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Feli, M.[Mohammad] Co Author Listing * novel recursive backtracking genetic programming-based algorithm for 12-lead ECG compression, A

Felice, P.D.[Paolino Di] Co Author Listing * Ranking of Assets with Respect to Their Exposure to the Landslide Hazard: A GIS Proposal
* Ranking of Illegal Buildings Close to Rivers: A Proposal, Its Implementation and Preliminary Validation

Felice, R. Co Author Listing * Variable frame rate control jerkiness-driven

Felicen, M.M. Co Author Listing * Near-realtime Flood Detection From Multi-temporal Sentinel Radar Images Using Artificial Intelligence
* Rs-based Water Resources Inventory Of The Philippines: Capacity Building Efforts For Nationwide Implementation

Felicetti, A. Co Author Listing * Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Sentiment Analysis of Cultural Heritage
* Towards the Creation of AI-powered Queries Using Transfer Learning on NLP Model: The THESPIAN-NER Experience
* Visual and Textual Sentiment Analysis of Daily News Social Media Images by Deep Learning
Includes: Felicetti, A. Felicetti, A.[Achille] Felicetti, A.[Andrea]

Felici Castell, S. Co Author Listing * On the Design of Probe Signals in Wireless Acoustic Sensor Networks Self-Positioning Algorithms
Includes: Felici Castell, S. Felici-Castell, S.

Felici, A.[Alberto] Co Author Listing * Non-Destructive Diagnosis on the Masaccio Frescoes at the Brancacci Chapel, Church of Santa Maria del Carmine (Florence)

Feliciano, E.[Emanuelle] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Mangrove Canopy Height Using Multiple Independent Measurements from Land, Air, and Space, A
* Evaluation of Polarimetric SAR Decomposition for Classifying Wetland Vegetation Types

Feliciano, E.A.[Emanuelle A.] Co Author Listing * Estimating Mangrove Canopy Height and Above-Ground Biomass in the Everglades National Park with Airborne LiDAR and TanDEM-X Data

Feliciano, F.F. Co Author Listing * Computational system to detect defects in mounted and bare PCB Based on connectivity and image correlation
* Possible use of texture parameters to corrosion evolution analysis
Includes: Feliciano, F.F. Feliciano, F.F.[Flavio F.]

Feliciati, P.[Pierluigi] Co Author Listing * PergaNet: A Deep Learning Framework for Automatic Appearance-Based Analysis of Ancient Parchment Collections

Felicini, N. Co Author Listing * Immersive Wayfinding: Virtual Reconstruction and Eye-tracking For Orientation Studies Inside Complex Architecture

Felicioni, S.[Simone] Co Author Listing * Interaction-GCN: A Graph Convolutional Network Based Framework for Social Interaction Recognition in Egocentric Videos

Felicisimo, A.M. Co Author Listing * Accuracy, reliability, and depuration of SPOT HRV and Terra ASTER digital elevation models
* Detection and Labeling of Sensitive Areas in Hydrological Cartography Using Vector Statistics
* Methodological Proposal for Multispectral Stereo Matching
* Parametric Statistical-Method for Error-Detection in Digital Elevation Models

Feliks, A. Co Author Listing * Non-invasive Investigation and Documentation in the Bielinski Palace in Otwock Wielki

Felikson, D. Co Author Listing * Comparison of Elevation Change Detection Methods From ICESat Altimetry Over the Greenland Ice Sheet

Felip, R. Co Author Listing * Density-Based Data Reduction Algorithm for Robust Estimators, A

Felip, R.L. Co Author Listing * Discerning Objects from Ground and Target Pose Estimation in ladar Data using Robust Statistics
* New Parameter Estimator Based on the Helmholtz Principle, A
* Robust Dominant Motion Estimation Using MPEG Information in Sport Sequences

Felipe Garcia, B. Co Author Listing * 3d Modelling and Accuracy Assessment of Granite Quarry Using Unmmanned Aerial Vehicle
* Calibration and Direct Georeferencing Analysis of a Multi-Sensor System for Cultural Heritage Recording
* Multi-Sensor Radiometric Study to Detect Pathologies in Historical Buildings
* Multispectral Imaging in Cultural Heritage Conservation
* Multispectral Radiometric Analysis of Façades to Detect Pathologies from Active and Passive Remote Sensing
* Testing the Radiometric Performance of Digital Photogrammetric Images: Vicarious vs. Laboratory Calibration on the Leica ADS40, a Study in Spain
* Vicarious Radiometric Calibration of a Multispectral Camera on Board an Unmanned Aerial System
Includes: Felipe Garcia, B. Felipe-García, B. Felipe-García, B.[Beatriz]
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Felipe Riveron, E.[Edgardo] Co Author Listing * Computational Model for Aircraft's Takeoffs Pattern Recognition
* Extraction of Blood Vessels in Ophthalmic Color Images of Human Retinas
* Novel Approach to Automatic Color Matching, A
* Simple and Effective Method of Color Image Quantization, A
Includes: Felipe Riveron, E.[Edgardo] Felipe-Riverón, E.[Edgardo] Felipe-Riveron, E.[Edgardo]

Felipe Riveron, E.M.[Edgardo M.] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Color Similarity Function for Color Image Segmentation, An
* Color Image Segmentation by Means of a Similarity Function
* Evaluation and Selection of Morphological Procedures for Automatic Detection of Micro-calcifications in Mammography Images
* Handwritten Texts for Personality Identification Using Convolutional Neural Networks
* Improved HSI Color Space for Color Image Segmentation
* Multi-level Modeling of Manuscripts for Authorship Identification with Collective Decision Systems
* New Retinal Recognition System Using a Logarithmic Spiral Sampling Grid, A
* Segmentation of tiny objects in very poor-quality angiogenesis images
* Semi-supervised Puzzle-Based Method for Separating the Venous and Arterial Vascular Networks in Retinal Images, A
* Signal Analysis for Assessment and Prediction of the Artificial Habitat in Shrimp Aquaculture
* supervised algorithm with a new differentiated-weighting scheme for identifying the author of a handwritten text, A
Includes: Felipe Riveron, E.M.[Edgardo M.] Felipe-Riveron, E.M.[Edgardo M.] Felipe-Riverón, E.M.[Edgardo M.] Felipe-Riverón, E.M.[Edgardo Manuel] Felipe Riverón, E.M.[Edgardo Manuel]
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Felipe, E.M.[Edgardo M.] Co Author Listing * Wavelet transforms and neural networks applied to image retrieval

Felipe, J.C.[Joaquim Cezar] Co Author Listing * Perceptual Distance Functions for Similarity Retrieval of Medical Images

Felipussi, S.C. Co Author Listing * Behavior Knowledge Space-Based Fusion for Copy-Move Forgery Detection

Felisa, M. Co Author Listing * Pedestrian detection by means of far-infrared stereo vision

Felisberti, F.M.[Fatima M.] Co Author Listing * Tied factor analysis for face recognition across large pose changes
* Tied Factor Analysis for Face Recognition across Large Pose Differences

Felisberto, M.K.[Marcelo Kleber] Co Author Listing * object detection and recognition system for weld bead extraction from digital radiographs, An

Feliu, V.[Vicente] Co Author Listing * 2D shape representation and similarity measurement for 3D recognition problems: An experimental analysis
* Active object recognition based on Fourier descriptors clustering
* Automatic pose determination of 3D shapes based on modeling wave sets: a new data structure for object modeling
* CSS-AFFN: A Dataset Representation Model for Active Recognition Systems
* Global shape invariants: a solution for 3D free-form object discrimination/identification problem
* Modeling Wave Set: Definition and Application of a New Topological Organization for 3D Object Modeling
Includes: Feliu, V.[Vicente] Feliú, V.[Vicente]

Felix, J.P.[Juliana Paula] Co Author Listing * Empirical Methodological Study of Evaluation Methods Applied to Educational Timetabling Visualizations, An

Felix, K.Y.J.[Keng Yung Jih] Co Author Listing * Composite of Features for Learning-Based Coronary Artery Segmentation on Cardiac CT Angiography, A

Felix, P. Co Author Listing * Fuzzy constraint networks for signal pattern recognition
* novel and simple strategy for evolving prototype based clustering, A
* Traffic Volume Prediction With Segment-Based Regression Kriging and its Implementation in Assessing the Impact of Heavy Vehicles
Includes: Felix, P. Félix, P. Félix, P.[Paulo]

Felix, R.[Rafael] Co Author Listing * Augmentation Network for Generalised Zero-Shot Learning
* Cross-Modal Visual Question Answering for Remote Sensing Data: the International Conference on Digital Image Computing: Techniques and Applications (DICTA 2021)
* Generalised Zero-shot Learning with Multi-modal Embedding Spaces
* Instance-Dependent Noisy Label Learning via Graphical Modelling
* Multi-modal Cycle-Consistent Generalized Zero-Shot Learning
* River Discharge Simulation in the High Andes of Southern Ecuador Using High-Resolution Radar Observations and Meteorological Station Data
Includes: Felix, R.[Rafael] Félix, R.[Ricardo]

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