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World Scientific * *Active Robot Vision
* *Advances in image processing and understanding: A festschrift for Thomas S. Huang
* *Advances in Machine Vision: Strategies and Applications
* *Advances in Structural and Syntactic Pattern Recognition
* *Aspects of Visual Form Processing
* *Handbook of Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision, Fourth Edition
* *Handbook of Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision, Third Edition
* *Handbook of Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision
* *Handbook on Optical Character Recognition and Document Image Analysis
* *Progress in Image Analysis and Processing, III
* *Progress in Image Analysis and Processing
* Activity Recognition in Pervasive Intelligent Environment
* Advanced Guided Vehicles: Aspects of the Oxford AGV Project
* Advanced Topics in Biometrics
* Automatic Vehicle Guidance: The Experinces of the ARGO Autonomous Vehicle
* Bridging the Gap Between Graph Edit Distance and Kernel Machines
* Computational Analysis of the Human Eye with Applications
* Computer Vision, Models and Inspection
* Computing Perceptual Organization in Computer Vision
* Document Analysis Systems
* Document Analysis Systems II
* Dynamic Vision: From Images to Face Recognition
* Experimental Environments in Computer Vision and Image Analysis
* Face Recognition with Learning Machines
* Fundamentals of Imaging: From Particles to Galaxies, The
* Generic Object Recognition Using Form and Function
* Graph Classification and Clustering Based on Vector Space Embedding
* Handbook of Texture Analysis
* Hidden Markov Models: Applications in Computer Vision
* Image Alignment and Stitching
* Image Based Rendering
* Image Databases and Multi-Media Search
* Image Pattern Recognition: Synthesis and Analysis in biometrics
* Image Processing For The Food Industry
* Intelligent Image Database Systems
* Intelligent Robots: Sensing, Modeling and Planning
* Intelligent Watermarking Techniques
* Introduction to Pattern Recognition: Statistical, Structural, Neural and Fuzzy Logic Approaches
* Investigation into the Extraction of Features from Images: From Curves to Features
* Machine Interpretation of Patterns: Image Analysis and Data Mining
* Moment Functions in Image Analysis: Threoy and Applications
* Parallel Image analysis: Theory and Applications
* Pattern Classification Using Ensemble Methods
* Pattern Recognition: Architectures, Algorithms and Applications
* Picture Interpretation: A Symbolic Approach
* Progress in Computer Vision and Image Analysis
* Recognition of Whiteboard Notes: Online, Offline and Combination
* Research in Computer and Robot Vision
* Robust Range Image Registration Using Genetic Algorithms and the Surface Interpenetration Measure
* Stochastic Grammar of Images, A
* Theory And Applications of Image Analysis II: Selected Papers from the 9th Scandinavian Conference on Image Analysis
* Vision: Images, Signals and Neural Networks, Models of Neural Processing in Visual Perception
* Vision: The Approach of Biophysics and Neurosciences
* Wavelet Theory Approach to Pattern Recognition
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