM(44) * Separators for Sphere-Packings and Nearest-Neighbor Graphs

JACM(58) * Robust principal component analysis?

JACM(9) * Digital Pattern Recognition by Moments
* Operations Useful for Similarity-Invariant Pattern Recognition

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