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Gholam Hosseini, H.[Hamid] Co Author Listing * Hardware Acceleration of SVM-Based Classifier for Melanoma Images

Gholamalifard, M.[Mehdi] Co Author Listing * Remotely Sensed Empirical Modeling of Bathymetry in the Southeastern Caspian Sea
* Spatio-Temporal Variability in Bio-Optical Properties of the Southern Caspian Sea: A Historic Analysis of Ocean Color Data
* Spatio-Temporal Variability of Wind Energy in the Caspian Sea: An Ecosystem Service Modeling Approach

GholamHosseini, H. Co Author Listing * Automated Glaucoma Diagnosis Using Deep and Transfer Learning: Proposal of a System for Clinical Testing
* Practical Approach for Calibration of Omnidirectional Stereo Cameras, A
* Progressive Side Information Refinement Algorithm for Wyner-Ziv Codec
* Skin lesion segmentation using an improved framework of encoder-decoder based convolutional neural network
* Superpixel Segmentation Methods on Stereo Fundus Images and Disparity Map for Glaucoma Detection
Includes: GholamHosseini, H. Gholamhosseini, H.[Hamid] GholamHosseini, H.[Hamid]

Gholami Boroujeny, S.[Shiva] Co Author Listing * Active noise control using an adaptive bacterial foraging optimization algorithm
* Neural network-based adaptive noise cancellation for enhancement of speech auditory brainstem responses
Includes: Gholami Boroujeny, S.[Shiva] Gholami-Boroujeny, S.[Shiva]

Gholami, A.[Ali] Co Author Listing * Comparison of performance between Virtual Controller Interface Device and Controller Interface Device
* Complex-Valued Imaging with Total Variation Regularization: An Application to Full-Waveform Inversion in Visco-acoustic Media
* Compound Regularization of Full-Waveform Inversion for Imaging Piecewise Media
* Compressed Imaging to Reduce Storage in Adjoint-State Calculations
* Fast 3D Blind Seismic Deconvolution via Constrained Total Variation and GCV
* HAWQ: Hessian AWare Quantization of Neural Networks With Mixed-Precision
* Hessian-Aware Pruning and Optimal Neural Implant
* Improved Indoor Positioning Technique Based On a Geographic Weighted Regression
* Novel Method for Improving Air Pollution Prediction Based on Machine Learning Approaches: A Case Study Applied to the Capital City of Tehran, A
* Scan2Cap: Context-aware Dense Captioning in RGB-D Scans
* Sparse Time-Frequency Decomposition and Some Applications
* SqueezeNext: Hardware-Aware Neural Network Design
* Trust Region Based Adversarial Attack on Neural Networks
* ZeroQ: A Novel Zero Shot Quantization Framework
Includes: Gholami, A.[Ali] Gholami, A. Gholami, A.[Amir] Gholami, A.[Amin]
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Gholami, B. Co Author Listing * Kernel auto-encoder for semi-supervised hashing
* Probabilistic Semi-Supervised Multi-Modal Hashing
* Probabilistic Temporal Subspace Clustering
* PUnDA: Probabilistic Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Knowledge Transfer Across Visual Categories
* Task-Discriminative Domain Alignment for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
* Unsupervised Multi-Target Domain Adaptation: An Information Theoretic Approach
* Unsupervised Visual Domain Adaptation: A Deep Max-Margin Gaussian Process Approach
Includes: Gholami, B. Gholami, B.[Behnam]
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Gholami, H. Co Author Listing * Assessment of Land Use and Land Cover Change Detection By Using Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques in The Coastal Deserts, South of Iran

Gholami, M.[Mohsen] Co Author Listing * AdaptPose: Cross-Dataset Adaptation for 3D Human Pose Estimation by Learnable Motion Generation
* Explicit APM-LDPC Codes With Girths 6, 8, and 10
* Scheme for unsupervised colour-texture image segmentation using neutrosophic set and non-subsampled contourlet transform
Includes: Gholami, M.[Mohsen] Gholami, M.

Gholami, S.[Soheil] Co Author Listing * Quantitative Physical Ergonomics Assessment of Teleoperation Interfaces

Gholaminejad, A.[Amir] Co Author Listing * Shift: A Zero FLOP, Zero Parameter Alternative to Spatial Convolutions

Gholamnia, K.[Khalil] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Different Machine Learning Methods and Deep-Learning Convolutional Neural Networks for Landslide Detection
* Google Earth Engine Approach for Wildfire Susceptibility Prediction Fusion with Remote Sensing Data of Different Spatial Resolutions, A
* Landslide Detection Using Multi-Scale Image Segmentation and Different Machine Learning Models in the Higher Himalayas
* Multi-Hazard Exposure Mapping Using Machine Learning for the State of Salzburg, Austria

Gholamnia, M.[Mehdi] Co Author Listing * Analysis of the Discrepancies between MODIS and INSAT-3D LSTs in High Temperatures, An
* Assimilation of Satellite-Derived Soil Moisture and Brightness Temperature in Land Surface Models: A Review
* Diurnal Air Temperature Modeling Based on the Land Surface Temperature
* Performance Evaluation of Long NDVI Timeseries from AVHRR, MODIS and Landsat Sensors over Landslide-Prone Locations in Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau
* Performance Evaluation of Sentinel-2 and Landsat 8 OLI Data for Land Cover/Use Classification Using a Comparison between Machine Learning Algorithms
* Spatiotemporal Analysis of MODIS NDVI in the Semi-Arid Region of Kurdistan (Iran)

Gholampour, I. Co Author Listing * Abnormal event detection and localisation in traffic videos based on group sparse topical coding
* Accurate Detection and Recognition of Dirty Vehicle Plate Numbers for High-Speed Applications
* Employing Topical Relations in Semantic Analysis of Traffic Videos
* hybrid deep and machine learning model for short-term traffic volume forecasting of adjacent intersections, A
* robust multilevel segment description for multi-class object recognition, A
Includes: Gholampour, I. Gholampour, I.[Iman]

Gholamrezaie, H.[Houri] Co Author Listing * Automatic Mapping of Burned Areas Using Landsat 8 Time-Series Images in Google Earth Engine: A Case Study from Iran

Gholenji, E.[Elahe] Co Author Listing * Joint local and statistical discriminant learning via feature alignment

Gholinejad, S.[Saeid] Co Author Listing * automated PCA-based approach towards optimization of the rational function model, An
* Optimization of RFM Problem Using Linearly Programed L1-Regularization

Gholipour, A. Co Author Listing * Auto-Context Convolutional Neural Network (Auto-Net) for Brain Extraction in Magnetic Resonance Imaging
* Brain Functional Localization: A Survey of Image Registration Techniques
* Comparison of atlas-based segmentation of subcortical structures in magnetic resonance brain images
* Computationally efficient mutual information estimation for non-rigid image registration
* Deep Attentive Convolutional Neural Network for Automatic Cortical Plate Segmentation in Fetal MRI, A
* Deep Predictive Motion Tracking in Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Application to Fetal Imaging
* Distortion Correction via Non-rigid Registration of Functional to Anatomical Magnetic Resonance Brain Images
* Intelligent Labeling Based on Fisher Information for Medical Image Segmentation Using Deep Learning
* Kullback-Leibler Distance Optimization for Non-rigid Registration of Echo-Planar to Structural Magnetic Resonance Brain Images
* Lung Nodule Malignancy Prediction in Sequential CT Scans: Summary of ISBI 2018 Challenge
* Motion-Robust Diffusion-Weighted Brain MRI Reconstruction Through Slice-Level Registration-Based Motion Tracking
* Motion-Robust Spatially Constrained Parameter Estimation in Renal Diffusion-Weighted MRI by 3D Motion Tracking and Correction of Sequential Slices
* New Sparse Representation Framework for Reconstruction of an Isotropic High Spatial Resolution MR Volume From Orthogonal Anisotropic Resolution Scans, A
* Real-Time Deep Pose Estimation With Geodesic Loss for Image-to-Template Rigid Registration
* Reducing the Effects of Motion Artifacts in fMRI: A Structured Matrix Completion Approach
* Robust Super-Resolution Volume Reconstruction From Slice Acquisitions: Application to Fetal Brain MRI
* Scan-Specific Generative Neural Network for MRI Super-Resolution Reconstruction
* Super-resolution reconstruction of diffusion-weighted images from distortion compensated orthogonal anisotropic acquisitions
* Symmetric deformable image registration via optimization of information theoretic measures
* Two-stage registration of substrcutures in magnetic resonance brain images
Includes: Gholipour, A. Gholipour, A.[Ali]
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Gholizadeh, A.[Asa] Co Author Listing * Agricultural Soil Spectral Response and Properties Assessment: Effects of Measurement Protocol and Data Mining Technique
* Brazilian Soil Spectral Service (BraSpecS): A User-Friendly System for Global Soil Spectra Communication, The
* Earth Observation Data-Driven Cropland Soil Monitoring: A Review
* Examining the Performance of PARACUDA-II Data-Mining Engine versus Selected Techniques to Model Soil Carbon from Reflectance Spectra
* Memory-Based Learning Approach as Compared to Other Data Mining Algorithms for the Prediction of Soil Texture Using Diffuse Reflectance Spectra, A
* Novel Approach For Estimating Nitrogen Content In Paddy Fields Using Low Altitude Remote Sensing System
* Satellite Imagery for Monitoring and Mapping Soil Chromium Pollution in a Mine Waste Dump
* Satellite Imagery to Map Topsoil Organic Carbon Content over Cultivated Areas: An Overview
* Using Legacy Soil Data for Standardizing Predictions of Topsoil Clay Content Obtained from VNIR/SWIR Hyperspectral Airborne Images
Includes: Gholizadeh, A.[Asa] Gholizadeh, A.
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Gholizadeh, H.[Hamed] Co Author Listing * Decision Fusion Framework for Hyperspectral Subpixel Target Detection, A
* Inspecting the Food-Water Nexus in the Ogallala Aquifer Region Using Satellite Remote Sensing Time Series
* Local Prototype Space-based Band Selection for Hyperspectral Subpixel Analysis

Gholoum, M. Co Author Listing * Image Fusion Applied To Satellite Imagery For The Improved Mapping And Monitoring Of Coral Reefs: A Proposal

Gholtashi, S. Co Author Listing * Seismic Random Noise Attenuation Using Synchrosqueezed Wavelet Transform and Low-Rank Signal Matrix Approximation

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