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SafeDrive22 * *Safe Artificial Intelligence for Automated Driving
* Adversarial Vulnerability of Temporal Feature Networks for Object Detection
* Cycle-consistent World Models for Domain Independent Latent Imagination
* Explainable Sparse Attention for Memory-based Trajectory Predictors
* One Ontology to Rule Them All: Corner Case Scenarios for Autonomous Driving
* PAI3D: Painting Adaptive Instance-prior for 3d Object Detection
* Parametric and Multivariate Uncertainty Calibration for Regression and Object Detection
* Probing Contextual Diversity for Dense Out-of-Distribution Detection
* Reliable Multimodal Trajectory Prediction via Error Aligned Uncertainty Optimization
* Towards Improved Intermediate Layer Variational Inference for Uncertainty Estimation
* Validation of Pedestrian Detectors by Classification of Visual Detection Impairing Factors
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SafeSecur05 * *Advanced 3D Imaging for Safety and Security
* 3D and Moving Target Extraction from Dynamic Pushbroom Stereo Mosaics
* 3D Assisted Face Recognition: A Survey of 3D Imaging, Modelling and Recognition Approaches
* 3D Face Recognition Using Two Views Face Modeling and Labeling
* 3D Facial Normalization with Spin Images and Influence of Range Data Calculation over Face Verification
* 3D Measurements in Cargo Inspection with a Gamma-Ray Linear Pushbroom Stereo System
* 3D Modeling of Indoor Environments for a Robotic Security Guard
* 3D Site Modelling and Verification of Plant Design for Nuclear Security Applications
* Detection of Anchor Points for 3D Face Verification
* Ear Biometrics Using 2D and 3D Images
* Instant Scene Modeler for Crime Scene Reconstruction
* Least Squares Fitting Articulated Objects
* Matching Tensors for Pose Invariant Automatic 3D Face Recognition
* New Method for Automatic 3D Face Registration, A
* Shape Model-Based 3D Ear Detection from Side Face Range Images
* Single Camera Stereo for Mobile Robot Surveillance
* Synthetic Aperture Focusing using a Shear-Warp Factorization of the Viewing Transform
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